NWA Power 8/23/2022

NWA Power began with Joe Galli, Tim Storm, & Velvet Sky welcoming us to the celebration of NWA 74 beginning tonight. The entire roster has come together for the first time and were in the audience with the fans. 

Balloons and streamers were in the ring and Caprice Coleman & Chris Adonis were clearing the ring for their match. Wrecking Ball Legursky was in the front row, grabbed a balloon, celebrated like he won a title while the other wrestlers cheered, and then bust it because he squeezed it too hard. He looked so sad afterward, which was hilarious.

Chris Adonis defeated Caprice Coleman


Thumbs Up

The wrestlers being in the audience cheering on their fellow wrestlers was fantastic. They were hot for everything which helped elevate the match.

Adonis used his size to dominate Coleman at first, but Adonis ate a dropkick that dropped him and gave some breathing room for Coleman. Coleman hit a series of punches and then a springboard heel kick before landing a spinning axe kick on Adoins for a near fall. 

Coleman ate an elbow, but hit a hurricanrana and went for a northern lights suplex. Adonis fought out, ducked a kick and countered into the Master Lock. Coleman tried to fight out, but eventually passed out to give Adonis the win.

After the match, they displayed graphics for both Coleman vs. Colby Corino and Adonis vs. Odinson. This was a significant improvement from last week. They followed that with a graphic for EC3 vs. Mims, noticeably not saying it was a grudge match like it was advertised to be, which again, is an improvement.

They ran down the card for both nights with one new development: KiLynn King demanding to be the first entrant in the night one Burke Invitational where the winner earns a Women's title shot on night two.

I would have liked to have the card explained more than once with video packages summarizing the feuds. This was significantly more promotion for this weekend's PPVs than the last few weeks though and I am much more happy as a result.

- NWA Women's Champion Kamille was with Kyle Davis and talked about how she was ready to defend her title over two nights. Thom Latimer also indicated that he came close to getting a title shot recently and he was ready to keep on going so that he can challenge for Trevor Murdoch’s title.

Jennacide defeated Kayla Kassidy


Thumbs Up

Jennacide shoved Kassidy to the mat as soon as they locked up. Kassidy ran at Jennacide and just bounced off her, which actually looked quite bad. Wrecking Ball Legursky led the wrestlers in a chant for Jennacide which made me wish he was in the audience for every single match because he’s great.

Jennacide hit a pump kick and a Jenna 9000 (an Okada-style landslide) for the pinfall. This was actually really bad, but not Jennacide’s fault.

A graphic went up for the Burke Invitational, indicating that Jennacide was in the match. This is really all I need. It would have been nice to have an official announcement that Jennacide was in it rather than just a graphic saying “Burke Invitational” and nothing else, but I’ll take what I can get.

The Cardonas were with Kyle Davis at the podium. VSK said that what happened to Matt Cardona was in the past, but they needed to focus on Bully Ray. VSK and Knox cut a promo on Bully Ray, saying he was going to be left in the wreckage of a table. We could have had a few weeks of this back and forth, but this is far better than what we had before.

Cardona said he was almost ready and that at NWA 74, he wanted to be involved in the title match as he was the real World's champion and was coming for his title.

Hawx Aerie (Luke & PJ Hawx) defeated The Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG & Dirtiest Dango) & Rhett Titus & Gustavo in an elimination match


Thumbs Up

This match was awesome. The antics with Dango were hilarious and I do like how his obsession with Velvet Sky keeps costing him matches in hilarious ways. Hawx Aerie as the no nonsense team in this match also worked quite well for me, and it was nice to see them get a big win.

I have never seen Gustavo before, but I immediately loved his character as he was very sad that Rhett Titus broke the rose he brought out. He also threatened to get into a hip gyration battle with Dango, which was hilarious.

Titus, JTG, and Luke Hawx started, running a series of fast past spots that were awesome. JTG and Dango double teamed Hawx, while Titus and Gustavo offered assistance. Gustavo and Dango started their gyrations, and the wrestlers in the audience responded like it was a forearm battle in New Japan. Gustavo then pulled a rose from his pocket and threw it at Dango who took a rose petal and ate it.

The fans changed “This is awesome” as Gustavo hit his biggest dance move and Dango took his head off with a clothesline. PJ Hawx tagged in and said he could use his hips too, but used the opportunity to wrestle and take down Dango. Dango did not like this and responded with a dropkick. Dango then pointed at Sky, went to the desk, and tried to kiss her.

Sky then slapped him, which Dango liked. Unfortunately, it backfired again as he was then rolled up and pinned by PJ Hawx once he was back in the ring. Luke Hawx and Gustavo tagged in, but PJ Hawx was able to pop up Gustavo into a powerslam from his dad followed by Luke Hawx hitting his own powerslam for the pinfall.

Luke Hawx then warned Colby Corino that they were coming for him at some point.

Kenzie Paige & Ella Envy went to a no contest in an exhibition match


Thumbs Up

Paige and Envy facing each other here actually made some sense because Paige has disagreed with Envy’s cheating in their recent matches (which resulted in the street fight with The Hex at NWA 74). However, the match didn’t last long as Hayley Shadows & Jaylee came out with Mercurio and challenged both of them to a tag match.

Pretty Empowered defeated Hayley Shadows & Jaylee (w/ Mercurio)


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Mercurio claimed that his team was fighting for his love and Paige responded by running wild and destroying both women. Envy and Paige then hit a double superkick on Shadows for the pinfall.

This was quick and had no chance to get good. Ella Envy got into a shouting match with The Hex, who were in the crowd, and all four women ended up in the ring. Seeing Damien 666 mark out and look shocked at these things was hilarious, especially in full face paint, as he sat behind The Hex. 

The Hex then brawled with Pretty Empowered and Ella Envy bailed from the ring, leaving Kenzie Paige laying as Envy demanded the belts be given back to her, not worried about how Paige was laid out in the ring.

- Trevor Murdoch talked about how he was bringing hell with him at NWA 74. It was simple, but all we needed.

NWA Tag Team Champions The Commonwealth Connection defeated The Spectaculars (Rush Freeman & Brady Pierce w/ Orlando Freeman) in a non-title match


Thumbs Up

The tag champs looked good in this one, offering a handshake at the end of the night.

Kerry Morton was the one leading the wrestlers in clapping, showing enthusiasm for everything Doug Williams did.

Pierce and Freeman managed to hit a drop toe hold into an elbow, but that was about all they could do as Williams took Freeman’s head off with an elbow and then tagged out to Harry Smith, who continued the assault. Williams and Smith stayed on Freeman, working him over with submissions and clubbing blows.

Freeman managed to get a boot up in the corner and hit a clothesline to tag out. Pierce hit some strikes and a big boot on Harry Smith for a two count. Harry Smith didn't respond well and suplexed Williams onto Pierce, followed by a big boot into a Chaos Theory for the pin and win.

Galli was closing the show, but the Ill Begotten came out and started attacking Freeman and Pierce, which led to The Miserably Faithful attacking everyone in the ring. CJ, the manager of the magician, walked around holding the number 47 up, getting it backwards....and the show went off the air. 

I’m not sure about that finish, but hey, they tried to build the trios match for the PPV.

Final Thoughts:

This was significantly better than the last few weeks of NWA Power which have had next to zero promotion for NWA 74. This week had nothing but promotion for it. 

If they had episodes this focused heading into the PPV, I would be much more excited for it. Either way, while I’m still dreading Tyrus in the main event of night two, I’m far more excited for the show than I was before tonight.

The only criticism I have is that that I don’t know who is in the Burke Invitational or US Tag Team title battle royal, but that is minor compared to the rest of the show actually being promoted now.

We're on to NWA 74 this weekend.

Overall: Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

By: #GeraldRoberts

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