Monday Night Raw 12/28/2020

The show opened with a memorial graphic for “Luke Harper” Jon Huber.

Tom Phillips welcomed us with a version of Huber’s famous phrase: “It’s Monday and you know what that means.”

Drew McIntyre entered. He started with, “It’s Monday. You know what that means. Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

McIntyre spoke about his year and thanked the fans for actually making him the chosen one. He noted that he would be defending the title next week on Legends Night against either Sheamus or Keith Lee.

Sheamus entered. Sheamus said he technically kept his word last week when he said he wouldn’t touch Lee during the match. He didn’t do it until after the match. Sheamus said they were so close to getting the dream match they always wanted.

McIntyre said they’d make everyone uncomfortable with how physical it would get. Sheamus said he would kick Lee’s head off again and they would kick the year off the right way.

Lee interrupted. Lee thought McIntyre looked proud of Sheamus for what he did. Lee no longer trusted either of them. Lee said he would force an apology out of Sheamus during their match and warned McIntyre that Sheamus would just stab him in the back. Sheamus was sick of Lee accusing him of planning on turning on McIntyre.

McIntyre was sick of them talking and called out a referee to start this match now. A ref entered. McIntyre told them that he would be champion after next week no matter what.

Lee confronted McIntyre but Sheamus quickly Brogue kicked him twice. A ref checked on Lee as they went to break.

Keith Lee defeated Sheamus (12:54)

McIntyre joined commentary.


Thumbs Down

This was boring and I didn't care who won

McIntyre vs. Lee for the WWE title next week. They had a staredown after the match.

Gran Metalik (w/Lince Dorado) defeated The Miz (w/John Morrison) (3:24)

This match happened because Lucha House Party thought it was dumb that Miz thought he should get his MITB contract returned to him.

Miz was ranting during the match about the contract. Metalik made a comeback and used a sunset flip pin for the win. The story is that Miz is pissed about losing the contract and despondent after losing here.

**1/2 Thumbs Up

that's twice Gran Metalik looked good

Someone was still knocking on Elias’ door so Ryker opened it. Omos and AJ Styles barged in. Styles said Omos was trying to listen to Mozart while Styles himself was on the phone with WWE management trying to right the wrong of him unfairly losing his WWE title match. Styles couldn’t concentrate because of Elias’ guitar playing.

Styles said Elias was no Johnny Cash — he was more like Johnny Trash. Elias told Ryker that Styles was just upset about losing what might be one of the final chances that he has left at this stage of his career. Styles said they should fight tonight so he could break Elias’ fingers and no one would have to listen to him again

Thumbs Up

Shayna Baszler defeated Dana Brooke (w/Mandy Rose) (4:20)


Thumbs Up

Second Hour

Well Paced

Alexa’s Playground with guest Randy Orton

Thumbs Up

AJ Styles Defeated Elias


Thumbs Up

Two heels had a problem and settled it. They worked very hard

Mustafa Ali defeated Ricochet

negative ***1/4

thumbs down

One of the dudes just pulled Ali out the ring in front the ref and it wasn't a DQ

fuck this match

3rd Hour

Still a well paced show

Charlotte Flair defeated Nia Jax via DQ


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

I'm sure this is leading to something

Nia & Shayna declared their entry into the Royal Rumble

Angel Garza was flirting with the Charly Caruso until R Truth and the 24/7 geek ruined it.

This will probably lead to nothing, but if WWE creative were actually creative Angel would beat the shit outta truth and They'd have a no nonsense feud for the 24/7 belt.

Eight-man tag match: The Hurt Business defeated Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Jeff Hardy & Riddle


Thumbs Up

The ending was lit

Randy Orton & Alexa Bliss Segment

Who writes this shit?


I don't know what happened.


I be trying with Raw. I wanted to give this show a thumbs up, but they tried they're best to get this Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up