NXT Level Up 10/7/2022

Friday's edition of WWE NXT Level Up was taped before this past Tuesday’s edition of NXT. Matt Camp and the now departed Nigel McGuinness were on the call.

Indi Hartwell defeated Sloane Jacobs


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The announcers talked up the people around her life, bringing up Dexter Lumis’ repeated attacks on The Miz as well as Johnny Gargano’s success on the main roster. Jacobs tried to chop down the taller Hartwell with kicks for an advantage, but Hartwell cut her off with a spinebuster for a quick win in an otherwise nondescript match.

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Kiana James and Arianna Grace in the back. They talked themselves up with Grace saying that beauty and brains are hard to come by in this world. James pointed out that only two of every thirty women have both, so with thirty women in the NXT locker room, they stand out. I’d like to see her sourcing on those statistics.

Myles Borne defeated Guru Raaj


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These two kept the match grounded early with both looking for an advantage. Raaj earned it with a dropkick to the shoulder before hitting a standing dropkick to take control. He hit a double axe handle off the top, clearly inspired by Randy Savage.

Raaj landed some stiff strikes before Borne cut him off with a big standing dropkick to turn the tide. Raaj came back with a big kick to the chest and a Yakuza kick, but Borne cut off another double axe handle and hit a flatliner to score his first win on Level Up. Live by the double axe handle, die by the double axe handle. He did a standing backflip in celebration of getting his hand raised for the first time.

Fallon Henley & Sol Ruca defeated Kiana James & Arianna Grace


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The first-time team of Henley & Ruca scored the win over the burgeoning team of James and Grace in this main event.

I adore James and her monogrammed computer bag. Henley started out by getting the advantage over Grace. Ruca then tagged in and hit an impressive Rolling Thunder on Grace before taking both of her opponents out with a double shoulder block. James got Ruca in her team’s corner so they could work her over.

They hit a unique tag team move, similar to the old World’s Greatest Tag Team finisher, for a near fall. They went for it again, but Henley dumped James to the floor so Ruca could tag her in. Ruca kicked James off the apron, and Henley hit a shining wizard on Grace to score the win.

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