Wednesday Night Dynamite 10/21/2020

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

World title eliminator tournament first round: Wardlow defeated Jungle Boy

A fun opener.

**3/4 Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up. Wrong guy won

After the announcers previewed the rest of the card, they aired an incredible promo that Eddie Kingston cut on Jon Moxley after last week's Dynamite. 

Kingston ripped on Moxley for making millions of dollars in the land of entertainers while leaving Kingston behind. Kingston said he would die for pro wrestling and he's going to make Moxley quit. 

Moxley vs. Kingston in an I Quit match was announced for Full Gear. 

Moxley cut a pre-taped promo on Kingston. He said he wouldn't apologize for making enough money to buy his mom a house. He promised to beat Kingston so badly he'd either get his old friend back or beat him into submission. 

2 Thumbs Up (1 Thumb For Each Promo) The best part of the show by far

World title eliminator tournament first round: Kenny Omega defeated Sonny Kiss

Omega won a squash in seconds after hitting a v-trigger and a One-Winged Angel.

* Thumbs Down. Kenny is a fuckin weirdo who looks like he's on drugs. Annoying prick with his dumb ass gesticulations and facials.

Tony Schiavone interviewed Orange Cassidy about his upcoming TNT title match with Cody. 

Cassidy spoofed Bill Belichick and downplayed his loss to Brodie Lee in his last TNT title shot. 

My little dog Pockets' gimmick is that he dgaf and he dgaf about his match with Cody for the TNT title next week. If Pockets doesn't care then why should I?

This was stupid and counterproductive.

Thumbs Down

Dasha interviewed Cody and Arn Anderson as they arrived at the building. 

Cody said he heard there may be a stipulation added to his TNT title defense against Cassidy next week. He said he gained weight on his hiatus because even though it's a light heavyweight company, if you look at the opponents he has faced, he's practically AEW's giant killer and it was time to go into heavyweight mode. 

I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a subtle heel promo but it sure came off as one. 

This is how you cut a promo Pockets

Thumbs Up

Kingston cut another promo on Moxley. He said he hates what he's become, but he had to become a snake. He said being a nice guy got him nowhere, but his current attitude has gotten him to a world title match on PPV. 

More Gold! Thumbs Up

World title eliminator tournament first round: Rey Fenix defeated Penta El Zero M

Excellent match. They got a decent amount of time but they really could have gone longer. A big chunk of this happened during an ad break. 

***1/2 Thumbs Up

What's with this new fad of heel vs heel matches and feuds that's so prevalent in the top 2 world promotions?

A video package recapped last week's issues between Miro & Kip Sabian and Best Friends. Best Friends said they didn't mean to destroy Sabian's arcade game. 

Thumbs Down, this was stupid

Alex Marvez interviewed Colt Cabana, Alex Reynolds and John Silver about Dark Order's big matches tonight. Reynolds said that Mr. Brodie Lee taught them to overcome adversity. 

Silver did some of his BTE shtick but it didn't translate as well in this setting. 

Thumbs Down. More stupid indie unprofessional wrestling nonsense

World title eliminator tournament first round: Hangman Page defeated Colt Cabana

A nice little back and forth match. This was Page's best singles outing in quite a while. 

Thumbs Up ***

Team Taz came to the stage for a promo. 

Thumbs Up

Le Dinner Debonair

2 Thumbs Down

Hey, it's the bottom of the 9 p.m. hour, must be time for the one women's segment on the show. 

Britt Baker defeated KiLynn King

Baker won a rather stiff squash after hitting a flatliner, a curb stomp and using Lockjaw for the submission. 

** Thumbs Up

Steve-O appeared in a Darby Allin vignette. 

Allin rolled down a skateboard halfpipe in a body bag.

Thumbs Down. lets not encourage this behavior

FTR went to the ring after the match and offered Matt and Nick beer. Matt and Nick slapped the beers away. 

A masked man jumped in and attacked The Bucks with a chair. The masked man hit a spike piledriver off the second rope on Nick. 

Cash then Pillman-ized Matt's left leg with a chair. 

Referees ran in and FTR and Blanchard retreated to the stage as the show ended. 

***1/2 Thumbs Up (because of the post match) Fuck the Young Bucks. Them & Kenny Omega. I never need to see or hear from them again.

Dynamite & NXT had similar endings which makes me think that one product is copying the other. I suspect it's AEW copying NXT. This felt like RAW. Yes it felt like a 3 hour show that itself feels like an 8 hour show.

I like how they promised to not do stupid shit almost a year ago but since then.......well you've seen.

This is an easy thumbs down show, but there was enough good things to save it.

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up