Sit-Down w/Don Tony 10/16/22: Uncle Howdy = Bray Wyatt's Mind; Ilja Dragunov/Imperium; ROH vs AEW?

The Sit-Down w/Don Tony 10/9/22, presented by Blue Wire & Pro Wrestling TV. Topics discussed: ▶Uncle Howdy WWE Video interruptions = Visual presentation of the battle inside Bray Wyatt's mind ▶WWE should add Ilja Dragunov to Imperium and form a steady tag team with Ludwig Keiser ▶Freddie Prinze Jr kicks off the 'Tony Khan' vibes with the 'Bray Wyatt Contract Offer' comments ▶DT Prediction: WWE will be sold within ten years & possibly sooner if Vince McMahon passes on ▶DT joking about NXT & Quincy Elliot going head-to-head against Chris Jericho vs Dalton Castle for ROH Title Tue 10/18/22 could happen! ▶Addressing continued claims by many that AEW is trying to land a TV deal for Ring Of Honor ▶Will we ever see a Ring Of Honor vs All Elite Wrestling storyline? ▶Degeneration X faction would have still been created if NWO storyline never existed ▶Showing love for Leslie Nielsen skits searching for The Undertaker from 1994 ▶Could NXT defeat AEW Dynamite in the head-to-head ratings on 10/18/22? ▶DT wants to interview Tony Khan and would be 1000% respectful. Any chance that happens? 😜 ▶DT is not a fan of Chucky, Rob Zombie's Munsters, Michael Myers or Laurie Strode characters in 2022 ▶Showing love to Jason Solomonster, JD From NY and Joe Cronin, Mick Foley and Ice T? ▶Plus: Bret Hart to NWATNA 2002... Bushwhacker Luke still wrestling at 75 years old... How often AEW & WWE wrestlers talk to each other... 40 vs 30 Person Royal Rumble Matches... G4 TV Shut Down; Video game Lawsuit over Randy Orton Tattoos; WWE/NJPW Working relationship & more! 🎤'The Sit-Down with Don Tony' is a live discussion show hosted by Don Tony and YOU. Everyone who joins the show LIVE chooses the topics discussed on the show. You can talk about anything. Pro Wrestling (AEW, WWE), non-wrestling, pop culture, sports, news, politics, personal topics. Nothing is out of bounds, and the entire show is 100% interactive. Audio only (non-video) version of Don Tony's shows (including this episode), are available for everyone at or ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​🍷 A Special Toast To 'THE FAMILY' (Our ELITE Channel Members) Salute! Guardian Of Chaos, Austin Nance, Mark A Hicks II, Omar Salgado, Keyvon Lewis, Garcia Akane, Dominic McGlynn, Brandon Papagiorgio Foley, Erik Williams, SoFlyBmOrE, Cappy Caveman, Alton Ehia, Quinton McMillian, OzzyOz Nuin, Shawn Baham, Chris S, TheLegendJimBob, KD, Mighty Mighty, Art G, Zombries, Ronald Crackdonald, JFlores2499, Rojobear24, James Campbell, James Young, Theme Parks N Things with Srhjon07, J L, Tim Keel, Dorian Mesa, Razorblade00, Edwin G, Jeremiah Richards, Jeff Collins, Roger Rubio, Robert Swanson, Bryant Becerra, Ramsfan, Joe Magee, alex romero and Ry Baker! ❌This episode is sponsored by MANSCAPED ( Use the Promo Code DONTONY and get FREE SHIPPING & 20% off everything in the store! 🍷If you enjoy the channel and content here, join us and subscribe! JOIN THE FAMILY and become a VIP Channel Member: 👕Don Tony Shirts + Merchandise: ​​📺 This is the official YouTube channel for Don Tony, host of top shows over the years including: Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show, Breakfast With 'Blasi, The Don Tony Show, & #1 ranked wrestling hotline that started back in 1997! On this channel, we engage w/o the rage, opine w/o the whine, & talk wrestling w/o the hate and click bait. 🎙️ Social Media / Website / Contact Info: Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: YouTube: Website: ✉ Business Contact: THE DON TONY SHOW: UPCOMING LIVE SHOW SCHEDULE (EST): ▶WWE Raw Post Show Review: MON 11:05PM on YouTube ▶NXT Watch Party: TUE 8PM ( ▶DT VIPatreon: TUE 10:05PM on Patreon Discord Channel ▶Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite: WED 10:05PM on YouTube ▶Q&A With Don Tony (Mailbag): Thursdays (email Questions ▶WWE SmackDown Watch Party: FRI 8PM ( ▶AEW Rampage Watch Party: FRI 10PM ( ▶The Don Tony Show: SAT 11:05AM on YouTube ▶The Sit-Down With Don Tony: SUN 8:05PM on YouTube ▶WWE/AEW PPVs LIVE following PPV on YouTube