NXT UK 1/21/2021

Rampage Brown defeated "Bomber" Dave Mastiff


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Ilja Dragunov defeated Jack Starz by referee stoppage (5:47)


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Dragunov had his debut match in NXT UK against Starz. Dragunov asked Starz for a rematch last week, as he wants to start over after his loss to WALTER. This match saw Dragunov somewhat flustered early on until he snapped and destroyed Starz, seemingly no longer being able to control himself.

Amir Jordan (w/ Kenny Williams) defeated Tyson T-Bone


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NXT UK Women's Championship match: Kay Lee Ray retained against Jinny (w/ Joseph Conners)


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Jinny interfered in KLR's falls count anywhere match against Piper Niven weeks ago, allowing KLR to keep the title. With the help of her new associate Joseph Conners, Jinny then defeated Niven to earn the title shot.

Jinny may have had this match won, but interference by Conners repeatedly backfired, allowing KLR to retain.

It was clear early on that the rules would not be highly regarded by either woman, as they pulled each other's hair repeatedly. Niven and Dani Luna were both shown watching on the ThunderDome-style screen.

KLR looked to have hurt her previously injured knee on a landing and rolled to ringside, allowing Jinny to smash KLR's head into the ring steps on the outside. They kept brawling on the outside with both women breaking the count repeatedly. More members of the NXT UK women's division were shown watching on the screen.

Overall: Thumbs Up