NXT UK 10/1/2020

Heritage Cup Wild Card triple threat match: Kenny Williams defeated Ashton Smith and Amir Jordan after pinning Smith following a tornado DDT (9:25)

Nigel McGuinness noted you can win by pinfall, submission and....knockout. I'm new to NXT UK. I presume that's a common way to win on NXT UK based on that context.

*** Thumbs Up

Eddie Dennis talked about his superior intelligence and how he

aligned with Pretty Deadly last week.

- A clip from earlier in the year where Mark Andrews was attacked backstage was shown. Nobody has taken credit for the attack still. Andrews walked into the arena with Flash Morgan Webster and said he was back.

Jinny submitted Xia Brookside with an STF (6:33)

The preceding video package built this match up well.....and was when realize that they are chicks. I automatcally thought they were dudes when I read the match card.

**3/4 Thumbs Up

After the match, Jinny said she was ruthless and people would witness the new Jinny -- the queen of NXT UK.

A graphic announced Flash Morgan Webster vs. A-Kid in a Heritage Cup first round match for next week. A video feature on A-Kid then aired.

Another graphic announced that Kay Lee Ray will give a State of the Union address next week.

Heritage Cup first round match (special guest referee: Pete Dunne) Noam Dar pinned Alexander Wolfe after the Nova Roller in 2:56 of round five to win the match 2-1 (14:02)

Alexander Wolfe is one of the guys from Imperium who's not Walter.

***1/4 Thumbs Up

I guess this was heel vs heel

As Dunne was checking on Wolfe, Dar hit the Nova Roller (which Dunne narrowly ducked) on Wolfe for the pin at 2:56 of the round. With Dar winning two falls, he got the win and advances to the second round of the tournament. He'll face the winner of Flash Morgan Webster vs. A-Kid.

- After the match, Dunne refused to raise Dar's hand. Dar then left. Wolfe berated Dunne in German, telling him he was the reason Wolfe lost the match. Wolfe then went to attack Dunne, who got the better of him by hitting a kick to the head and stomps to the face. Dunne then went for the Bitter End before WALTER came out.

Dunne and WALTER got into a shouting match and WALTER got into the ring, but Wolfe snuck up on Dunne and beat him up. WALTER went to powerbomb Dunne, but Ilja Dragunov ran in for the save and Dunne and Dragunov cleared the ring of Imperium. Dunne and Dragunov screamed at Wolfe and WALTER as the show went off the air. It looks like we may get a tag team match with those four down the line.

Show Gets An Easy Thumbs Up

I'd gladly watch and look forward to this NXT UK if every episode was equal or better than this.

Better than Raw in everyway

Better paced than NXT on USA or AEW Dark (probably because it is an easy as fuck hour not these two or 3 hour bullshits that drag)

Ripe with legitimacy as opposed to AEW Dynamite and Impact Wrestling.