Wednesday Night Dynamite 3/10/2021

Rey Fénix (w/ PAC) defeated Matt Jackson (w/ Nick Jackson)


Thumbs Up

Not counting the BTE cinematic match, this was Matt's first singles match since 2016. He should do more. This wasn't quite as spectacular as the famous Nick Jackson vs. Fénix match, but it's almost at that level.

Fénix dropped Matt with a dropkick as top-ranked SCU looked on from the stands. He kept up the advantage with a springboard offense, feinted on a dive, then took down Matt with a tijeras on the floor. A springboard headbutt sent Matt to the floor yet again, where Fénix landed both a diving armdrag and tope con giro.

The beatdown continued with chops, then the two exchanged more chops while both were standing on the second rope. Fénix tried to take Matt down with a hurricanrana, but Matt countered it into a powerbomb. A slingshot senton from Matt followed for two. Matt targeted Fénix's back and hit a cazadora facebuster for two.

Matt applied the Sharpshooter, but Fénix forced his way out of it by reaching the ropes. He made his comeback with a springboard dropkick, but couldn't follow up with the Death Valley driver. Fénix then hit a cutter to counter some running offense from Matt, leading to the double down.

The two traded right hands in the center of the ring, then Fénix hit a limb-trap slam for two. Matt tried to suplex Fénix out of the ring. Fénix tried to counter with his rope-walk kick, but Matt had it scouted and came into the ring with a destroyer. He then hit a second destroyer on the floor, where Fénix barely made it back into the ring to beat the count.

Matt landed a top-rope elbow drop for a near fall before re-applying the Sharpshooter. Fénix fought his way to the ropes again. Nick took a bullet for Matt, then Matt got revenge by superkicking PAC on the floor. They traded strikes once more before Matt flipped out of a German and landed superkicks. Fénix popped up with an enziguiri, and both men were down once more.

They traded strikes and fired off superkicks that met each other's feet. Out of nowhere, Fénix hoisted Matt up for the Fire Thunder driver to pick up the win over a tag team champion.

Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley talked about the events at the end of Revolution. Kingston implied he had a panic attack because the last time he was that scared was when he was in jail. He then called out Omega, asking if it was a joke. Moxley spoke up and said he thought Omega tried to really blow them up, but they came to the agreement that Impact built it.

Moxley didn't win the world championship, but he did win a drinking buddy back. He and Kingston then had some funny banter, before Moxley told Omega if he had a weapon, he better use it.

Thumbs Up

Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Seth Gargis


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Gargis is a Dark talent with an 0-2 record. Cody hit an Alabama Stampede right away, then locked on the Figure Four leglock for the submission victory in under a minute.

Tony Schiavone came out but his microphone wouldn't work, so they did some schtick before they got one that worked. He asked Cody about his shoulder, but Penta El Cero Miedo interrupted and got someone to translate for him. He told Cody to shut up and that he's a thousand times better than him. If Cody's the "prince of pro wrestling," then Penta's the "lord of lucha libre."

Penta changed to English. He said that Cody lost at Revolution, and had it been just Penta & Cody, he would have lost even more. He would've hurt Cody's arm so bad that he wouldn't be able to pick up his baby girl. Cody ran out and attacked Penta, leading to a pull-apart brawl.

Chuck Taylor, with Orange Cassidy, cut a promo from an arcade. Chuck asked Miro for one more match, with the added stipulation that if they lose, Chuck goes back to being Miro's butler forever. (Why would they propose that?) They then added the stipulation with lots of video game machinery at ringside.

This was stupid

Thumbs Down

Schiavone introduced Sting. Sting said that Darby Allin is a dangerous man and a risk-taker. Lance Archer and Jake Roberts interrupted Sting's interview time, with Archer saying that if things don't change, he's going to take much more than "time." They left, and with that, the interview segment was over.

They tried to show a QT Marshall and Lee Johnson interview, but technical difficulties with the show made it impossible to hear. Ethan Page did the same thing.

Ethan Page defeated Lee Johnson (w/ QT Marshall)


Thumbs Down

There was basketball audio playing during this match. It sounded like a TNT issue, but it was particularly bad because it persisted through a commercial break. That's too bad, because Page looked good in his Dynamite debut and Johnson is supremely underrated.

They had a nice back-and-forth exchange to start. Page downed Johnson with a shoulder block heading into the commercial. During the break, Page targeted Johnson's back with slams and backbreakers.

Johnson came back with a back elbow and a neckbreaker. He followed it up with a Blue Thunder bomb for two. They both went to the top rope, where Page dumped Johnson down with a body slam and sprung in with a cutter for a near fall. Johnson tried to leapfrog out but was favoring his knee. Page took advantage with a bicycle kick while the official checked on him, a clear heel move.

Page hit the Ego's Edge, which is a Razor's Edge, for the win.

Page continued the beatdown after the match, and Marshall didn't make any effort to save. Dustin Rhodes ran out to make the save as Marshall walked out of the building.

Earlier today, Hangman Page was interviewed about how he's spending Matt Hardy's money. He bought whiskey, a saddle, lots of vinyl music (which he donated), and a new lawn mower. All the Dark Order showed up to ride on the lawn mower, but they wouldn't let Alan Angels hop on as they took off to go get some ice cream.

Schiavone began to introduce Christian Cage, but was interrupted by Kenny Omega's "Cleaner" entrance. He was joined by Don Callis and the Good Brothers.

Callis said we're not going to get to hear from the new signee, because they call the shots in AEW. He said that at everything at Revolution went according to plan, except one thing. They're getting blamed for not delivering a giant explosion, but it made them very happy to take away what the fans wanted. They took away Moxley's big hero moment and Kingston's heroism. Callis called it a win-win; if the explosives go off, Moxley is maimed, but if not, Moxley looks like an idiot.

Omega said he was getting goosebumps imagining seeing Moxley get vaporized in a ring, but now, he will cherish the memory of not only beating Moxley, but humiliating him.

Kingston walked out, but before he could speak, Callis talked about seeing Kingston's talent in Impact, but he had to fire him, because every time he got close to success, he'd screw it up. Callis gave Kingston ten seconds to retreat, then they mocked Kingston's actions at the end of Revolution with the countdown. Omega asked what Kingston hopes to accomplish and challenged Kingston to hit him.

Once Kingston obliged, he was immediately attacked by the Good Brothers, then Moxley ran out and he and Kingston cleaned house. Another countdown aired on the video board, and it was Christian Cage, who stared off with Omega. Omega tried to cheap shot Christian, but Christian had it scouted, and Callis pulled Omega out of the ring. Christian then picked up the AEW World Championship.

Thumbs Up

Hikaru Shida, Ryo Mizunami, & Thunder Rosa def. Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero), Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. (w/ Rebel), & Maki Itoh


Thumbs Down

WTF was this?

The teams brawled before the match as Itoh performed her singing entrance. She smashed Shida with the microphone, and then the match was underway.

Itoh immediately missed a Kokeshi but was able to do her "cutest in the world" schtick. Shida fought her off and tagged in Mizunami, who did her rope-pull schtick and downed Itoh with a clothesline. Rosa and Rose tagged in, where Rosa laid in kicks and strikes, but a distraction from Guerrero allowed Rose to hit a lariat ahead of the commercial break.

The heels beat down Rosa throughout the break. Shida tried to come back, attempting to suplex her partner onto Baker, but they completely whiffed. We got a parade of big moves, concluded with Rosa dropkicking Rose out of the ring. The rivals Baker and Rosa were the only ones left, but Rosa easily dispatched her opponent.

Rosa landed a tornado dive onto the pile. She tried to roll Itoh back into the ring, but Guerrera pulled Rosa's leg upon re-entry, and Itoh barely made it back around for the swinging DDT. Rebel tried to interfere with the crutch, but Rosa sent her packing and caught Itoh with a Fire Thunder driver for the win.

After the match, Baker immediately attacked Rosa with the crutch and locked on the Lockjaw.

Matt Hardy was with Private Party. He was disappointed about the match, but he has more than enough money to fund this empire. He then introduced the newest additions to the team: Butcher, Blade, and Bunny.

TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) defeated Scorpio Sky


Thumbs Up

This was very good, with some cool counter sequences. Allin destroyed himself as always.

They showed respect before the bell. Neither man could establish a strong advantage early on as they performed chain wrestling. Sky would occasionally sell frustration as Allin would out-wrestle him at points. It got heated after a lax rope break from Allin.

Allin sent Sky to the floor, but Sky avoided a dive. Upon re-entry, Allin tried to flip up into the ring, but hurt his leg and was knocked down with a forearm, allowing Sky to take control. Despite the leg injury, Sky opted to target Allin's back during the heat segment.

Sky went for a sunset flip, but Allin countered it into a cradle for two. Sky immediately followed it up with a strong right hand, dropping Allin to the mat. Allin turned another attempt into a stunner for two. Allin then hit Code Red for a good near fall. He was met with a big boot from Sky, who kept up the offense with repeated German suplexes. Allin tried to escape, but Sky hit another German into the turnbuckle.

Allin sent Sky to the floor and went for a tope suicida, but Sky turned it into a cutter on the floor. Back in the ring, Sky hit a brainbuster for two. Allin fired up and went for the Coffin Drop, but Sky turned it into a powerbomb. Sky then went for the TKO, but Allin locked on a small package to win and retain the title.

Allin tried to show respect after the match, but Sky attacked and locked on a heel hook. Sky wouldn't release it as Allin frantically tapped, and officials had to come out to try and break it up.

Inner Circle War Council

This was a phenomenal show-closing angle setting up months' worth of main event programs.

The group out there was Chris Jericho, MJF, Jake Hager, Santana, and Ortiz -- no Wardlow.

Jericho said the Inner Circle's been in a little bit of a decline recently, but it can easily be remedied, because they are the smartest in the business today. He teased adding a new member, but MJF interrupted and said it was time to let somebody go.

Sammy Guevara's music played and he walked out. He addressed Jericho and said he needed Jericho to see something. Jericho wasn't having it, but Guevara fired up and practically begged Jericho to look at it.

A video played on the video board. Guevara had hidden a camera showing MJF planning to oust Jericho from the Inner Circle. MJF told the Inner Circle to attack Jericho and Guevara, but they all turned around, and Jericho told MJF to shut up. MJF is out of the Inner Circle as Jericho shoved him down and fired him. MJF begged them not to beat him up, but said he was building his own group.

The lights went out and FTR, Tully Blanchard, Shawn Spears, and Wardlow appeared in the ring. Harwood smashed a bottle over Hager's head and Spears Pillmanized Guevara with a chair. Wardlow hit Jericho with his chokehold kneelift finisher, and FTR hit Santana and Ortiz with their Tully spike piledriver. MJF hit Jericho with the Dynamite diamond ring, bloodying him, and attacked him with his own bat. Finally, Wardlow powerbombed Jericho off the stage through two tables.

Thumbs Up

Overall: Thumbs Up