Monday Night Raw 11/16/2020

Drew Mcintyre, Randy Orton, Miz & Morrison segment

This jump the shark after Randy's titantron promo. Miz & Morrison then came and took a long time to say that Miz would cash in the MITB briefcase on whoever is the champion tonight.......the main event of course being Randy defending the WWE Championship against Drew Mcintyre.

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Six-woman tag team match: Raw Women’s Champion Asuka, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke defeated Lana & Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (7:00)

Rose had Kinesio tape on her shoulder. She was taken out of the match almost immediately.

The story of this match was no one gave a piss about their tag partner. The babyfaces did nothing to save Mandy from getting killed by the heels. The heels didn't care enough to break the submission on their partner Lana. Every Byron Saxton said "Is there still such a thing as the RAW Women's team?" That's almost a direct quote.

Lana made a blind tag to Shayna (who was about to win) that Shayna didn't feel and lost the match for her team seconds later. Meanwhile Vince McMahon and WWE creative swear Lana is a babyface. So......

DUD & Thumbs Down

lets not encourage this behavior. Oh and Nia put Lana through the announce table again. How creative, I said sarcastically. WWE has 20?! writers? Hmm..

Firefly Fun House

The alleged house seems to be one room. A studio apartment? They should call it the Shade Room. I mean... all they do in there is throw shade at people. This show is creeping in to love territory as far as I'm concerned. I guess you can say I'm letting him in.

They pretty much called Miz a Jackass and said not to fuck with Bray or interfere in his business. Is or was the Fiend truly ever a heel?

Thumbs Up

There was 1 match and 7 minutes of wrestling in the 1st hour of this show

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods defeated Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander (w/MVP & US Champion Bobby Lashley) to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships (16:48)

***1/2 Thumbs Up

The Hurt Business talked a bunch of shit, took 80% of the match and still lost.

Eight-man tag team match: Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, Sheamus & Riddle vs. Retribution

Retribution have been beaten like drums aside from their debut when they didn't fight anyone and just did wild shit. It's been drilled in hour heads that they geeky and lame. The one time they win a fight is against 4 legit fighters who would each fuck them up in a real fight if this was real. This match dragged and just like the other 5 person teams competing at Survivor Series this was just more of a counter effective build. A dichotomy of teams across RAW & Smackdown that can't co-habitate

Thumbs Down


The Miz (w/John Morrison) vs. Bray Wyatt (w/Alexa Bliss)

Miz cut a pre-match promo recalling his history with Wyatt. He said they don’t need to fight and suggested that they work together with Orton and McIntyre fighting later tonight. Bliss entered and said, “He says no.” She laughed.

Cross stormed out and pleaded with Bliss to leave with her. Bliss slapped her and they brawled until officials separated them. Wyatt’s Funhouse music hit and he entered wearing a sweater. Bliss was thrilled and walked down the ramp with him.

John Morrison got beat up by a girl

Bray won

** Thumbs Up

Not really sure what Bray's problem is with the.... MIZ!

Drew McIntyre defeated Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship (24:10)

McIntyre entered wearing a blue and black kilt while holding the sword Sheamus gave him earlier. This seemed like the kind of thing he’d do for a big PPV match. Drew kept missing his kick and subsequently busting his ass. He finally caught Orton and won. Adam Pierce made the match no dq and no countout after Orton kept trying to walk out.

***1/4 Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Show.

Paced well

Built up Survivor Series this Sunday

Built Up Next Week's Raw

I like how this the 3rd straight time the WWE championship changed hands on the go home show of Survivor Series