NXT 11/25/2020

They opened with a girls match given plenty of time. Because you see, there's no war. NXT & WWE they don't care. And you can suggest the same for AEW & Dynamite

AEW has no right to brag when they beat WWE in ratings. In 8th grade when I took algebra I learned you can't compare unlike terms. ROH & NXT are sport based presentations. AEW is indy geeks indulging there goofiness on a billionaire's son's dime

Candice LeRae (with Indi Hartwell) defeated Ember Moon

**3/4 Thumbs Up

My favorite female vs Elon's favorite female and thankfully my favorite won

Toni Storm turned heel

And is a member of team Lerae come Wargames

Undisputed Era cut a promo on Pat McAfee and his goons hyping up their Wargames match

They chose Kyle O'Reily to represent UE in their advantage qualifier match come Wargames

Thumbs Up

Kushida defeated Timothy Thatcher

Kushida won via submission using an armbar

Ciampa came out to watch

***1/2 Thumbs Up

And just like that an easy hour just breezed by

KO Show with special guest Leon Ruff 

Thumbs Up

Leon Ruff (c) vs Johnny Gargano vs Damien Priest at Wargames

Cameron Grimes defeated Jake Atlas

Grimes pinned Atlas after the Cave In. They had a good match, albeit too short.

Jake didn't even get an entrance

*3/4 Thumbs Up

Rhea Ripley attacked during speech by team Lerae

Thumbs Up

Another non sensical Xia Li skit

Grizzled Young Veterans Return

Ever-Rise (Chase Parker and Matt Martel) were in the ring for a match when they were attacked by Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson). They laid out Ever-Rise. The assailants cut a promo, and they vowed to become the number one contenders.

I guess Ever-Rise are default babyfaces now.

Beth Pheonix said they did us a favor. Wow! what burial.

Thumbs Up

Pete Dunne defeated Kyle O'Reilly in a ladder match to win the advantage for War Games

Dunne won the match by climbing ladder to reach a briefcase hanging above. The win gives McAfee's team the War Games advanatge. A masked man ran in at the finsih to help Dunne win the match.

On a side note, Dunne is so freaking shredded right now. He looks lean and mean.

***1/2 Thumbs Up

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