Monday Night Raw 8/29/2022

AJ Styles entered as the announcers previewed tonight’s show and Dolph Ziggler entered as they played a replay of the Edge/Beth Phoenix/Judgment Day stuff from last week. They really focused heavily on Rhea Ripley during Judgment Day’s entrance and said she might be the most dangerous member of the group.

Finn Bálor & Damian Priest (w/Rhea Ripley) defeated AJ Styles & Dolph Ziggler (8:34)


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Styles hit Priest with a diving forearm outside the ring which led to break a minute into the match. Bálor was in control over Ziggler following the break. (They’ve been better lately at showing you what happened during the break but they didn’t do that here.) It seemed like Bálor wanted to try a Styles Clash but Ziggler countered into a fameasser.

There was a weird spot where Priest ducked a forearm and Styles held up so that he wouldn’t hit Bálor (who was on the apron) by accident. Priest shoved Styles who bumped into Bálor anyway and tried a rollup but only got two. Styles followed later with a Calf Crusher but Bálor helped Priest get to the rope.

Ziggler had Priest pinned with a rollup but the ref was distracted by Styles for no reason in particular. Ziggler fended off Bálor with a superkick but Priest dropped him with a South of Heaven chokeslam for the pinfall win.

— After the match, Edge was shown arriving at the arena in a Mercedes SUV.

Judgment Day paced around the ring after a break. Ripley invited Edge to the ring so she could take what was left of his manhood. Bálor thought it was ridiculous that Rey Mysterio and Edge got their own documentaries but he didn’t. Priest said they weren’t in Toronto where he had Pheonix — the pants wearer of the family — to save him.

Edge entered to a big reaction. Edge informed Priest that both he and Beth wore the pants in their family. He said it was 2022 and told Priest to stop being a caveman or he’ll be single for the rest of his life. The crowd laughed when Edge told them that looked angry and emo, mad that they couldn’t get tickets to My Chemical Romance.

Edge said Judgment Day haven’t learned their lesson because he did not come alone. Dominik and Rey Mysterio attacked them from behind with kendo sticks. A brawl broke out which left Dominik alone in the ring with Ripley.

The crowd encouraged Dominik to attack Ripley. Not only did he not hit her, she calmed him down and convinced him to hand over the stick. Edge and Rey popped back in the ring but Bálor and Priest pulled Ripley away.

Kevin Patrick asked Miz and Ciampa about what happened with Dexter Lumis last week. Miz didn’t want to talk about Lumis because he doesn’t even work here. Patrick brought up Lumis being arrested on NXT but Miz blew him off. 

Six-woman tag team match: Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Asuka & Alexa Bliss defeated Kayla Sparks, Dani Mo & Katie Arquette (3:19)


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing

Belair gave Sparks a KOD before Asuka tapped out Dani Mo.

(Kayla Sparks, Dani Mo and Katie Arquette didn’t get an official graphic with their names. The announcers seemed to refer to Sparks as “Kay Sparks” and Arquette as “Katie Arq”.)

Belair, Asuka and Bliss cut a promo on Bayley’s crew after the match. 

Kevin Patrick asked Miz and Ciampa about what happened with Dexter Lumis last week. Miz didn’t want to talk about Lumis because he doesn’t even work here. Patrick brought up Lumis being arrested on NXT but Miz blew him off. 

Kurt Angle segment 

Angle entered to a big reaction and “you suck” chants during his entrance. He said he was glad to be home before he plugged Clash at the Castle.

Chad Gable and Otis interrupted. Commercial break.

Gable called Angle a personal hero of his. Angle’s story motivated him when he went to the Olympics. Angle reminded him that he won his gold medal with a broken freakin’ neck.

Gable said Alpha Academy was looking for a new member but there wasn’t a shred of talent in Pittsburgh. The crowd booed. Gable said, “There’s an Olympic hero in this ring, not to mention Kurt Angle, so show some respect.” (Angle couldn’t help but laugh.)

Gable offered Angle a membership into Alpha Academy for one night only. Otis gave him an Alpha Academy jacket. Angle tossed it away and turned them down.

Gable couldn’t believe it. Angle said, “it’s true, it’s damn true” but Gable shooshed him. Angle told Gable to shoosh. They yelled “shoosh” at each other.

Gable was pissed and told Otis to go after him. The Street Profits ran out (wearing black and yellow).

Montez Ford challenged them to a match. Gable accepted under one condition: when his team wins, Angle must join Alpha Academy so Gable can coach him to the next level. Angle and the Street Profits accepted.


Announced for Clash at the Castle: Edge and Rey Mysterio vs. Finn Bálor and Damian Priest.

The Street Profits defeated Alpha Academy (16:04)


Thumbs Up

This was a really good match where everyone had moments to shine.

They went to break after Gable gave Ford an overhead suplex off the top. Angelo Dawkins made a comeback after the break and gave Gable a Silencer for two. Gable gave him a German suplex and reversed a Ford high cross into a pin for two. Gable followed that with a Northern Lights suplex for two.

Otis slammed Ford before Gable followed with a diving headbutt but Dawkins broke up the cover. Dawkins and Otis took each other out with double clotheslines.

Gable dropped his shoulder straps and applied the ankle lock as he stared at Angle (who was watching from ringside). Ford fought out and applied the ankle lock himself. Ford grapevined the leg and the crowd thought we’d get a finish but Otis broke it up.

Otis confronted Angle so Dawkins wiped him out with an impressive pounce sending him over the announce table.

Dawkins launched Gable into a Ford suplex and Ford finished him off with a frog splash for the pinfall win.

— After the match, Dawkins and Ford gave Angle a red solo cup. Angle took a sip but immediately spat it out. Angle grabbed three bottles of milk for them to drink instead. Angle handed out bottles to the crowd too. 

Members of the Pittsburgh Steelers were shown at ringside.

Jimmy Smith acknowledged that they had advertised a face-to-face segment between Riddle and Seth Rollins but because of everything that has happened, that wasn’t possible so they’d be interviewed in separate rooms.

They aired “fan footage” of Riddle and Rollins getting into a fight earlier today on top of a parking garage. It was broken up by officials and referees who I guess were parking their cars at the same time.

Riddle/Seth Rollins sit-down interview

Corey Graves hosted the interview and asked them what happened earlier today. Rollins claimed that Riddle was creeping his bus but Riddle denied that and they talked over each other before Graves got them to stop.

Riddle said Rollins was worried that he would embarrass him just like Roman Reigns did and just like Cody Rhodes did. Rollins said nobody liked him and when he ended Riddle on Saturday it would be for everyone. Rollins was happy to put Riddle on the shelf next to Rhodes.

Riddle said he would prove there was only one man in Rollins’ marriage, “and that’s Becky, bro.”

After a break, they showed more footage of Riddle and Rollins (after they thought the interview was over). Rollins said Riddle didn’t have a wife because she divorced his bitch-ass. Riddle demanded to know where Rollins was and Riddle repeatedly said he would “fuck” him up.

They congratulated Bad Bunny on winning an MTV VMA. 

Non-title match: United States Champion Bobby Lashley defeated The Miz (w/Ciampa) (10:49)


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Lashley was firmly in control until a Ciampa distraction allowed Miz to take control. Lashley came back with suplexes and a chokeslam but Ciampa pulled Miz out of the ring before Lashley could go for a spear. Miz distracted the referee as Ciampa attacked Lashley. Miz hit a low DDT for a nearfall.

Miz set up for Skull Crushing Finale but let go upon seeing Dexter Lumis in the crowd (standing about 25 rows up).

Lashley put Miz in the Hurt Lock for the submission win.

— Miz tried to explain to Ciampa that he saw Lumis but Ciampa didn’t believe him.

(Smith mentioned that Lashley was defending his title but I’m pretty sure this was non-title.)

There was a funny segment with Edge and Angle backstage. They played off the segment from years ago where Edge showed Angle pictures of their past with insulting messages written on the back. After Edge left, Angle showed the Mysterios one of the pictures only to realize what was written on the back.


There was a video on Connor “The Crusher” Michalek and Connor’s Cure.

This Friday on Smackdown: Roman Reigns celebrates two years as champion.

The Usos and Sami Zayn segment

Jimmy and Jey Uso boasted about Reigns’ title reign. Zayn announced that Reigns has named him the master of ceremonies for Friday’s celebration. Jey shot him a look so Zayn went on to boast about the Usos being the best team in WWE.

Kevin Owens interrupted. Owens informed them that their boss Roman still owed him one.

Jey asked Zayn if Owens was his boy. Owens was amused when Jey threatened to “get” Owens if Zayn didn’t do it first.

Zayn told Owens that Reigns didn’t owe him, or anyone, anything. Owens said Zayn was making himself look stupid by hanging out with the Bloodline and letting them treat him the way they do. Owens called Zayn one of the best in-ring performers of all time (the crowd cheered) but now he was their clown. Owens called it sad.

Zayn took it a moment before telling Owens that he didn’t know what he was talking about. He said Jimmy liked him and they did their special handshake. Jey didn’t reciprocate but Zayn said they were working on it. Most importantly, Zayn said that Roman liked him.

Jey mentioned what they did to Drew McIntyre and warned Owens to leave. Owens didn’t care about what they did to McIntyre but he did care what Jey did to him, costing him a chance to end Reigns’ title reign 18 months ago. He said they were celebrating two years of Jey having his head shoved up his cousin’s ass.

Zayn warned Owens that he was inviting Jey to kick his ass. Owens said this is where they get a referee to the ring so they could fight. A ref ran down and they went to break.

Kevin Owens defeated Tag Team Champion Jey Uso (w/Jimmy Uso & Sami Zayn) (12:26)


Thumbs Up

Owens was about to give Jey an apron powerbomb but Jimmy distracted him and Jey hit a superkick before hitting a Samoan drop onto the steel steps. After a break, a battle on the top led to Owens hitting a fisherman’s buster. Owens followed later with a Swanton for two.

Jey blocked a stunner before Owens blocked a superkick and hit one of his own. Jey slipped out a pop-up powerbomb, hit a superkick and a diving splash for two. Owens handed out superkicks to both Jey and Jimmy before giving Jey a frog splash for two.

Owens again set up for an apron powerbomb but turned his attention to Zayn. Jey used the distraction to hit a suicide dive.

Jey demanded Zayn grab a chair as Jimmy distracted the ref. Jey held down Owens so that Zayn could hit him but Zayn wouldn’t do it.

As Jimmy admonished Zayn, Owens gave Jey a stunner for the pinfall win.

Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY did a promo about tonight’s match and the match on Saturday. Basically, they planned on getting to the top and staying there.

Miz was shown frantically leaving the arena (a good 40 minutes after his match ended). As Miz drove off in his SUV, Lumis could be seen sitting in the back. 

Johnny Gargano/Theory segment

This started as an interview with Gargano. He said that “Johnny Wrestling” wasn’t just a nickname — wrestling meant everything to him. The interviewer asked if Theory ruined his return but Gargano said no, he was actually happy to see him.

Gargano spoke about Theory’s talent, which is why he was with him in NXT. Theory had every genetic gift that he didn’t have so didn’t have to start at the bottom. Gargano said he didn’t hear from Theory for nine months, not even after his baby was born.

Theory showed up and asked why Gargano didn’t call him when he was the US title. Theory said Gargano was jealous and he expected more from him. Theory pointed at his MITB briefcase and said it was lonely at the top. He warned Gargano that he was swimming with the sharks now.

The announcers ran down the Clash of the Castle card. There was also a video package highlighting the two teams fighting for the Women’s tag team titles.

Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals: Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah defeated Dakota Kai & IYO SKY (w/Bayley) (11:17)


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Kai and SKY drove Aliyah into the steel steps and Kai hit Rodriguez with a PK which led to break. Kai and SKY used a combination of strikes on Rodriguez to remain in control. Rodriguez launched SKY into Kai but couldn’t tag out because Aliyah was down from being knocked into the steps again.

Rodriguez made a comeback anyway and gave SKY an elbow drop for two. SKY responded with a Code Red for two. Rodriguez turned SKY inside out with a clothesline but SKY got an assist from Bayley as Kai distracted the referee. Kai hit a running boot and SKY followed with the moonsault but Rodriguez kicked out.

Belair, Bliss and Asuka marched out to chase away Bayley.

As SKY and Kai were distracted, Aliyah tagged herself in and hid. SKY and Kai double-teamed Rodriguez but Aliyah slipped in the ring and rolled up Kai to score the pinfall win.

Belair, Asuka and Bliss congratulated Rodriguez and Aliyah who posed with their new belts as fireworks went off.

(This was an odd way to end the tournament and crown new champions. Aliyah was absent for most of the match and they didn’t exactly come across like the better team.) 

Overall: Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up


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