MLW Fusion 1/13/2021

Salina de la Renta was executive producer for this episode and was heavily featured throughout. She seems to be building a new stable after Promociones Dorado crumbled towards the end of 2019 when LA Park lost his Battle Riot-earned title shot to Jacob Fatu

Low Ki defeated Budd Heavy (:08)

Ki looked to bounce back after his Opera Cup final loss to Tom Lawlor and did he ever. As the bell sounded, he ran and slammed Heavy with a swinging right arm, knocking him clean out for the quick knockout win. Ki called out King Mo afterward and told he and Dan Lambert that the medical attention Ki needed after Mo's last attack has not been forgotten.

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-- While his single “Do You Remember?” played in the background, Lio Rush said that his newly won MLW Middleweight title proves that he is the right man in the right place at the right time. Former champion Myron Reed seems to have his next feud lined up already as he and Jordan Oliver called out CONTRA after they jumped them backstage last week at Kings of Colosseum as Reed was coming to terms after his loss.

-- Rich Bocchini and Jared St. Laurent were supposed to be joined by Konnan but said they couldn't find him. De La Renta came in and called for the tapes to roll where she insinuated he was dead and blamed him for making her unleash Muertes on the world. She threatened vengeance on everyone in MLW who has ever wronged her.

-- Mads Krugger challenged Alex Hammerstone to another match for the National Openweight title, but this time “in the deep CONTRA underground." Hammerstone later responded by saying he was in a marathon with the World heavyweight title being at the finish line. He called Krugger a hurdle in the marathon that he was going to jump over or kick it down.

Mil Muertes (w/ Salina de la Renta) defeated Brian Pillman Jr. (3:26)

This was Salina's first in-ring appearance of the restart era and her storyline seems to be centered around building a new revised Promociones Dorado faction with Muertes as a central focus. She summoned Muertes from the Aztec ruins and the commentary team told us Muertes has so much hate for the world that De La Renta loves having him under her control.

One of Muertes' tactics is to repeatedly strike a body part again and again and after clubbing Pillman with dozens of blows to the chest and neck, he finished him with a downward spiral called Straight to Hell.


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This was Pillman's first appearance since his unsuccessful Middleweight title challenge against then-champion Myron Reed. With his loss here, no ongoing storyline in MLW and his AEW team with Griff Garrison, it doesn't take an expert to put 2+2 together regarding his future.

Los Parks (LA Park & Hijo de LA Park w/ Salina de la Renta) defeated MLW Tag Team Champions The Von Erichs (Marshall and Ross) to win the titles (10:36)

Tom Lawlor's Filthy Island is coming to MLW on February 17th, but the leader of Team Filthy had official business to take care of tonight as he officiated this tag title match featuring his fierce rivals, the Von Erichs.

The commentary team played up the odds being stacked against the Von Erichs. The match was under tornado tag rules and no disqualification. If anyone had any doubts over Lawlor calling things right down the middle, he deliberately got in the way and blatantly blocked the champions' view as Los Parks jumped them before the bell even rang.

The tornado style brawling action continued as Lawlor tried to play up all the favorite heel referee traits, but the no disqualification rules hindered that slightly.

Eventually Lawlor counted a fast 3 count. I'd write more but my computer is on its period.


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