NXT UK 10/22/2020

Eddie Dennis pinned Oliver Carter (6:27)

**3/4 Thumbs Up Like virtually everyone virtually everywhere. These two tried to have a ***** Wrestlemania Classic. Guys not every match is the main event. I'm just saying

After the match, Dennis told Carter to get out of his ring and go back to the tag division. He said, speaking of the tag division, it was a shame what happened to Flash Morgan Webster (who got attacked backstage recently). "We all know who did it. Who profited the most from Webster being out?" But, he would not say who it was. He invited Webster and Mark Andrews to a mediation next week, a confrontation was made official later in the show.

- A Joe Coffey vignette aired. He has been absent during this latest set of tapings, likely due to allegations brought against him during the #SpeakingOut movement as he was suspended by WWE in early July. WWE has decided to use him again as the end of the video read that he would "return soon".

- Speaking of wrestlers seemingly being re-established after #SpeakingOut allegations, Jordan Devlin will return to action next week after his promo last week.

- NXT UK will air at 4 PM ET/8 PM GMT next week due to Summer Time ending in Europe this Sunday while it goes on a few weeks longer in the U.S., shortening the time difference between the UK and the East Coast to four instead of five hours.

Nina Samuels pinned Amale (5:37)

This match was set up when Amale and Samuels tagged two weeks ago as Samuels decided to abandon her partner because she wasn't getting all the spotlight to herself. Later in that episode, they also brawled during Kay Lee Ray's State of the Union address.

**1/2 Thumbs Up

Heritage Cup opening round match: Trent Seven beat Kenny Williams in the fifth round, two falls to one

These are always good.

***1/4 Thumbs Up

NXT UK Champion WALTER and Ilja Dragunov contract signing

WALTER and Dragunov will face off for WALTER's title next week. This, of course, ended in a brawl, but with an intensity rarely seen in WWE these days.

Both men came out and stood by the table and slowly got down in their chair, staring at each other while they signed the contract. WALTER declined to say anything when asked by Sid Scala. Dragunov, when asked, got up and started screaming "UNBESIEGBAR" ("unbeatable", his catch phrase) but got slapped down hard mid-word. WALTER then ripped his shirt off and started turning the challenger's chest into mincemeat with brutal chops.

He went to power bomb Dragunov through the table, but he escaped and attacked, sending WALTER to ringside. Dragunov jumped onto him from the top rope to the outside, but WALTER chopped him out of mid-air, then power bombed him on the apron, followed by a stiff lariat. He then beat him down some more. "The Mad Russian" came back and they ended up going through the barricade together as officials scrambled to separate them.

Dragunov then grabbed the title belt and threw it at WALTER as the show went of the air.

This, the tag match from last week, and the promos and videos leading up to the match were probably the best build for any title match in WWE this year. Go out of your way to see the match next week as it promises to be a brutal, hard hitting affair.

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Next week:

  • WALTER defends the NXT UK Championship against Ilja Dragunov

  • NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin returns to action

  • Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews confront Eddie Dennis

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