Wednesday Night Dynamite 1/13/2021

PAC defeated Eddie Kingston


Very good

Post match didn't make a lot of sense though.

hmm.....they have yet to show a recap or make mention of the Bullet Club angle that closed the show last week

Miro defeated Chuck Taylor


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Apparently young boy means servant/butler/errand boy. Why they couldn't just say that. They just have be indie marks. How many main stream fans watch Japanese wrestling to appreciate that term? Not many. Marketing advice: the mainstream and casual viewer is the demo you want. Do not market for die hards. Trust me

So in accordance to their bet from last dumb fuck Taylor is now Miro's "Young Boy" because he lost.

The Inner Circle came out to kill clock. They pretty much put the tag team division on notice in a goofy manner. They closed out with their wacky middle finger group Jester and one of LAX asked MJF why his his hand is darker than the rest of his body. Quite frankly I wanted an answer and never got one.

Also it's gonna be Jericho & MJF vs LAX vs Sammy Guevara & Hager next week

This is a very bizarre faction

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Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) (w/ Don Callis) defeated Varsity Blondes (Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr.) & Danny Limelight


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Omega and co. attacked before the bell, taking control on the floor. Limelight got a hope spot in the ring, but Gallows downed him with a clothesline. Varsity Blondes sent the Good Brothers packing, allowing the match to reset.

The Blondes maintained control on Omega with frequent tags until Limelight tagged in and a Gallows kick allowed Omega to hit the Kotaro Crusher. Omega, Gallows, and Anderson kept up the attack through a commercial break.

Back from break, Limelight landed a springboard hurricanrana and avoided a German before hitting a kick, allowing him to reach Pillman for the hot tag. Pillman ran wild on all three opponents before teaming with Garrison to hit a doomsday blockbuster for two on Anderson.

Omega ran into the ring and his team regained control, hitting a triple neckbreaker, but their opponents broke it up. A big boot from Anderson got another two. The Good Brothers went for the Gun Stun, but Limelight tagged in. Anderson stopped Limelight's attack with a spinebuster, and the Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer for three.

As Omega and the Good Brothers celebrated, Jon Moxley's music played, and he ran in for a fight, but he was outnumbered. The Lucha Bros ran out to even the odds, and some AEW Dark talent ran out to break up the fight. Moxley landed a tope on a big pile before the Young Bucks entered the fray to try and talk Moxley down. The Lucha Bros downed the Young Bucks with superkicks, and a wild free-for-all brawl ensued as Omega and Callis escaped.

The Waiting Room with Dr. Britt Baker

This was awesome and not for the reasons it should have been.

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FTR defeated Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt


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This was really good

Serena Deeb defeated Tay Conti to retain the NWA Women's Championship


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This show has been well paced. 9:45pm

It's almost over and it's been good all throughout.

Brian is the FTW world champion...The Fuck The World Champion of the world. Lol

Darby Allin defeated Brian Cage to retain the TNT Championship


Thumbs Up

I don't even care that there was a spot were Darby used a belt to tie Brian's feet together right in front the ref who didn't care. I can forgive it because it was brief and Brian was making pretty liberal use of the steel steps

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