MLW Fusion 12/2/2020

Opera Cup 1st Round Match

ACH defeated Laredo Kid

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LOOOOL!!! I wrote "ACH defeated Laredo" before the match ended while I was watching this match live and then he won. He won with a brain buster he calls the spirit bomb. I mean......might wanna change the name there buddy? Then again Keith Lee/WWE probably aren't watching.

Mads Krugger with 2 unacceptable gs weighing "???" Pounds vs someone who was not named or identified and had no entrance.

So Bane vs presumably a nameless jobber geek

Mads Krugger won

This was a squash. Probably not even 2 minutes

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Opera Cup 1st Round Match

Low Ki vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

A rematch from last year. They showed highlights from that match all through out show during the breaks. This match looked awesome and they are gonna have it again?!

Why was Low Ki wearing a headset phone?


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Winner: Low Ki

Davey won last year.

1 hour is just enough for any weekly wrestling show I learned. 1 hour is the perfect amount of time.

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