Wednesday Night Dynamite 1/6/2021

Dear readers please don't hold me to what I said in the Impact Wrestling 1/5/2021 post. There is waaaaaay too much wrestling on this week. It was easiest just to watch Impact and Dark just for the matches. Just know that both shows gets a thumbs down this week. Dark was just too long, boring and pointless (didn't even have a Britt Baker segment). Impact was just bad in every conceivable way. Oh! and so was Xplosion.

Well! its time for Dynamite.

Chris Jericho was on commentary for tonight's show.

Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) & SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) defeated The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & TH2 (Angélico & Jack Evans)


Thumbs Up

This was a very fun, all-action tag opener.

Daniels took a quick shot at Caster, leading to a free-for-all brawl. ¾ of the babyface team landed dives as Kazarian and Bowens were the only men left in the ring. The Bucks went through a long sequence with TH2, concluded with a flipping senton dive from Nick. Daniels went for an Arabian moonsault, but was caught, allowing The Acclaimed to gain control.

The heels maintained control for a long time, with the highlight being Angélico applying unique submission holds to break Daniels down. Daniels fought back with a Blue Thunder Bomb, allowing him to reach Kazarian for the hot tag. Kazarian ran wild on TH2, finishing the run with a German suplex bridge for two. Evans surprised him with a kick and a corkscrew moonsault for two.

Matt tagged in and landed a double suplex on Evans and Bowens. He took out all four opponents with dives and spears before feinting on a moonsault, instead diving onto Caster and Angélico on the outside. Risky Business from the Bucks on Bowens followed for two, followed by a Kazarian slingshot DDT for another two.

Kazarian and Nick hit the BTE Trigger, but Evans broke up the pinfall. TH2 hit a backbreaker combination, but Nick got the knees up on an Evans 630 attempt. The Bucks had a Superkick party on all four opponents before setting up for the Meltzer Driver. Nick stumbled on the ropes but made up for it with a dive on the outside, before Matt and Daniels worked together for the Best Meltzer Ever to finish it.

Kazarian grabbed a mic after the match and discussed his ultimatum with Daniels. SCU then challenged the Bucks for the AEW Tag Team Championships, and the Bucks appeared to accept.

Jon Moxley Returns

Moxley said that complaining about his title loss is a waste of time, because life isn't fair. All you can do is endure, grit your teeth, and take it on the chin, staring down the adversity and not backing down.

"What to do with Kenny Omega?" Moxley sees things in black and white and doesn't have time for shitty people, and he'd like to beat them up. But tonight is Rey Fenix's opportunity, scratching and clawing for thirteen years to reach this point.

Omega isn't safe and never will be safe. Moxley will forever be in Omega's blind spot. One day, Omega will look into the eyes of the devil and beg for mercy when he realizes that he crossed the wrong guy.

Thumbs Up

Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy were interviewed about an update on Trent. He has a torn pec and will be out four to five months. Miro, Sabian, and Ford interrupted. Miro said that sucks for Trent, but it sucks even more for them, because Trent's the leader of their little group. He said that Taylor can be his new Best Friend, doing chores for him.

Taylor responded by challenging Miro to a match next week. Miro accepted on the condition that if Miro wins, Taylor must be his "young boy" until after Sabian and Ford's wedding. Taylor accepted the stipulation.

TF is a "young boy"?.....never mind, I don't want to know.

Thumbs Down

Wardlow defeated Jake Hager


Thumbs Up

The rest of the Inner Circle looked on from the stage.

This was good and they both looked good.

They fought on the second rope as Hager applied the head and arm choke once again, but Wardlow shoved him down. The F10 followed for the win.

Hager was extremely frustrated after the match, but the rest of the Inner Circle got them to fist bump for a show of respect.

Private Party was about to make some gin and juice backstage, but only had gin. Snoop Dogg arrived with the juice. Matt Hardy showed up with contracts for Private Party. The implication was that Hardy would take a large cut out of their earnings in exchange for some mentorship.

Thumbs Up

Darby Allin/Brian Cage Weigh-In

Allin came out with the new TNT Championship belt, now with a black strap, while Cage was out with the rest of Team Taz. These two will wrestle for Allin's TNT Championship next week on Dynamite.

Taz got offended that Cage had to weigh first, but Cage went ahead and did it anyway. Cage's official weight was 272 pounds. Allin weighed in next at 170 pounds, which seems generous.

Allin said that this feud was 27 years in the making, because he's dealt with shit from people like Taz his whole life. He got ready for a fight, but the lights went out and Sting appeared, bat in hand. Team Taz retreated to the stage but Taz promised that next week we would see a new TNT champion.

Ehh....Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down.

The more they repeat this is the less I will grade it.

Backstage, Jake Hager was punching a garage door out of frustration. MJF tried to hype him up, telling him he's a better athlete than the audience and undefeated in MMA. Hager said that he was about to lay MJF out, but instead said that MJF was cool, and appreciated the comment.

Well Paced

2nd Hour

Cody Rhodes (w/ Snoop Dogg) defeated Matt Sydal


Thumbs Up

Snoop was playing the role of Arn Anderson. I guess the real Arn Anderson had the night off.

This was a strong match with a lighthearted post-match interaction.

Luther and Serpentico, known as Chaos Project, attacked Cody after the match. Sydal made the save, dispatching Luther, and tried to go to the top rope, but Snoop waved him off. Snoop climed the ropes and landed a hilarious looking splash as Cody counted three just for fun. Very enjoyable segment, and a good use of Snoop.

AEW Women's Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) defeated Abadon

Cody Rhodes, from May 2019: "I want to be the sports-centric alternative in the pro wrestling world."

Abadon attacked Shida during her entrance, but Shida downed her with a kendo stick shot.

Once inside the ring, the match began. Shida took control with a running dropkick before removing a scarf, revealing that she still has a gash on her neck from the Abadon attack two weeks ago. Shida went for a knee lift, but Abadon caught it and bit Shida's leg before driving her into the barricade. Abadon dragged Shida under the ring before emergin with blood dropping down her face. A bloodied Shida emerged, having been bitten in the neck again. No idea how that's not a disqualification. Back in the ring, an X-factor from Abadon got two. She continued the beatdown into the break.

Shida sent Abadon to the outside and landed a frog splash crossbody on the floor. She repeatedly smashed Abadon's head into the barricade before bringing Abadon to the top rope and hitting a superplex. Abadon bridged up like Bray Wyatt and landed a clothesline for two.

A cradle allowed Shida to hit the Tamashii knee strike for the win.

Earlier Abadon did a Undertaker sit let us know that this is cosplay wrestling.

I dont know how to rate this. Not good at all

negative ****

Thumbs Down

AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) (w/ Don Callis) def. Rey Fénix


Thumbs Up

What a match!

There was an incredible spot where Fénix went to the top rope, was knocked down, and somehow recovered enough to hit the move he intended to. Fénix then followed it up with an absurd tope suicida where he almost landed in the front row. Omega went for You Can't Escape, but Fénix fought out and flipped over into a German suplex for a close near fall. Fénix landed a diving stomp to the back of Omega's head leading into

Omega got his knees up on a frog splash attempt and brought Fénix up top. Fénix fought out and went for a dive, but Omega caught him in perfect Jay Driller position. A V-Trigger got two, and the One-Winged Angel followed for three.

Callis grabbed a mic and said that he heard that something terrible was happening backstage. Eddie Kingston and his Family were attacking PAC and Penta backstage. Callis said that they weren't coming to help Fénix, but Jon Moxley came out with a barbed wire bat, swinging it into Omega's stomach to make the save.

The Good Brothers, IMPACT Tag Team Champions Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, came out to make the save for Omega. They laid Moxley out with a Magic Killer before Omega repeatedly hit Moxley with the barbed wire bat.

The Varsity Blondes ran in from outside to try to save, but they were easily dispatched. The rest of the ringside wrestlers all came in, but all were sent packing by Omega, Gallows, and Anderson. Gallows powerbombed one of them through a ringside table, and Omega hit Moxley with the barbed wire bat one more time. Moxley made one last attempt at a comeback, but was overwhelmed by the numbers advantage.

Finally, the Young Bucks ran out to try to reason with Omega and the Good Brothers (all of them were in Bullet Club at one point), but when Varsity Blondes tried to attack Omega, the Bucks superkicked them away. Omega raised the Too Sweet sign and both the Good Brothers and the Young Bucks joined him, as they all posed to close the show.

Thumbs Up

Edit out the Women's match and this is easily one of the best episodes of any wrestling show I've can remember.

I'm calling it now. AEW Dynamite won this week as I'm concerned

There's is no way NXT is countering this

PS: I gotta say, between the Lucha House Party members and Rey Fenix, these luchadores are making quite the positive impression on me