NXT UK 1/28/2021

Jordan Devlin in-ring segment

Devlin walked to the ring and talked about his NXT Cruiserweight Championship open challenge. Devlin said he's the longest-reigning Cruiserweight Champion of all time and that he wants his legacy to be that he was the best wrestler under 205 pounds this company had ever seen.

As Devlin was cutting his promo, Trent Seven's music played and he walked out with a microphone in hand. Seven had not been seen since the fallout of his loss to A-Kid in the Heritage Cup tournament finals. He agreed that Devlin had beaten all challengers and was cementing his legacy

Seven said that maybe the division needed a new challenger. Seven suggested that he's going to slim down below 205 pounds and challenge Devlin for the Cruiserweight title once he does. Devlin looked incredulous but said that if Seven could cut what he guessed must be about 30 pounds, then he would indeed defend the Cruiserweight title against him.

Devlin wished Seven good luck and patted his belly as he walked by him, but Seven grabbed Devlin's wrist and decked him with a hard right that sent Devlin to the mat. Devlin rolled out of the ring, then slid back in to grab his belt, but Seven had put his foot down on top of it.

Seven bowed down to Devlin and told him once more that he would take the title off him.

Backstage, Eddie Dennis was firing up The Hunt as they prepared for their main event match later tonight.

Ben Carter pinned Sam Gradwell


Thumbs Up

This was a battle of speed vs. brutality with Carter coming back with athletic moves and fast, creative offense from repeated beatdowns.

Gradwell walked out and demanded that they "decrease the volume," then proceeded to ridicule Carter for wearing "PE pants" and being from Jersey, "a place with more cows than people, that was not even in an atlas." He also called Carter a "yogurt" and promised to send him back "across the channel in a catamaran."

Gradwell worked Carter's arm early, but Carter came back with a number of dropkicks and some lightning-fast offense. Gradwell used his aggressiveness to ground Carter and scored a number of near falls.

Carter eventually sent Gradwell to the outside with a spinning head kick, then hit a dive on Gradwell seconds later before returning to the ring and hitting a somersault plancha to the outside. Gradwell countered a guillotine into a front slam. Carter came back with an impressive looking quebrada into a reverse DDT/elbow drop combo before hitting a beautiful frog splash off the top for the pinfall victory.

Sha Samuels submitted Josh Morrell


Thumbs Up

This was 95 percent Samuels ragdolling and beating up on Morrell, so unlike in the previous match, the smaller man could not use his agility to his advantage much. Morrell showed some promise, especially with a standing twisting somersault senton, but Samuels quickly stopped any offense.

In the end, Samuels hit a spinebuster and applied a mix between a Cobra and Camel Clutch for the submission win.

Ilja Dragunov was doing some casual one-armed push-ups as one is wont to do when he was asked about his match with Jack Starz last week. Clips were shown of Dragunov snapping and destroying Starz. Dragunov said he didn't know what happened and that he didn't want to hurt Starz. Dragunov said that this hadn't been the plan and looked bewildered and distracted.

Gradwell mouthed off in the background, as he often does. Dragunov then just walked off. I see a severe beating at the hands of Dragunov in Gradwell's immediate future.

Rampage Brown was interviewed backstage as Gallus walked by. Brown was friendly with them and greeted Joe Coffey. Brown told him that they (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) knew what they were doing next, but that Joe may need a challenge. Joe told Brown he might take him up on that.

A graphic announced that Nina Samuels will face Xia Brookside next week. Jordan Devlin's NXT Cruiserweight Championship open challenge also returns next week.

Fatal four-way number one contender's elimination match: Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley) defeated The Hunt (Wild Boar & Primate), Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter, and Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster (22:15)


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Overall: Thumbs Up