Main Event 8/24/2022

This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada, before last Monday’s Raw.

Nikki ASH & Doudrop defeated 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke & Tamina (5:11)


Thumbs Down

This was a sloppy match at times, but grew stronger by the finish.

Nikki and Doudrop have had a few singles appearances in 2022 on Main Event, a show that I’m sure they would rather avoid. But, they did at least get their hands raised here on their debut Main Event tag outing.

Both wearing leather jackets, Nikki and Doudrop marched to the ring to what seemed like a highly sweetened crowd reaction. Brooke entered wearing her 24/7 title, but very little was made of it at all.

Doudrop and Tamina weren’t great together here, but Nikki and Brooke papered over the cracks enough to make it just about work.

The finish saw Tamina get nailed from behind by Doudrop who had blind tagged in, followed by Doudrop hoisting Tamina up. Together, she and Nikki hit a combo samoan drop/neckbreaker for the win.

Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali defeated Shelton Benjamin & T-Bar (6:56)


Thumbs Down

The crowd sat on their hands for a pretty solid match, all told.

They have tried so many things with T-Bar on this show and every single one has looked goofy. Here, he played the heel, Benjamin was still a kind of babyface, and they bickered and argued as a team.

Before the break, it was a little disjointed with lots of tagging in and out, but after the commercials, they built up to Ali getting the hot tag.

Ali came in and cleaned house only to eat an absolute stinker of a clothesline from T-Bar. Alexander had to make the save and the ring filled again.

Benjamin and T-Bar couldn’t get on the same page which provided a distraction. Alexander took out T-Bar and Ali finished it this with his impressive 450 splash.

This was fairly mediocre match by their standards, but Alexander and Ali can really go places as a team.

Overall: Thumbs Down


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