Monday Night RAW 1/4/2021

“Legends” Night

Hulk Hogan opened the show and erroneously led me to believe he’d be the social media corresponden.

The New Day, Miz & Morrison waisted the 1st 8 minutes

Thumbs down

Seeing Miz say this has gone on long enough was such an irony.

Also seeing him with the MITB briefcase reminds of Job from the Bible. All happy when he (wrongfully) has the MITB briefcase but the moment he loses it (by his own fool hardy actions) he’s all despondent and surely to curse the day

Teddy Long falsed booked Miz & Morrison against The Undertaker.......Under what authority. Then Adam Pearce came out to influence Teddy to book Miz & Morrison vs The New Day.

8:12pm Commercial

The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) defeated Miz & John Morrison


Thumbs Down

This dead in the water match went to a commercial after like 5 minutes.

I have DVR and things I rather be doing than to watch another trash episode of RAW. That’s all this. Another more of the same boring, insulting, long and stupid episode of RAW.....even on Legends. Vince is only doing this because the show he & his sycophants did a bad rating. But the problem isn’t lack of star power, it’s senile ole Vince and his sycophantic “creative/booking” staff.

This all lasted 30 mins

felt like 30 days


The Fiend is dead and they must still feud. Randy making the most of his nonsensical script suggested he would kill a legend tonight. So stay tuned I guess.

January 4th 2020

Remember 1/4/2010? Impact vs RAW. It was supposed to be the Monday Night WARS all over again, but it wasn’t.

So the legends were flyed out during COVID and paid to just hang out and lurk around backstage.

A stupid segment with Alicia Foxx, Angel Garza, Mickie James, Tatanka and Sgt Slaughter.

Truth be told I’m not in a bad mood. I’m here relaxed just calling a spade a spade.

AJ Styles defeated Elias

** Thumbs Down


see I was right! Vince thinks the problem is star power or rating oppositions like sports. This week there is nothing to steal ratings. What they do though, is put on the same boring show.

Randy Orton & Big Show had a non violent encounter. What more can be said?

Peyton Royce & Lacey Evans def. Charlotte Flair & Asuka

negative** 2 Thumbs Down

Charlotte came out with Ric Flair

This was the same show they had last week except there’s a bunch of old geeks running around.

Why did they break up the IIconics. At least they were kinda over as a team. Now it’s just two geeky girls spinning their wheel.

Also where’s Alexa Bliss? Randy admitted he didn’t light her on fire. So last week’s ending makes even less sense.

Ric Flair tripped Charlotte leading to the finish. We were suppose to think this was a Charlotte then proceeded to get disproportionately upset and then bitched out her own dad. Also Asuka just vanished.

Ric Flair flew out there during COVID to get humiliated. Real nice WWE.

Riddle (no first name) vs Bobby Lashley

9:25 pm est. This show is not being paced well. Remember in the days of yore when you had to qualify for the Royal Rumble? Nowadays people just announce themselves in the rumble. Does that mean I can enter the Rumble? Jim Carey did.

Riddle def Bobby Lashley


A good clash of styles

Thumbs In The Middle

Just like the preceding match the finish made no sense. Bobby Lashley & The commentators swore Riddle tapped out to the hurt lock. Bobby Lashley let go to get rolled up.

Ok,ok they showed the replay. Riddle did in-fact tap out.

Mark Henry was giving Ricocchet a pep talk. Mark Henry was one legged and riding a mobility scooter. Randy Orton came and buried him for being one legged and in a scooter. This was distasteful

2 Thumbs Down

Dana Brook def Shayna Baszler

negative star

Thumbs Down

What was the point?

Randy Orton buried Ric Flair for no good reason. Who writes this shit?

I forgot. Hogan, Jimmy Hart, Drew Mcintyre, & Sheamus were being geeky earlier.

Why doesn’t Jeff Hardy come out to his old 2008-2009 singles theme?

10pm est

Randy Orton def. Jeff Hardy

*** Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Melina was backstage. That was the extent of her appearance.

If this was real, what’s the point of having the ”legends”? To chill backstage?

The Lucha House Party defeated Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin.

Angel Garza politely offered Torrie Wilson a rose and like a total bitch she blew him off and set him up to get spooked and beat up to lose his 24/7 title by Boogeyman and Truth.

Thumbs Down

Drew McIntyre def. Keith Lee to retain the WWE Championship


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Goldberg came out and made a bunch of conjectures. He’s a mind reader now. This was bizarre.

Any way it’s Goldberg vs Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship.

2 Thumbs Down

PS: wasn’t WM33 in 2017 his retirement match?