Wednesday Night Dynamite 8/24/2022

"Judas" played and brought out Jericho to open the show.

Chris Jericho & Daniel Garcia face-to-face

After Jericho made his entrance, he invited Garcia out, who then had his own entrance. Garcia was received with "You're a wrestler!" chants, so Jericho told them to shut up. Jericho complimented Garcia's performance last week and chalked up their disagreements to his disappointment after losing. All he wants is an apology from Garcia.

Garcia said Jericho knew how special it was for him to share the ring with his hero, Bryan Danielson. He hung with Danielson for 30 minutes, and it was the type of match he dreamed about since he was a kid -- but Jericho ruined. Jericho said that deep down, Garcia knows he's a sports entertainer, and he demanded to hear him say it. 

Danielson's music interrupted as Garcia was about to speak. He said Garcia showed a lot to him last week. Jericho had enough and demanded Garcia call himself a sports entertainer, but when Jericho tried to stop Garcia from leaving the ring, Garcia shoved him down. 

Garcia left the ring, leaving Danielson and Jericho. Danielson made fun of Jericho and said he didn't like sports entertainers, but Jericho fired back by saying he was the last survivor of Stu Hart's dungeon, and that he knows more about wrestling than Danielson ever will. Danielson insisted he was the better wrestler, even bringing up Owen Hart. 

Jericho agreed to the American Dragon vs. Lionheart at All Out. He told Danielson to watch his back, and right on cue, Jake Hager came out and attacked Danielson from behind.

Jay Lethal defeated Dax Harwood


Thumbs Up

They performed back-and-forth chain wrestling to start. Notably, neither of their seconds joined them for the match. Dax had control early on, but Lethal gained the advantage during the break. Once back, Dax came back and hit a series of three German suplexes. 

Lethal came back with a Lethal Combination for two before following it up with dragon screw through the ropes and a tope suicida. He locked on the Figure Four inside the ring, but Dax quickly reached the ropes and countered another Figure Four attempt. Lethal cradled Dax for a near fall, but Dax countered the Lethal Injection into a slingshot powerbomb for a near fall of his own.

Dax blocked a dragon screw and got Lethal in a pinning predicament for another near fall. He locked on the Sharpshooter, but Sonjay Dutt ran out and Dax let off the hold. Lethal rolled Dax up for two, then Dax came back with repeated pinning predicaments for two counts. After another cradle exchange, Lethal rolled Dax up with a handful of tights for the win.

After the match, Sonjay said they'd be in a trios match at All Out. He revealed that Lethal would be teaming with two close personal friends: Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin of the Motor City Machine Guns.

Thunder Rosa was backstage with Tony Schiavone. She revealed she has to relinquish the AEW Women's World Championship due to injury, and Toni Storm will face three other opponents in a four-way for the interim title at All Out. She promised to come back better and stronger than ever.

During the next match, the match was announced as:

  • AEW Women's World Championship: Toni Storm vs. Dr. Britt Baker. D.M.D. vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida

Colten Gunn (w/ Austin Gunn) defeated Billy Gunn (w/ The Acclaimed)


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Billy had the crowd in the palm of his hands early on, but Colten gained control during the commercial. Back from break, Billy fired back with strikes and stomps. Austin attacked the Acclaimed on the outside, distracting Billy long enough for Colten to hit a low blow and the Colt .45 for the win.

– After the match, Stokely Hathaway was shown looking on, then he entered the ring and he and the Gunn Club seemed to enter some sort of agreement.

They attacked Billy after the match, then Swerve in our Glory came out to chase them off, and the three teams stared at each other.

United Empire and Death Triangle were backstage. Will Ospreay said their goals were simply to gather more gold. PAC said they wouldn't simply kill the United Empire, they'd murder them.

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. defeated KiLynn King


Thumbs Up

Britt hit a sling blade right away and dominated on the outside in the match's early portions. King came back with a German and a cazadora facebuster for two. Britt came back with a superkick and a curb stomp before putting on the glove and applying the Lockjaw for the submission.

– After the match, the dentist pointed out that even though Rosa had to vacate the title, Baker wrestled her entire title reign with a broken wrist. Toni Storm came out but was leveled from behind by Jamie Hayter as Rebel posed with a Terrible Towel in Cleveland. Hikaru Shida ran out and chased off Britt and Hayter.

Swerve in our Glory and The Acclaimed were backstage. Lee said they didn't just save The Acclaimed because they like them: they think they're worth a tag title shot at All Out. The Acclaimed accepted.

AEW World Championship unification match: Jon Moxley (c) defeated CM Punk to become the undisputed champion


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

After a collar-and-elbow tie-up, Moxley overpowered Punk and drove him into a corner. Punk fired back but a high kick attempt hurt his injured foot.. Moxley laid in hammer-and-anvil elbows and hit the Death Rider before a second one gave Moxley the win in about two minutes.

– After the match, AEW officials and doctors checked on Punk. 

Why wasn't this the main event? I mean, I know why and that's because the booker is an indie mark who books the the show frenetically.

Christian Cage was backstage and asked about Jungle Boy. He said all he was trying to do was motivate Jungle Boy, but Jungle Boy will never be as smart or talented as him. At All Out, if Christian wants to see "average," he won't get it. He accepted Jungle Boy's challenge for the pay-per-view.

Ricky Starks speaks

He came out and said he's pissed off, from the end of Team Taz, to losing the FTW Championship, to Powerhouse Hobbs turning on him. When Starks was injured with a broken neck last year, Hobbs called him every day -- but Hobbs is jealous of Starks' success. 

Starks was upset at Hobbs hitting him in the neck, and he got emotional. He's a "lowdown, dirty, slimeball scheming snake," and Starks wants a match at All Out.

Jon Moxley was backstage. "Oh, I'm sorry, was that not how that was supposed to go?" Everyone wrote him off, but those people don't matter. The answer to any problem there might be in professional wrestling is Jon Moxley. "I am professional wrestling. I am not just some guy, I am *the* guy." People may ask "When is my time?", but Moxley's time is right now. 

A video package recapped Kenny Omega's return last week.

Don Callis joined commentary.

AEW World Trios Championship tournament: United Empire (Will Ospreay, Mark Davis, & Kyle Fletcher) defeated Death Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero M, & Rey Fénix)


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Fénix and Ospreay had an impressive acrobatic exchange to start things off. The six competitors all squared off with an opponent until Fénix took out both of Aussie Open with a double cutter and Death Triangle landed simultaneous topes con giro.

Back in the ring, the Lucha Bros hit an assisted splash. They continued to beat down Ospreay with frequent tags. After a commercial, Aussie Open saved Ospreay from the beatdown, allowing Ospreay to hit a twisting Orihara moonsault and an assisted dropkick for two. 

The Best Friends were shown at ringside as Aussie Open isolated Fénix on their side of the ring. Fénix eventually made a comeback with a double springboard arm drag, allowing him to tag in Penta. Penta landed a diving crossbody, sling blades, and a crucifix bomb. He wanted the Fear Factor, Davis fought out, and Aussie Open hit a double team for two.

After a commercial, Death Triangle were running wild on Ospreay. PAC took out Aussie Open and crushed Ospreay with a German. Ospreay tried to fight out of a second, but Fénix walked the ropes and kicked Ospreay's hands away, allowing PAC to hit it for a near fall. 

The Lucha Bros and Aussie Open teed off on one another inside the ring before trading thrust kicks. Their respective partners hit double poisonranas on their tag team opponents, leading to Ospreay and PAC facing off. They traded forearms until PAC laid in kicks, hit a German, and Ospreay fired back with an Oscutter for the double down. 

Ospreay was the first man back to his feet. He chopped PAC hard and looked for Cheeky Nandos, but PAC escaped and hit a top-rope brainbuster before the final commercial break. Fénix did some awesome stuff during that last commercial.

Once back, Fénix hit a springboard hurricanrana, but Ospreay landed on his feet. Fénix hit a rolling cutter, Penta took out Davis with a step-up dive, and Fénix landed a tornillo on Fletcher. Back in the ring, Ospreay countered the Black Arrow into a cradle for a good near fall, then PAC reversed the Stormbreaker into a hurricanrana pin for another good near fall.

We got a parade of big moves including a step-up destroyer from Penta on Fletcher. Ospreay caught a PAC moonsault, but PAC adjusted into a DDT and set up for the Black Arrow. Fletcher pulled Ospreay out of the ring, leading to PAC taking out both men with a moonsault off the ring post. 

Kip Sabian was shown at ringside with his "underrated, over it" box mask. PAC unmasked him, but it was some guy with his mouth duct taped, leading to Sabian appearing and attacking PAC from behind. 

Back in the ring, Davis hit repeated lariats on Fénix and Fletcher took out Penta with a dropkick. Ospreay hit an assisted Oscutter for the win.

– After the match, Kenny Omega's music played and he came out flanked by the Young Bucks. They stared down the United Empire ahead of their match next week

Overall: Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

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