Main Event 9/26/2022

This past week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before Monday’s Raw.

Shelton Benjamin defeated R-Truth (4:42)


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As usual, Truth was wildly entertaining and Benjamin was really good so this one was a lot of fun. 

These two have worked against each other a lot through the years, dating back to as far as 2008. However, this is their first Main Event clash.

Truth came out and got the crowd going with his rapping and told the Pittsburgh crowd that he dedicated the match to his "childhood hero" John Cena.

Benjamin came out looking a million bucks, but it’s sad to see him essentially back where he started after a good run on the main roster with the Hurt Business. It seems that they have nothing for him.

Perhaps what’s most crazy about this match is that you would never in a million years think that you were watching a 47-year-old take on a 50-year-old. But, Truth turned 50 this year which is still mind-boggling.

They did lots of comedy, but in the battle of North vs. South Carolina, the latter reigned supreme.

In the end, Truth missed a scissor kick and Benjamin quickly hit the Paydirt for a rare win. They shook hands after the bell and the crowd really appreciated two veterans showing each other respect.

Cedric Alexander defeated T-Bar (7:30)


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Despite them being Main Event regulars, this is only their third singles matches against each other -- all of which took place on this show this year.

Alexander came out alone this week after several weeks on this show teaming with Mustafa Ali. The pair make a really good tag team and should definitely get a main roster run soon.

T-Bar just cannot get any traction. He has pretty much jobbed on Main Event for nearly a year now and only has a handful of wins to his name in all of 2022. The thing is that he’s good enough for more than this, but they just don’t seem to know what to do with him.

They had a good match that exploded at the bell and didn’t really slow down too much, coming out the other end of the commercials with some neat near falls.

Alexander kicked out of a pretty definitive High Justice and T-Bar kicked out of hit a powerbomb for where Alexander had carried him off the second turnbuckle. This one in particular got a big reaction.

A brainbuster got it done in the end to give Alexander his third win of the summer. The crowd liked this one, especially in the closing minutes.

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By: #GeraldRoberts

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