Wednesday Night Dynamite 10/28/2020

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Hangman Adam Defeated Wardlow in a semifinal World Title Eliminator Tournament match

**1/2 Thumbs Up

MJF noted that Wardlow would essentially be winnning the Tournament and the Championship on his behave. Would have been an interesting storyline if the fates allowed. Whatever he has Sammy Guevara to worry who is still feuding with Matt Hardy

Moxley Cut a thumbs promo about Eddie Kingston and their title match.

Eddie Kingston defeated Matt Sydal

**1/4 Thumbs Up

The Bucks are still heels and declared that if they lose to FTR (who are also heels) they will never challenge for the tag belts again. Thumb in the pointing up just for that line.

The Inner Circle Town Hall

Thumbs Up

Cody defeated Orange Cassidy for the TNT Title

*** Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

The BFs were acting heelish. Why was this a lumberjack match?......I guess to setup the post match brawl that took place for no reason.....the Gunns were the last 2 left standing from the melee. Cody watched from the ramp. Darby Allen who gets a totle shot watch from the cheap seats.

Miro and Kip beat up Chuck & Trent.....this was stupid

Thumbs Down

Serena Deeb defeated Layla Hersh (Not sure how to spell it)

** Thumbs Up

This match went to commercial and when it came back Serena Won within seconds.

Serena is apparently the NWA Women's Champion....good for her

Nyla Rose VS Hikaru Shida Was announced for Full Gear. Surely there was a more efficient way to set this up. It seemed Random af. Hopefully Nyla Wins.

Penta Fenix (A guy IDGAF about) vs Kenny Omega (A Guy I Abhor)

Heel Vs Heel

Thumbs Down

Kenny is such a pretentious geeky mark. A mark for himself. Came out with the AAA title.

Kenny is one of the producers and bookers. He's also feuding with Adam Page soooooo I bet you he'll win this. Any takers?

Penta played babyface

***1/2 Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Kenny in fact won

Overall: Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up because of the Main Event. How do you get into a heel vs heel match?