NXT UK Prelude 4/8/2021

The show opened with a video package running down all the matches on tonight's NXT UK: Prelude special. The show comes to us from BT Sports Studios in London, Nigel McGuinness and Andy Shepherd are on commentary

Tyler Bate (w/ Trent Seven) beat Noam Dar (w/ Sha Samuels) two falls to one to earn a Heritage Cup Championship shot (15:40)

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This was a great match between two of the best on the brand. Dar worked over Bate's leg and had him limping in the later rounds. Bate scored the first fall early in round one with a roll-up, Dar tied him in Round 5, forcing Bate to tap from a leg lock. Bate scored the win in Round 6 after Tyler Driver '97.

a video looked at Ilja Dragunov's transformation after his loss to WALTER last year; Dragunov snapped in a number of matches

- Piper Niven and Jack Starz were training at the UK Performance Center. Niven screamed at Starz and asked if he was ready and he screamed back that he was

- Jordan Devlin cut a short promo

Meiko Satomura & Emilia McKenzie beat UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray & Isla Dawn (9:00)


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Quick thoughts: This was a fun, fast paced tag team match that established McKenzie as a star. She looked good, throwing some signature suplexes and her spear on KLR, implying she might be able to beat her. She pinned Isla Dawn after a small package off a Fisherman's buster attempt. After the match, Aoife Valkyrie walked out, seemingly challenging Satomura.

A-Kid talked about looking forward to face Tyler Bate once again. He wants to build his legacy and proof that he is the best pure mat wrestler in NXT UK.

- Amir Jordan stormed into the building, looking for Kenny Williams who attacked him in their tag team match last week. he encountered Sid Scala who told him Kenny wasn't here but promised they could settle their differences next week. Williams was encountered in the building and said it was him doing all the work in his team with Jordan. He said it was up to Amir to keep up with him.

- Gallus will be the guests of Noam Dar on next week's Super Nova Sessions.

- Next week, Nathan Frazer (the former Ben Carter) faces Saxon Huxley and Amir Jordan clashes with Kenny Williams.

NXT UK Champion WALTER pinned Rampage Brown to retain (13:43)


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Quick thoughts: This was the blueprint of a strong-style hoss fight and it was glorious as meat pounded on meat, 280-plus pound bodies were being hoisted through the air and meaty palms smashed into tender chests. They hit each other with all their big moves as Brown kicked out of lariats, power bombs and escaped numerous sleeper holds. WALTER kicked out o the Doctor Bomb and a huge top-rope power slam. Eventually, WALTER won after a German suplex, power bomb and Big Splash off the top.

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