Monday Night Raw 5/25/2020

The show began with a Memorial Day video. 

I could be wrong but Becky Lynch appears to be gone from the Raw intro. 

Various NXT/PC wrestlers were in the arena cheering as the show began. Kayden Carter and Shotzi Blackheart were among them. Tom Phillips said everyone has been tested. He didn’t say what they were tested for. There’s also plexiglass separating them from the Raw wrestlers. 

Kevin Owens said the wrestlers around ringside were the future of the business, particularly the ones wearing KO t-shirts. Jessamyn Duke was shown wearing a KO shirt. 

Owens introduced his guest, Asuka. She entered and chanted for Becky. Owens noted that “The Mom” shirts were available for purchase and also congratulated Asuka on becoming champion. Owens showed clips from last week. Asuka wasn’t happy with Nia Jax. 

Charlotte Flair interrupted. Owens let us know that he didn’t invite her. Charlotte had something to get off her chest. She thought the Raw Women’s championship should have been handed to her. Charlotte said Asuka has never beaten her, not at WrestleMania or on SmackDown. 

Natalya interrupted. This prompted Owens to put away props from his set (Natalya destroyed some stuff last week). Natalya said she wasn’t here to cause trouble and apologized to Owens for last week. Charlotte told Natalya that sucking up to Owens won’t help her. 

Jax interrupted. She was universally booed (Charlotte got a mixed reaction). Owens went on the apron. Jax threatened to bulldoze Asuka at Backlash. Owens sarcastically asked Asuka not to hit Jax in the face. Asuka hit Jax with a back fist, then Charlotte and Natalya brawled to the outside of the ring. Natalya and Charlotte separated, then Jax bailed as the segment ended. 

Thumbs Up

Kayla Braxton interviewed Apollo Crews. He called tonight the greatest night of his professional career because he would beat Andrade to become the new US champion. 

The announcers are now positioned at ringside (they were previously by the stage). The plexiglass goes all the way along the barricade around the ring and up the ramp. 

Apollo Crews defeated Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) to become US Champion (8:24) 

Crews used a delayed vertical suplex but Andrade followed with a back elbow for an early nearfall. Crews was distracted by Vega but avoided a charge by Andrade. Crews gave Andrade an enziguri and he fell into Vega, who fell off the apron. Andrade checked on Vega and apologized to her. 

After a very quick break, officials were now checking on Vega. The officials wanted to take Vega away but she refused to leave ringside. 

Andrade hit a double foot stomp off the top. They cut backstage to Angel Garza who was watching on a screen. Braxton asked him his thoughts on the match. Garza compared a great match to making love to a woman and explained in great detail. Andrade hit a running double knee strike for two. 

Crews came back with a press slam, standing moonsault and standing shooting star press for the pinfall win. Kind of an abrupt finish. The audience cheered as Crews celebrated. They said this was Crews’ first title win in WWE. 

Charly Caruso interviewed Crews in the ring. Crews said people close to him doubted him when he said he wanted to be a WWE superstar. After 11 years of hard work, dedication and discipline, he can finally say he’s won his first title in WWE. After he got hurt, he never quit on himself and now he can tell the world that he’s the new United States champion. 

They cut to the back where Andrade tossed some equipment around. 

Thumbs Up **3/4

Seth Rollins promo 

Seth Rollins was shown in the back holding Rey Mysterio’s mask. After a break, Rollins said tonight was a night for celebration because he is better than he has ever been and he had Mysterio to thank for that. Rollins was in a dark place after MITB but Mysterio presented himself to him and sacrificed himself for the greater good. 

Rollins couldn’t imagine the pain that Mysterio and his family went through. He thought about Dominick who couldn’t be there to help his father. If that was Mysterio’s final act in his career, it was a courageous one, because it allowed us to move further into the future. Austin Theory and Murphy entered the frame and Rollins introduced us to his newest disciple. 

Rollins said their ceilings were limitless with his guidance. Murphy said he needed Rollins’ guidance and thanked him. Theory said he thought he had friends on Raw but they abandoned him and Rollins found him. Theory thanked him. Rollins said they would make examples of Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black tonight. 

Thumbs Up

Caruso interviewed Charlotte who called herself the most consistent and prolific champion in WWE. She raised the bar for every female in WWE and no one compared. Asuka danced in front of her while showing off her title. Asuka told Charlotte, “red is not your colour.”

Charlotte should of said "You are right, gold is my color

And because she didn't this gets a thumbs down.

The IIconics beat up Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss

One of the things wrong with WWE is that things keep going in cycles. The IIconics lost but they must still feud. This is hardly the first example. Just the most egregious because it is the most recent.

Thumbs down

Lana approached MVP in the back. She stared him down for a moment and said, “we need to talk.” He replied, “no, we don’t,” and left. 

Thumbs Up

[Second hour] 

They aired a tribute graphic for Shad Gaspard. 

2 Thumbs Up

MVP’s VIP Lounge with guest Drew McIntyre

Thumbs Up

After 19 years Drew is the WWE champion for the 1st time. After 13 years Bobby Lashley gets his first WWE Championship since the Great American Bash 2007 against John Cena.

Lashley marched out but before he could get in the ring, McIntyre wiped out MVP with a Claymore Kick. Lashley helped MVP as McIntyre dared him to get in the ring. Lashley left with MVP. This was pretty good.

Angel Garza VS Kevin Owens

Angel attacked Kevin on the entrance ramp. Kevin Owens sold his leg. Angel worked over his leg. Kevin went for his finisher but his leg gave out allowing Angel to hit the wing clipper for the win.

Thumbs Up **

The Street Profits & The Viking Raiders go golfing.

Thumbs down. What's next the 100 yard dash. Similar to my point earlier about WWE and their feud cycles.

The Profits won

This whole segment was corny.

Lana handed MVP a peace offering of some kind. She apologized, perhaps for the last segment. MVP and Lashley wanted revenge from earlier. They left. Lana who no longer is Russian inexplicably started shrieking again. Like Natty she and all Women in WWE are irrational and unlikable.

Thumbs In The Middle pointing up

Austin Theory & Murphy (Featuring Seth Rollins) VS Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo

Austin & Murphy won. *** Thumbs Up

The heels threatened to take out Humberto Carillo's eye like Rey's, but then backed off.

Edge cut a promo about his match with Randy at Backlash

2 Thumbs

The Raiders and Profits spoke backstage while still wearing their golf attire. The Raiders said they let the Profits win in golf just like in basketball. Ford told them to pick the next challenge. Ivar was about to say “gator wrestling,” but Angelo Dawkins said anything but that. The Raiders challenged them to bowling (which I almost typed as “boring”). 

After the Raiders left, MVP and Lashley approached the Profits. MVP called them another waste of talent. Ford mocked them, so MVP challenged them to a tag match tonight. 

Thumbs down

Triple threat number one contender’s match: NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax vs. Natalya

Thumbs Up ***1/2

Winner: Nia Jaxx

Rob Gronskowski cut a heel promo on R Truth about himself being the 24/7 champion. IDK, Rob grew on me. He has potential to be top heel on RAW

Ric Flair picked Randy Orton to beat Edge

Liv Morgan cut an inset promo about herself.

Ehhh.....Got 3 hours to fill I guess. Maybe more wrestling perhaps?

MVP (Who I thought retired) & Bobby Lashley VS The Street Profits

Thumbs Up ***1/4

Bobby applied a full nelson on Montez Ford and didn't break on 5 for the DQ

Drew Mcintyre came out and a pull apart brawl ensued.

Overall: Thumbs Up