Ring Of Honor 3/26/2021

Updated: Mar 30

Quinn McKay kicked things off by revealing this week would feature the first-ever Pure rules gauntlet match, along with Mike Bennett seeking to dish out revenge to the Beer City Bruiser.

Per usual, Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman were on the call. Note this show aired on local Fox affiliates before Friday's 19th Anniversary pay-per-view.

Beer City Bruiser vs. Mike Bennett ended in a no contest


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Bruiser came out to the same music he always does, which they need to change if he’s going to be a heel as it's a a chantable song.

Matt Taven joined on commentary. Because this was the go-home for the pay-per-view, his presence made sense.

As Bennett posed on the apron, Bruiser blindsided and sent him to the floor. Bennett recovered quickly and slid back in the ring. The two traded forearms before Bruiser planted Bennett with a DDT that was followed by a commercial break.

Back from the break, Bennett connected with a running forearm to the back of the head. Bruiser practically no-sold it and stood up quickly. He caught an attempted kick and drove his elbow into Bennett’s ankle. I want a Mike Bennett match where someone doesn’t try to lacerate his ankle, please. Bennett tried to stand up, but to no avail. Bruiser contributed to his pain by stomping on his ankle and yanking it backwards.

Bennett fought back valiantly, hitting a side slam before immediately selling the ankle. Bennett started to gain some traction, though, bringing Bruiser down to one knee and following it up with a running knee to the face.

After some more back and forth, Bruiser planted Bennett with his signature DDT, but Bennett kicked out at two. Bruiser, clearly frustrated, went to the outside and got a beer bottle from under the ring. He shattered it over the ring post and prompted Taven to rush the ring. Referee Todd Sinclair called for the bell, calling the match a no contest.

Fred Yehi won a Pure rules gauntlet match


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The rules: six men were participating with each match having a 15-minute time limit. Also, rope breaks carry over as the gauntlet moves along.

1) Will Ferrara pinned Dante Caballero (5:55)

Ferrara grounded Caballero rather quickly. Ferrara applied a front headlock and floated over a few times before Caballero found a way out. Ferrara planted Caballero with a wristlock driver that sent him into the canvas neck first.

Ferrara continued to work on Caballero's arm. Caballero attempted a few big moves, but couldn’t finish them because of the damage. After finally hitting a variation of a GTS, Caballero turned his back for a split second and got rolled up by Ferrara for the pin.

2) World Famous CB pinned Ferrara (4:13)

CB was the next man up. He applied an armbar early that Ferrara shook off immediately. Ferrara applied a wristlock that kept CB at bay for a good amount of time. CB found his way out and applied a back submission that Ferrara eventually countered into a crossface, but CB used his first rope break to escape. CB hit a fakeout power bomb/rollup combination for the three count and the win.

3) World Famous CB submitted Eric Martin (6:02)

Martin had some early success escaping from CB’s moves, but couldn’t seem to keep his own holds. Martin hit a few big clotheslines that had CB reeling in the corner, but when Martin charged him, CB ducked out of harm's way.

Martin wasted no time in countering a CB dropkick and turning it into a Boston crab that forced CB to use his second rope break. CB caught a running Martin attack and twisted him up in a Muelo submission, causing Martin to submit.

4) Wheeler Yuta pinned CB (3:08)

CB attempted a few roll-up pins early, but Yuta had scouted them and escaped. CB threw around Yuta with a few armdrags which didn’t seem to phase him. Yuta and CB then exchanged about 15 different pinning combinations which resulted in a stalemate.

Yuta was the first man back to his feet and hit CB with an inverted atomic drop, followed by a German suplex. Yuta went to the top and plant CB with a paydirt DDT for the win.

Fred Yehi submitted Yuta (6:23)

Yehi immediately charged Yuta who caught him in a head scissors lock that Yehi escaped out of easily. Yehi caught a running Yuta with a T-Bone suplex and then applied a wristlock. Yuta tried to jump out of the hold, but fell back to the mat in pain.

Yuta eventually found his way out and connected with a step-up enziguri to Yehi's skull. Yuta went to the top and faked out Yehi once, but connected with a dive the second time around. Yehi rolled to the outside afterward and when Yuta followed him, Yehi launched him over his head with an exploder suplex.

Yehi rolled Yuta back in the ring and applied a Koji clutch. Yuta wrenched Yehi's ankle to remove himself. Yuta applied a heel hook to Yehi, causing him to use his first rope break. Yehi applied another Koji clutch and Yuta tapped pretty fast to give Yehi the win.

Final Thoughts:

Coming off a wonderful 19th Anniversary PPV (even though it technically aired beforehand), this week's episode of ROH TV was good. We got a continuation of Beer City Bruiser's heel turn -- one that assume leads to his tag partner (Brawler Milonas) turning as well. ROH is short on tag teams, so it would be smart to keep them together for now.

The Pure Wrestling Gauntlet match was a good showcase of the rest of the Pure division. Fred Yehi and Wheeler Yuta had the longest and best match and I hope they are signed by ROH soon, if they haven't signed already.

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