Slammiversary 2022

Rich Swann defeated Brian Myers to retain the Digital Media Championship on Countdown to Slammiversary

Shark Boy defeated Johnny Swinger to win the Reverse Batttle Royal on Countdown to Slammiversary


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The opening video focused on the birth of TNA Wrestling, some of the greatest moments in the history of the company, some familiar voices in Jeff Jarrett, Bob Ryder, Mike Tenay and Don West and then switched to showcasing the current stars of Impact Wrestling and what tonight will mean to them.

Mike Bailey defeated Ace Austin, Alex Zayne, Andrew Everett, Kenny King and Trey Miguel in a Ultimate X Match to become the new X-Division champion


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As you would expect, it was very quick in the beginning with every man making a stake to gain the advantage early on. Everett was one of the first to gain momentum after hitting a a springboard twisting corkscrew to the outside to wipe out his opponents instead of making the climb for the title.

After action returned to the ring, Austin, King and Zayne were locked in a scrum and Bailey climbed the cables and dropped them all with his Ultimate Weapon. A Tower of Power by Zayne on every man but Miguel followed next as Trey was able to hold on to metal pillar behind him.

Miguel waved to Zayne and then nailed him with a Super Canadian Destroyer off the top rope. With every man recovering at this point, Miguel, Bailey, King and Austin were the first to their feet and scaled the four cables and it became a four man fight above the ring.

King and Miguel dropped first and Bailey and Austin continued their fight until Everett managed to interfere by climbing on top of the cables just above the hanging X-Division championship. When he attempted to grab the title, Bailey hit him with a hurricarana dropping him down hard to the mat below.

With Austin and Bailey continuing their battle with the belt fingertips away, Zayne attempted to interfere but was dropped down to the mat as well. Bailey then capitalized and knocked Austin from the cables, positioned himself to secure the title and became the new X-Division champion.

The announcers paid respect to Bob Ryder and stated that tonight's show was dedicated to him.

-Backstage, Scott Hudson is with the Impact Originals. Hudson congratulates the Motor City Machine Guns on being the most Impactful tag team in Impact history. Hudson then attempted to find out who their fifth man was tonight but was unsuccessful.

-A video promo was shown featuring Sting praising his time with TNA Wrestling.

Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood) to become the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions


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Rayne and Valkyrie started the match and it was immediate power by Taya. Rosemary came into the match but the tag team champions started dominating by making quick tags and keeping Rosemary from bringing Valkyrie back into the match.

Dashwood eventually failed to capitalize in the middle of the ring and was sent back into her corner allowing Rosemary to finally get the tag to the hot Valkyrie. Rayne was tagged in as well as the power game once again continued from Taya, landing a modified Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count.

Rosemary tagged herself back in and landed an exploder on Rayne before throwing the camera a wicked smile. She attempted a spear next but as she was racing towards Rayne, Dashwood came out of nowhere with a running dropkick wiping her out. Rayne went for the pin but Valkyrie entered the ring and drove Dashwood into the pin attempt.

With all four women now in the ring, the tag team champions gained the advantage but ended up nailing each other in the middle of the ring before getting hit with double spears. After kicking out at two, the champions mounted a comeback after some failed communication from the challengers and after nailing Valkyrie, hit the Collab on Rosemary.

Valkyrie was able to make the save and after some quick offense, Rosemary was able to come back from the dead, nailed Rayne with her modified ddt and picked up the win for her team becoming the new Knockouts tag team champions.

Sami Callihan defeated Moose in a Monster's Ball Match


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As Moose was making his entrance, Callihan attacked him from behind at the top of the entrance ramp.

Callihan headed to the outside and grabbed a barbed wire door from underneath the ring as the announcers made reference to Abyss. Callihan set the table up in the corner of the ring and as Moose went to charge Sami, he stopped realizing what had just been setup. Moose attempted to climb up to the top rope and after a failed attempt, managed to get there but Callihan shoved him off the top rope through a table that was setup ringside. Callihan then headed to the outside once again and grabbed a bag from underneath the ring.

Callihan headed back into the ring and scattered thumbtacks all over the mat. He couldn't capitalize however as Moose was able to grab him and land a sky high into the hundreds of tacks below. Moose then dragged Callihan's body through the tacks but Sami mounted a comeback and put Moose through the barbed wire door setup in the corner but only for a two count.

With both men bloody and exhausted, we saw a battle in the middle of the ring featuring punches, chops and trash can lids. Callihan gained the upper hand and nailed Moose with the Cactus Driver but only could manage a two count. With Callihan in shock at this point, Moose nailed him with a low blow. It didn't make much difference at this point however as Callihan was enraged and hungry for the victory.

Callihan nailed a low blow of his own followed by a powerbomb onto a trash can. Callihan then nailed another Cactus Driver but Moose kicked out at one. Callihan grabbed a barbed wire baseball bat, nailed Moose with multiple shots and finally gained the victory after hitting one final Cactus Driver.

The Good Brothers defeated The Briscoes to become the new World Tag Team champions


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It was all four men in the ring in the beginning but it quickly headed to the outside as both teams were geared up for a brawl. After several minutes battling on the outside, Jay threw a chair into the ring for Mark and it was quickly setup in the corner.

Anderson was in the ring with Mark and after Jay was tagged in, Gallows distracted the referee allowing Anderson to send Jay into the chair in the corner. Momentum didn't last however as both teams were just too hungry for the titles and the match went back and forth for the next several minutes.

The Good Brothers setup a Magic Killer attempt on Mark but Jay was able to make the save. The Briscoes gained the upper hand and after a double team move on Anderson, they only managed a two count. After some more offense from the Briscoes, they attempted to hit the Doomsday Device but Gallows blocked it and Anderson nailed a massive stunner. The Good Brothers then nailed Jay with the Magic Killer and Gallows blocked Mark allowing Anderson to pickup the win giving us new world tag team champions.

After the match, Mark got into the face of the new world tag team champions but before anything more could take place, music hit the arena and we saw the return of America's Most Wanted. We are then greeted by James Storm and Chris Harris headed to the ring with beer in hand. Storm grabbed the mic, praised TNA Wrestling, praised tag team wrestling and toasted the men in the ring.

Impact Originals (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis & Davey Richards) defeated Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, PCO & Vincent w/Maria Kanellis)


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Christy Hemme was the official ring announcer for this match and after Frankie Kazarian was introduced, Traci Brooks, alongside their son and Earl Hebner were shown at ringside. After the Motor City Machine Guns and Nick Aldis were introduced, we finally were introduced to the fifth member of the Impact Originals, nonother than Dixie Carter was introduced. Carter praised the company and thanked fans everywhere before introducing Davey Richards as the fifth member of the Impact Originals. Holy shit!

The bell rang as there was action everywhere before MCMG was able to settle things down in the ring keeping Bennett at bay.

Richards made the tag to Sabin and Sabin attempted to hit the Cradle Shock but Maria jumped up on the apron causing a distraction.

As Maria was causing a scene, Traci Brooks jumped over the guardrail and hauled Maria off of the apron. PCO grabbed Brooks and brought her into the ring but Kazarian made the save. Kazarian then setup and nailed the Flux Capacitor but the referee was now down and out and Kenny King has hit the ring. Earl Hebner is now on the other side of the guardrail checking on his son Brian while D'Lo Brown headed to the ring.

PCO is nailed with the Sky High and the Frog Splash but there's no referee and HNM attempted to capitalize once again. It wouldn't happen however as the Impact Originals were just way too strong and finally managed to down PCO. Earl Hebner saw the opportunity, ripped off his shirt revealing a TNA Wrestling referee uniform and counted to three as D'Amore let us know that he reinstated Hebner for tonight's event.

After the match was over, the Impact Originals celebrated their victory with their arms raised high together in the ring.

A video promo was shown featuring AJ Styles praising his time with TNA Wrestling.

Jordynne Grace defeated Chelsea Green, Deonna Purrazzo, Mia Yim & Tasha Steelz (w/Savannah Evans) in a Queen of the Mountain Match (Special Guest Enforcer: Mickie James) to become the new Knockouts World champion


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Backstage, Gia Miller introduced Goldy Locks. Goldy Locks thanked her and then introduced the most Impactful Knockout of all-time, Gail Kim. Gail thanked Impact Wrestling for allowing women to be part of the company.

-We saw a promo for Bound For Glory taking place later this year in October.

Josh Alexander defeated Eric Young (w/Violent By Design) to retain the World Championship


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