Revolution 3/7/2021

Im back I guess

Not promising anything. Im in a good mood and not busy. It also helps that I'm pirating a live feed of this AEW PPV

I like the ppv Theme music

Britt Baker & Maki Itoh (w/Rebel) defeated Thunder Rosa & Riho


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

This was really good. They got a ton of time. Things got clunky at the finish when Rebel had to get involved, but everyone was super over and the crowd was hot.

Main Show

AEW World Tag Team Championship match: The Young Bucks defeated Chris Jericho & MJF (w/Wardlow) to retain the titles


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

I was thinking and hoping Young Bucks would lose. There was a lot of botchery. The Bucks were mad and try to play bad ass again. They kicked of various finishers.

The broadcast team of JR, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone previewed the rest of the card. JR apologized for his voice. He sounds very sick.

Rey Fenix & PAC won a Tag Team Casino Royale


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

This was a mixed bag

There were 15 teams. 2 began, the other 13 entered at 90 second intervals and they didn't fudge the times as far as I can tell, as there was a countdown clock on the video wall the entire time.

The particpants were PAC & Rey Fenix, Bear Country, Varsity Blonds, Preston Vance & Alan Angels, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson, Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi, Matt Sydal & Mike Sydal, Santana & Ortiz, John Silver & Alex Reynolds, The Butcher & The Blade, Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels, Private Party, Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn, Natural Nightmares, Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy.

Bear Country were made to look strong. There were some clunky eliminations, including some during entrances.

The final four were Silver, Fenix, PAC and Jungle Boy. It got really good here. Silver was tossed, then PAC.

QT Marshall Turned Heel and eliminated himself leaving Dustin by himself.

Dustin foolishly kept competing

SCU said if they lost one more time as a team they'd break up.......I guess this doesn't count

Bear Country were made to look strong. There were some clunky eliminations, including some during entrances.

The final four were Silver, Fenix, PAC and Jungle Boy. It got really good here. Silver was tossed, then PAC, the Jungle Boy

The final few minutes were very good, but I would not have put this on PPV. This would have been better suited for a pre-show

Dasha interviewed Paul Wight. He gave a clue as to the identity of the mystery signing, saying no one will outwork them.

Paul Walter Houser, DDP and Al Snow from OVW were shown in the audience. They hinted at an OVW-AEW agreement.

AEW Women's World Championship match: Hikaru Shida defeated Ryo Mizunami to retain the title


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

This probably went one or two near falls too long, but the crowd was with them

Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero ran in after the match and went after Shida and Mizunami. Shida tried to save for Mizunami, but Baker, Rebel and Itoh ran in. Rebel hit Shida with a crutch.

Thunder Rosa ran in and cleared the ring.

Theres still 5 more matches and a reveal segment left.


This show feels loooooooonnnnggg

Alex Marvez was with Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy backstage for an interview. Miro, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford entered. Sabian and Miro attacked Cassidy and Taylor. Miro demanded that his music be played. Miro dragged Taylor to the ring for their match. Taylor was bleeding.

Miro & Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford) defeated Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

This was more of an angle than a match and I'm not sure why this was on PPV either. Sabian and Miro worked on Taylor. Cassidy was still backstage selling the beating. Orange limped in while selling his back. He managed an Orange Punch to Miro on the ramp.Orange and Taylor hit the Best Friends version of the Strong Zero for a two count on Sabian as Miro made the save. Penelope took the ref. Miro hit a low blow to Orange. Orange hit the stundog millionaire and another Orange Punch. Penelope jumped on the apron for a distraction. Miro bumped Orange into Ford by mistake. Taylor and Miro got tags. Miro hit a pump kick and used Game Over for the submission.

Marvez was with Jericho, MJF, Santana and Ortiz backstage. Jericho announced the Inner Circle war council for Wednesday's Dynamite. He promised changes in the group.

MJF agreed that they need a change.

Hangman Page defeated Matt Hardy in a Big Money match


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

They went a lot longer than I would have recommended, but the right guy won and you got the happy ending with the Dark Order and Hangman.

Private Party ran in to provide a distraction for Hardy. Page came back with clotheslines. He went for a Buckshot Lariat, but Hardy turned it into a side effect

Dark Order ran out to save Page as Private Party tried to interfere again. Page hit the Buckshot Lariat for the pin.

Dark Order celebrated with Page and some beers

Scorpio Sky defeated Cody Rhodes, Lance Archer (w/Jake Roberts), Penta El Zero Miedo, Max Caster and Ethan Page to win the Face of the Revolution ladder match for a TNT title match on this week's Dynamite


Thumbs Down

This match without exaggeration was straight out of videogame

Ethan Page was the mystery man.

A bunch a spots until one guy arbitrarily won. Play a wrestling video game with 6 CAWs, make them all smart choose ladder match and you can reproduce the match move for move. Was long and boring.

Christian Cage signed an AEW contract

Thumbs Up

The announcers threw it to ring announcer Justin Roberts. Roberts introduced the wrestler here to sign a contract.

A countdown played on the video wall, then Christian Cage appeared.

Christian signed a contract in the center of the ring. He opened his jacket to reveal an "Out. Work. Everyone." shirt, so that will be his catchphrase.

Sting & Darby Allin defeated Brian Cage & Ricky Starks in a street fight


Thumbs Up

This was a cinematic match. It was creative and a good usage of Sting. Allin did some spectacular stunts. This was the best version of a cinematic match by far, primarily because it looked like the only one done right.

Allin hit Cage with an elbow drop from about two stories up through a crash pad. Sting and Starks went back to the ring. Sting missed a splash. Starks hit a spear for a two count. Starks hit a low blow. Sting reversed a powerbomb attempt into a sunset flip for a near fall.

Sting followed up with a Scorpion Death Drop for the pin on Starks. AEW World Championship exploding barbed wire deathmatch: Kenny Omega defeated Jon Moxley to retain the title


Thumbs Up

I was predisposed to hate this but in theory this match was negative stars and in execution was kinda great............even though this was a videogame type match

Moxley took a swig from a flask before the match. He entered wearing an Onita tribute jacket.

We got some tentative brawling as they trid to avoid the ropes. Before any explosions, they brawled to the ramp. A trash can full of weapons was introduced to the match. Omega threw powder into Moxley's eyes to set up the first explosion. Omega whipped Moxley into the ropes for the first explosion. Omega got whipped into the ropes for an explosion, then Moxley hit a shotgun dropkick on Omega for a second explosion. Both went through barbed wire boards. Moxley was bleeding from the forehead. Omega mixed in some wrestling with a moonsault, a kotaro krusher on a trash can and a One-Winged Angel attempt. Moxley popped up after two snap dragon suplexes and hit a side slam on a chair. Moxley wrapped barbed wire around his arm to try a bulldog choke with the barbed wire. They fought to the apron. Moxley hit a Paradigm Shift off the apron through an exploding barbed wire board on the floor. Omega was bleeding now. An ominous countdown sound began playing. Moxley fired up and went for two quick near falls. Omega hit a low blow, then stacked Moxley up with a powerbomb for a two count.

Omega hit the One-Winged Angel. Moxley kicked the ropes at two and caused an explosion to break up the pinfall.

Moxley grabbed a barbed wire bat. Gallows and Anderson ran in. Both took shots with the bat from Moxley. Before their punishment, they handed Omega an exploding barbed wire bat. Omega hit Moxley with the exploding bat for a two count.

Omega hit a One-Winged Angel on a chair. Moxley couldn't make the ropes this time and Omega scored the pin.

Gallows and Anderson handcuffed Moxley after the match. Omega continued to beat on Moxley with a a barbed wire bat.

The one minute countdown clock began. Omega and the Good Brothers ran for the hills. Eddie Kingston ran to the stage with Butcher and Blade trying to hold him back.

Kingston shoved them aside and climbed in the ring. He didn't have time to drag Mox out, so he laid on top of him as the final explosions went off.

Referees, medical personnel and agents tended to Moxley and Kingston as the show closed.

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

The last 2 matches saved an otherwise thumbs down show. Had the card took place in the correct order surely it would be a thumbs up show worth $50.00