NXT Level Up 5/27/2022

Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward defeated Bryson Montana and Damaris Griffin


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

The most heated and entertaining thing of the broadcast by far tonight...not saying much though.

Amari Miller defeated Arianna Grace


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Better than the main event though.

Trick Williams defeated Dante Chen


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

This was as dull as ditchwater.

I would say atleast the right guy won, but all Trick does is play flunkie for Carmelo. I mean I love Trick Williams and all, but the flunkie stacking meaningless wins on a throw-away show. Also what does that say about Dante Chen and whoever else that jobs to him?...especially clean.

Final Thoughts: Thumbs Down

By: #GeraldRoberts