Monday Night RAW 9/28/2020

There was no Raw Underground and it was never explained why not. Thumbs Up

Retribution were not on Raw and that wasn’t explained either. Thumbs Up

There was a brief tease that they would show up but they didn’t. Cedric Alexander was not with Hurt Business, either. 

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler also weren’t on the show. Thumbs Down

It was explained that they will eventually defend the tag titles against Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan. Thumbs Up

Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe (Thumbs Up For Joe) are tonight’s announcers. They ran down what happened in last night’s WWE title match. 

Ric Flair, Big Show, Christian, and Shawn Michaels came out individually. Michaels welcomed us to Raw and introduced Drew McIntyre. McIntyre hugged each guy and mentioned how cool it was to share the ring with them. 

McIntyre wasn’t expecting to see them last night. He mentioned growing up in the business traveling with the likes of Christian and Big Show, who always looked out for him. Michaels also looked out for him and gave him advice. He recalled getting to WWE when Flair was still an active wrestler and couldn’t believe he got to share a locker room with him. 

They all shared the same disdain for “Randall Keith Orton.” He put Orton in an ambulance and was still WWE Champion. Michaels said they all wanted to thank him for whipping Orton’s ass. Michaels said they all got together and came up with a plan to get involved. Michaels joked that it was all Flair’s idea if McIntyre was upset about them interfering. 

Orton appeared on the screen. He said it wasn’t over until he said it was. If McIntyre thought he went through hell last night, he didn’t know what hell felt like. McIntyre knew Orton was about to ask for another shot. Orton said he didn’t need to ask for one — he would be given one because of who he is. 

Orton just wanted to warn everyone that there was a price to pay when you cross him. Orton left the arena with his luggage. 

McIntyre wasn’t feeling great after last night but wanted to be a fighting champion and issued an open challenge to anyone he has yet to face so far for the title. He implored someone in the back to step up. 

Thumbs Up

Kayla Braxton interviewed Zelina Vega and called her a poor sport. Vega wanted to prove herself tonight and said Asuka was not ready for her. Asuka showed up and was amused by this. Asuka told her to get ready to lose again. Officials got between them before they could start fighting. 

Asuka defeated Zelina Vega to retain the Raw Women’s Championship (8:44) 

They went to break less than 2 minutes into the match even though they came right back with this match (including Asuka’s entrance) after the previous break. Asuka caught Vega with a kick as she came off the apron before the break but Vega was in control after the break. 

Asuka mounted a comeback using strikes, a German suplex and sliding kick for two. Vega tried targeting the arm with a submission but Asuka countered into a vertical suplex and followed with kicks. Vega avoided an Asuka Lock by getting a quick rope break and followed with a back cracker but Asuka got a rope break. 

Vega went for a moonsault but Asuka got her knees up and applied the Asuka Lock for the submission win. (Asuka held onto the hold for a few seconds after the ref called for the bell.) This wasn’t much of a match. 

*1/2 Thumbs Up

After a break, Andrade was in the ring as Vega was on the ramp. Andrade said Vega was nothing without her. Vega appeared to be upset and left. Andrade said Vega and Angel Garza were weak links. He called himself the greatest in WWE and issued an open challenge. Keith Lee entered. 

Keith Lee defeated Andrade (2:51) 

Lee won fairly quickly. Andrade was in control for a bit after targeting Lee’s lower body. Andrade hit running double knees in the corner but Lee grabbed him and hit the spirit bomb for the pinfall win. 

*3/4 Thumbs Up

MVP and Shelton Benjamin were eating in the back. Some guy joined them without asking or even saying anything. Bobby Lashley showed up and told the guy to get out of his seat and also leave his food behind. The guy panicked and left. Lashley was serious until the guy left, then cracked a smile and offered the extra plate to MVP and Benjamin. They all laughed. This was a good little gag. 

Thumbs Up

They replayed parts of the R-Truth/Tozawa shark segment. Truth was shown in the back playing chess by himself. A ninja appeared and handed him a letter which was written in both Japanese and English. The letter was from Tozawa who left him a gift (in a briefcase) in the event of his death. It was a black belt. 

Truth appeared honoured but was rolled up from behind by Tozawa who won the 24/7 title. The ninja hit Tozawa with the briefcase and pinned him to win the belt. It was Drew Gulak. Truth hit Gulak with the briefcase and won the title back. They all ran off. A threeway for the title was announced for tonight. This was not a good gag. 

Thumbs Down

Seth Rollins approached Murphy and gave him a hug even though Murphy didn’t seem happy to see him. Rollins said it was a great night but wondered why Murphy was dressed to compete even though he doesn’t have a match. Rollins encouraged him to put on the suit he bought him. Murphy nodded and left. Murphy left his cell phone behind so Rollins put it in his pocket. 

King’s Court with Jerry Lawler 

Lawler introduced the Mysterio family. Rey told Lawler that Rollins couldn’t keep his own house together so he was going after his. He called Rollins evil. Dominik said he was tired of Rollins and would put an end to this the next time he saw him. 

Lawler noted that Rollins could be lying about the paternity test since we didn’t actually see any papers but we did see Aalyah’s reaction when Rey called her naive. Aalyah admitted to being upset but also acknowledged how young she was. She didn’t know what to think about Murphy but does question those who associated themselves with Rollins. 

Rollins appeared on the screen with something important to say: Aalyah wasn’t being honest about her feelings for Murphy. Rollins showed a “screenshot” of a text exchange between Aalyah and Murphy. The exchange showed Murphy apologizing to her again and Aalyah responding politely and wishing him a happy birthday. 

Rey was upset. Aalyah said Murphy wasn’t like Rollins and stormed to the back. Rey and Angie went after her. 

Murphy confronted Rollins and grabbed him by the shirt (as Rollins chuckled). Dominik flew in and attacked Murphy. Officials ran in to break them up. 

Dominik vs. Murphy was announced after a break. 

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Natalya and Lana entered. Lana wore black and pink gear. Natalya thought Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler should be stripped of the tag titles and thought the belts should be given to them. Lana said it was because of them that those titles even existed. She also thought they deserved it because they were celebrities. 

Adam Pearce interrupted and informed them that he wasn’t going to strip Baszler and Jax. He said they could earn a shot to the fight for the belts if they could win their match tonight against Raw’s newest acquisitions: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. (Rose also happened to be wearing pink and black.) 

Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke defeated Natalya & Lana (3:07) 

The heels worked over Brooke briefly until Rose made a hot tag. There was an ugly spot where she gave Lana a gutwrench slam and Lana almost landed on her head. Rose followed with a V-Trigger for the pinfall win. This was quite bad. 

The heels worked over Brooke briefly until Rose made a hot tag. There was an ugly spot where she gave Lana a gutwrench slam and Lana almost landed on her head. Rose followed with a V-Trigger for the pinfall win. This was quite bad. 

* Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Aleister Black cut a promo in a dark room on Kevin Owens. He noted Owens’ history of betraying people. Owens liked to speak about family but family made Black think about cruelty because his father was a cruel man. He said people might forgive and forget Owens for the things that he’s done — but he will not forget. 

Kevin Owens defeated Aleister Black via DQ (13:19) 

Black has new music. The announcers explained Black’s earlier promo. Black was upset that Owens wasn’t there to help him when Murphy attacked his eye.

Black argued with the referee before turning his attention back to Owens. Black was in the middle of a strike combo on Owens and hit the referee by accident. The ref called for a DQ. Black was rightfully upset and noted the ref was standing too close. As they made the DQ announcement, Owens gave Black a stunner. 

Saxton tried to claim the ref made the only call he could, which is stupid. Joe also said the ref was standing too close. 

Black and Owens work well together but they’re making it harder to care about more matches between the two. 

**3/4 Thumbs Up

The Hurt Business walked through the back when they ran into Mustafa Ali who emerged from their personal locker room. He apologized and claimed he got lost. MVP said he must’ve lost his mind and shoved him. Ali was about to go after them but was held back by Apollo Crews and Ricochet who happened to be nearby. Ricochet said this wasn’t over between them. 

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Triple Threat Match: R-Truth defeated Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa to retain the 24/7 Championship (4:12) 

Truth pinned Gulak after giving him an Attitude Adjustment onto Tozawa. 

Thumbs Up **

Murphy defeated Dominik Mysterio (7:17) 

Thumbs Down *3/4

6-man tag match: Apollo Crews, Ricochet & Mustafa Ali defeated US Champion Bobby Lashley, MVP & Shelton Benjamin 

Should be noted that Cedric Alexander was not with Hurt Business. 

**1/2 Thumbs

Drew McIntyre defeated Robert Roode to retain the WWE Championship (12:35) 

Ziggler introduced McIntyre’s opponent: Robert Roode. Roode has a full beard and entered to his “Glorious” theme and entrance. 

*** Thumbs Up

Before the show ended, they cut to the back to a shot of the building cleaner that was seen earlier. He grabbed a steel chair and unmasked. It was Randy Orton. 

Orton put on night vision goggles and entered the room where Flair, Christian, Show and Michaels were hanging out. He turned off the lights and we could hear him apparently attacking everyone (except the cameraperson I guess). Orton turned the light back on to reveal the damage done. The legends were all down. As was the food. 

Orton left the room and put his mask and hood back on. A bunch of officials ran down the hall and into the legends’ room. Orton had his back turned which was enough to fool them. (They knew something happened but didn’t suspect it was the guy standing right there?) 

This was very hokey.

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Believe it or not RAW was Thumbs Up. So much better than RAW in recent times.