MLW Fusion 11/25/2020

More sports based presentations.

Opera Cup Quarterfinal: Richard Holliday defeated TJP (w/ Bu Ku Dao) (10:25)

Richard Holliday has the best theme in wrestling

***1/4 Thumbs Up

Calvin Tankman defeated Robert Martyr (1:14)

Calvin looks like the black fella from SAW 3 who ran over a kid and fell victim to the rack trap

DUD Thumbs Up

Oh Shit!!!! A Stephen P. New commercial!!!

I found Leo Rush

His debut match is next week for some kind of championship

I found King Mo.

He cut a heelish promo on Low Ki

Also I found Low Ki

One of the commentators looks like Suge Knight if he was white

Opera Cup Quarterfinal: "Filthy" Tom Lawlor defeated Rocky Romero (17:43)

Thumbs Up ***1/2

Thumbs Up Show