Monday Night RAW 2/1/2021

Updated: Feb 3

Drew McIntyre entered to start the show. McIntyre said we were on the road to WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble was awesome last night. He earned Goldberg’s respect and Goldberg earned his. He thanked Goldberg. McIntyre ran down the events of last night and put over all the matches. He also put over Bianca Belair as a future star.

Edge interrupted as McIntyre was about to speak about the men’s Rumble match. McIntyre called Edge a mentor who looked out for him when they were on the road. He remembered how terrible it was the day that Edge had to retire.

McIntyre also remembered AJ Styles’ boot in his throat during last year’s Rumble match when he heard, “you think you know me.” McIntyre thought Edge was done after his latest injury but was happy and proud that he won the Rumble.

Edge thanked him for the kind words but had to be blunt with him. Edge asked, “what the hell is wrong with you?” Edge said he was an immediate threat but McIntyre was showering him with compliments instead of kicking his head off. McIntyre said he wasn’t like a certain opportunist, he was a different kind of champion.

Sheamus interrupted. Sheamus wondered how Edge could question a champion who carried the company through uncharted waters while he was sitting at home nursing an injury. He threatened Edge. McIntyre backed off Sheamus.

McIntyre wanted to know what Edge’s decision was (regarding WrestleMania). Edge said he would assess his options. Edge warned McIntyre that he had a huge target on his back. Edge said that no matter who he chooses, he will walk out of Mania as champion. Edge left.

McIntyre posed with his belt and turned around into a Brogue Kick by Sheamus. They played crowd booing as Sheamus walked off. (The announcers were perplexed.)

Samoa Joe explained to the other announcers exactly why Sheamus would knock out the WWE Champion.

Charly Caruso asked Sheamus for a comment. Sheamus said McIntyre was no longer his friend and he wanted the WWE title. Drew Gulak appeared with Sheamus’ bags. Sheamus grabbed his stuff and left.

Riddle defeated WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley via DQ

Bobby Lashley Retains (1:40)

Negative *

Thumbs Down

This was bullshit

They had the best you could have in under 2 minutes before Lashley kept the Hurt Lock on despite the ref's count

Even though MVP initially seemed concerned, he was happy with Lashley afterwards. The announcers explained that Lashley was pissed that Riddle was among those who eliminated him from the Rumble.

Bad Bunny was shown arriving at the

building. He’s on MizTV tonight.

Officials were still tending to Riddle ringside after a break. Riddle couldn’t remember what happened or who he was facing. They told him it was Lashley and he tried to get up but they stopped him.

Randy Orton promo

Orton cut a promo backstage. He didn’t think it was possible that Edge would return, let alone return in the Rumble at number one and win it. There was a problem with that, though. Orton told the world that Edge would never return and now Edge has made him a liar.

Orton said he put Edge through hell because he loved him and wanted him to be home with his family. Orton told Edge that he was not main-eventing WrestleMania. There would be no mercy or compassion tonight.

They announced Edge vs. Orton tonight.

You'd think theyd plug this in advance. But this show is getting cancelled so they don't care.

Kofi Kingston told Xavier Woods that Mustafa Ali has lost his mind thinking everything that happened to Kingston two years ago should have happened to him. Kingston had Woods’ back tonight.

Xavier Woods (w/Kofi Kingston) defeated Mustafa Ali (w/Retribution) (4:07)

Negative ***

Thumbs Down

Mia Yim and Mace were not there.

Woods hit a side Russian leg sweep and discus clothesline but T-Bar broke up the cover. The ref yelled at Retribution instead of calling for a DQ. Dude grow some balls or at least learn and enforce the rules you geek. Kingston jumped off T-Bar’s shoulders to wipe out Slapjack with a dive. Ali tried to use the distraction to score a rollup pinfall but Woods countered into a rollup of his own for the win.

Bad Bunny was shown speaking to Damien Priest in the back. Did he get called up?

IDK be nice if there were people to comment on such things to provide exposition and clarity. Perhaps at a desk by the ring with monitors with the audiences pov. Hmm🤔

MizTV with guest Bad Bunny

Tom Phillips said this could be the biggest MizTV ever with perhaps the biggest guest ever.

Miz and John Morison put over Bad Bunny’s performance last night and introduced him. Miz said what happened between them last night was a misunderstanding. They aired a video recap.

Miz apologized. Bad Bunny accepted. Miz and Morrison were expecting an apology but he didn’t give them one. Miz said he heard a rumour that Bad Bunny wanted to be a “WWE superstar” one day. Bad Bunny confirmed that it was one of his dreams.

Miz mentioned how successful Daniel Bryan was learning under him and he offered Bad Bunny the opportunity to do the same. All they wanted in return was his help getting a recording deal. Miz and Morrison sang in Spanish until Bad Bunny interrupted them.

He called them “special” but wasn’t interested in their offer. Miz got angry and told him that he wasn’t talking to Shakira and J-Lo. Miz warned him but Bad Bunny said he was only on MizTV because his friend wanted to be on it too.

Damian Priest entered and embraced Bad Bunny before knocking down Miz with a forearm. Morrison bailed to check on Miz as the segment ended.

Damian Priest (w/Bad Bunny) defeated The Miz (w/John Morrison)


Thumbs Up

Miz went for the briefcase but Bad Bunny took it away. Why? Was Miz gonna go for a DQ loss? Morison confronted Bad Bunny so he gave him the briefcase. Bad Bunny then clocked Morrison in the face with his microphone. Priest gave Miz the Reckoning for the pinfall win.

lucha house party rule in effect.

That means without even watching

Regardless who wins this match is

Tag Team Championship match: Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander defeated Lucha House Party

MVP joined commentary.

negative ****

2 Thumbs Down

They wanna insult me ima insult them. Why are they able to work 2 brands when there are brand seperations in effect?

Triple threat tag team match: Naomi & Lana defeated Raw Women’s Champion Asuka & Charlotte Flair and Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke (11:07)

**1/2 Thumbs In The Middle Up

Asuka hit Rose with a shining wizard for a nearfall. Lana tagged in but Charlotte knocked her down and took over. Naomi made a tag and hit Charlotte with a jawbreaker, strikes and a Disaster kick for two. Charlotte cut off Lana with a big boot which led to everyone trading moves.

Charlotte hit Natural Selection and Ric Flair’s music hit at that exact moment. Ric and Evans entered. Instead of continuing to wrestle, Charlotte acted like a child and tagged in Asuka because she didn’t want to deal with it. Asuka looked confused as Charlotte just walked away.

Naomi hit Asuka with the Rear View for the pinfall win. Naomi and Lana will face Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the titles.

Jeff Hardy & Carlito defeated Elias & Jaxson Ryker


Thumbs Up

Carlito was in good shape but was so slow.

He's like Randy Orton or Booker T in the sense that'll he'll half ass it unless he can sink his teeth into it and is motivated.

They announced him as from the Carribean. That's like saying from the West Indies Gerald Roberts.

They couldn't say from Puerto Rico? Dick heads.

Same thing with NXT UK. Just call it NXT Europe. That atleast makes sense because the countries represented are more from Europe than from the UK. Or WWE not know the difference?

It seems to me someone needs to take highschool geography or perhaps history.

Hell! They even had a European title. They could have brought it back like they did the Cruiserweight title.

Edge cut an awesome promo backstage

He said that Randy Orton is full of shit. He's gonna close the book on Orton to move forward to Wrestlemania and win the title he never lost.

I mean..the title that he never lost doesn't exist anymore.

It was unified with the WWE Championship in late 2013 at TLC in a TLC match. Ironically by Randy Orton when he won it away from John Cena who won it from Alberto Del Rio who was Edge's final defense before he retired as champion in 2011 at

Alexa Bliss defeated Nikki Cross

Negative ***

Thumbs Down

This was disrespectful to the wrestling industry

Fuck off

I guess Alexa is babyface only when she's confronting Randy Orton. Otherwise shes a bitchy psycho heel to everyone else. She was also shoulder to shoulder with Randy and nothing happened. So she's a heel. I mean she got her revenge already, so whatever.

Im glad RAW is moving to peacock. It'll do even lower numbers, bleed money (because then you have to pay for it) and then get cancelled).

Edge shooked Damien Priest's hand and said good job last night and that he was impressive.

Earlier Drew was crying alot and gave Sheamus a title shot. Surely not a Mania.

Edge defeated Randy Orton

Negative **

Thumbs Down

They just can't leave well enough alone. This was very good until the end when Alexa Bliss came out for her bullshit to make Edge look like a geek who was gonna lose clean without her help.

Thumbs Down