Main Event 12/2/2020

Angel Garza defeated Humberto Carrillo (5:15)

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Sarah Schreiber was in the ring with Cross who ran down the end of her friendship with Alexa Bliss, saying that The Fiend had brainwashed her. Schreiber asked about her defeat to Bliss last week, which Cross said hurt after Bliss had "taken [her] emotions and used them against [her]."

Cross said she was made to look like an absolute fool before Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce came out to interrupt. Evans poked fun at Schreiber’s new hairstyle. Royce asked whether Bliss was ever really Cross' friend. Royce asserted that she and Evans were fake friends. Cross bit back and challenged either one of them to a match and Royce took the bait.

Peyton Royce (w/ Lacey Evans) defeated Nikki Cross (4:30)


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After they not only shot an angle on Main Event but made brief reference to it on Raw last week, it was nice to see them carry on with a fresher format here. The promo segment served its purpose, but went around the houses to get there and could have easily been left out. Let’s see if this continues or whether they capitulate in a few weeks and return to business as usual.

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