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Marah Siyam is a 23-year-old Palestinian American. Marah graduated from Rutgers University- Newark with a bachelor’s degree in English as well as a minor in Fine Art and Art History.

Born in Jerusalem and raised in both Palestine and the United States, she has a unique perspective on the struggles of balancing both cultures. Her work illuminates the perspective of the young Muslim American and aims to share it with readers of all ages.

Marah began writing her debut novel on the first day of quarantine. In a moment of fear and uncertainty, the motivation to fully immerse herself into the story she’s always wanted to tell was presenting itself to her. Having changed schools five times in two different countries, her experiences shaped her into a person who was endlessly inspired by the people around her and the relationships she built over time.

Her fascination with the good and bad sides of people is what ultimately inspired her to write a novel centered around just that, and how the experiences we share are not unique but our reactions are.  

By: #GeraldRoberts