Wednesday Night Dynamite 10/7/2020

Will Hobbs VS Brian Cage For The FTW Chanpionship

Brian Cage won clean and retained

***1/4 Thumbs Up

A live crowd or feel there of definitely adds to the matches. 2 big guys trading big moves on each other until the other didn't kick out.

BTW.......Just like how I don't cover "Main Event" Ima stop covering AEW Dark. I count them in the same vein as dark matches and house shows with little or now bearing on the product they arerespectively extensions off.

After the match Tazz offered Hobbs a spot in Team Tazz with the ultimatum being a Team Tazz beat down. Before he could respond Darby Allen came out and the heels retreated.

Thumbs Up

They keep plugging Chris Jericho's 30th anniversary with video promo by various wrestlers, entertainment personalities and even hes own Dad. Also the main even is Brodie Lee VS Cody for TNT title in a Dog Collar match (whatever that is).

FTR VS The Hybrid 2 (Jack Evans & Some Guy.....Angelico?) (TH2)

For the AEW Tag Team Championships

***1/2 Thumbs Up

FTR won and retained. 2nd time in a row heels won clean on this show.

I never need to see Young Bucks again. No one does. Annoying and irrational pricks.

Fuck Taylor & Trent (Who I Want To Like) used a graphic to aide them in calling FTR Weenies. Then announced they Tony Khan booked them for the tag titles next week on Dynamite's 1 year anniversary.

Shaq and Gene Simmons and Don Callis and Lars Ulrich and DDP wished a happy 30th anniversary to Chris Jericho

This show is so much better than AEW Dark. Pacing and everything overall.

Cody VS Brodie Lee in Dog Collar Match for the TNT Title

New Champion: ***3/4 Thumbs Up For Cody Winning

Apparently Greg Valentine faced Roddy Piper in a Dog Collar match. So I presume these have a been a thing for a long time. There was a physician at ringside.......ok?

Sooooo it's strap match. Instead of a strap it's a chain. Instead of the arms they were chained by the neck.

Im not sure how to rate this tbh. They beat the shit outta each other and then Cody Won. They had a stupid and dangerous stipulation which makes me think the match would have been far better without the dog collar.

Next week it's Cody VS Pockets (Orange Cassidy) for the TNT Title

I never need to see Kenny Olivier (Omega) again. No one does.

Big Swole VS Serena Deeb



Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Swole needs work

Moxley cut a promo from a bar hyping up his match against Lance Archer. I like Moxley's gimmick of always being in a random place. He was in a bar and also a desert.

Thumbs Up

More celebs wished Jericho a happy 30 year anniversary.

Chris Jericho & Jake Hager (w/Santana, Ortiz & Sammy Guevara) defeated Luther & Serpentico

This match was more about the story than the work. 

Jericho and Luther got in and traded chops. Jericho was selling for Luther and Serpentico before a commercial. 

A good chunk of the match took place during the final commercial break. This also seems to happen every week.  Jericho hit a Lionsault during the break. Hager got in and out during the break. 

Guevara jumped on the apron. Jericho hit a Judas Effect and pinned Luther. 

Jericho started to cut a promo after the match but he was interrupted. 

MJF entered with Wardlow and a surprise for Jericho. 

MJF revealed Clownico the Clown and a framed MJF poster as gifts. 

Jericho hit the clown with a Judas Effect and broke the poster over his head. 

Jericho told MJF he hated clowns and not to ever interrupt him again. 

Both sold this with a pregnant pause as if they were about to throw hands. 

Instead, they laughed it off. 

The heel locker room entered to toast Jericho in the ring as credits rolled, a la the end of Saturday Night Live. 

Everyone listed in the credits was Chris Jericho. 

ehh.....Still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I feel blue balled

***1/4 Thumbs Up Match

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up. Would have been a thumbs up.