Monday Night RAW 11/30/2020

A Moment of Bliss

Bliss introduced Randy Orton, whom she called her favourite superstar. Orton entered wearing a zip-up hoodie and shorts. Bliss showed a replay of what happened next week. She pretended to be surprised that the Fiend got involved in Orton’s match but thought Orton would have a better idea why.

Orton said he’s known Wyatt a long time but has never met the Fiend and certainly doesn’t know him like Bliss does. Orton noted that the Fiend shows his pain and suffering on his face while Orton keeps it bottled inside so he can blend in.

Orton recalled finding Wyatt’s weakness years ago and burning it down to the ground. It was time to find the Fiend’s weakness and Orton thought that Bliss was that weakness. Bliss stopped speaking like a child and stood up to him before saying, “who’s manipulating who?”

The screens slowly went off and the lights turned red. Bliss was suddenly in Orton’s arms and the Fiend was in the ring.

Orton carefully handed Bliss back to Wyatt and quickly bailed from the ring. Orton smiled and said, “who’s laughing now?”

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Symphony of Destruction match: Jeff Hardy defeated Elias (12:29)

Early in the match, R-Truth popped out of a piano that he was hiding in. Erik and Tozawa immediately ran out so perhaps they were waiting in Gorilla. They ran after Truth who ran away. Drew Gulak ran out but Hardy gave him a back body drop. Gran Metalik ran out but Elias clotheslined him. Elias hit Lince Dorado with a guitar and Hardy hit Gulak with a chair.

This led to a break about three minutes into the match. Hardy tried a Whisper in the Wind but Elias hit him with a guitar. Elias tried jabbing him with something but Hardy moved and Elias jabbed a speaker which “electrocuted” him. Hardy hit him with a bass.

The big spot came at the finish. Hardy placed Elias on a table on the outside (and put some small instruments on top of him). Hardy then hit a Swanton Bomb off the top to the outside through the table for the pinfall win.

It was a spectacular spot but also a dangerous one as Hardy’s head came way too close to hitting the steel steps. I have no idea why they didn’t think to move the steps away. Hardy appeared to be just fine, thankfully.

(The other annoying thing about the match was the announcers chuckling throughout. They laughed at Hardy hurting his tailbone and Elias presumably getting electrocuted.)

***1/2 Thumbs Up

Slapjack (w/Mustafa Ali) defeated Ricochet (3:31)

Ricochet gained control so Ali summoned T-Bar and Mase from the back. Ricochet sent Slapjack to the outside and wiped out all three men with a dive.

Dana Brooke suddenly appeared behind Ali and slapped him. This led to Ricochet fighting off interference attempts by every Retribution member as the referee just watched. Ricochet chased Ali from the apron but Slapjack caught him with his finisher for the pinfall win. Slapjack pinned Ricochet. Brooke vanished. This sucked.

**1/2 Thumbs Down

MizTV with The Miz & John Morrison

Miz and Morrison introduced Sheamus as their guest. They were very annoying. They basically tried to drive a wedge between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre. Sheamus laughed them off.

Miz fired up and reminded Sheamus he used to be a top guy. Now McIntyre was on top as Sheamus just watched from the sidelines. Miz called him a joke.

Sheamus got serious, removed his jacket and hat (revealing a completely normal hairstyle) and attacked both men. The numbers were too much, though, and Miz clocked him from behind with the briefcase. Miz hit him repeatedly with the briefcase.

Thumbs Down

Women’s Champion Asuka & Lana defeated Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler in a non-title match (9:17)

* Thumbs Down

Cedric Alexander (w/MVP & Shelton Benjamin) defeated Xavier Woods (w/Kofi Kingston)

**3/4 Thumbs Up

Alexander countered a powerbomb into a brainbuster for two. Alexander went for a suicide dive but Woods dodged and Alexander went into the barricade. Woods took too long to capitalize so Alexander nailed him with the Lumbar Check for the pinfall win. A perfectly fine match.

Alexander celebrated big after the match. In fact, he went up the ramp all pumped up but left MVP and Benjamin behind in the ring. MVP and Benjamin seemed confused. (I didn’t mention it earlier, but Alexander took a slight shot at Benjamin earlier for losing last week.)

Triple Threat match: AJ Styles (w/Omos) defeated Riddle and Keith Lee (12:58)


Crazy ole Vince made sure that this match was referred to as a sudden death triple threat. Lets not enable a senile old man.

Thumbs Down for the name.

Thumbs Up for AJ winning.

AJ vs Drew for the belt. This is another AJ Styles vs.......dream match that WWE teased and will now deliver.

AJ vs Chris Jericho

AJ vs Kevin Owens

AJ vs John Cena

AJ vs Orton

AJ vs Daniel Bryan

AJ vs Seth Rollins

AJ vs Samoa Joe

This list goes on

Dana Brooke defeated Mia Yim.... I Mean Reckoning (w/Mustfa Ali) (2:17)

3/4* (0.75 Stars) Thumbs Down


They clearly gave up on poor Mia. She wasn't even disguised.

Ali had a line that was rich. "There's no place for failure in retribution" something like that. But yeah....what a bull shitter.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre & Sheamus defeated The Miz & John Morrison via DQ (9:55)

*** Thumbs Down

This was a mess.

Also Drew got hit with 3 finishers and was up seconds later ro fight off AJ, Miz & Morrison. WTF?

His pre match promo was thumbs up stuff though. He had a good line about the MITB briefcase is the only thing keeping Miz relevant. Facts.

This show had good things but too much bad stuff. Also even if RAW was were all thumbs up across the board it's 3 hours long. (Groans) Just way too long.

So like I said before lets not enable a dotty old man.

Thumbs Down