Main Event 3/24/2021

Updated: Mar 28

Drew Gulak defeated Akira Tozawa


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During ring entrances, Byron explained that since Tozawa and Gulak recently lost a tag match on Main Even, they blamed one another for the loss and decided to take the disagreement to the ring.

Tozawa screamed “Ninja power!” and posed, allowing Gulak to deliver a kick to his midsection. Tozawa twirled Gulak to the mat with a head scissor takedown, then knocked Gulak off the apron and into the ringside barrier. Tozawa threatened to dive at Gulak through the ropes, but Gulak moved out of the way and toward the barrier corner. Tozawa got onto the apron and smashed Gulak with a running cannonball. He rolled Gulak into the ring and covered for a one-count.

Gulak absorbed a few punches from Tozawa before scooping and slamming him to the mat. Gulak laid in a couple kicks, dropped an elbow, then covered for a one-count. Tozawa escaped another body slam attempt, landed a few slaps, but Gulak fired back with a backbreaker and covered for two. Gulak dropped three elbows onto Tozawa’s neck, then applied a right-arm stretch, using Tozawa’s head for leverage. Tozawa got a rope break, then escaped from a chinlock before taking Gulak down with another head scissor. Tozawa hit a shining wizard, then climbed to the top rope and landed a flying senton. He covered Gulak for two.

Angel Garza defeated Gran Metalik (w/Lince Dorado)

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The wrestlers grappled on the mat to start the match, exchanging holds evenly. They got to their feet and Garza was leveled by a shoulder block and a reverse springboard elbow by Metalik. Garza rolled out to ringside, and Metalik attempted a baseball slide under the bottom rope. Garza saw this coming and sidestepped while yanking Metalik’s feet across the apron, causing Metalik to sprawl out onto the floor. We cut to break.

Back in the ring, Garza had control and was blasting a grounded Metalik with kicks to the back. He fired Metalik off the ropes, launched him skyward on the rebound, and kicked him in the chest on his descent back to the mat. With Metalik stunned, Garza was able to rip his own pants off. Garza wrenched on Metalik’s arm and planted a couple knee strikes. Metalik hit a surprise roll-up but Garza kicked out at two, then took Metalik down with a low drop kick. He snap mared Metalik and applied a double arm bar.

Metalik escaped with a unique throw, then hit a charging Garza with a reverse elbow and big boot. Metalik spun into his “king of the ropes” maneuver, from which he leveled Garza with a double-barrel drop kick. He covered Garza for two. Metalik missed a clothesline, then Garza drove him to the mat with a uranage and covered for two. Garza tried another immediate pin for another two-count. Metalik broke free from a slingshot suplex, then smashed Garza with a springboard elbow off the middle rope. He covered Garza for two.

Metalik moved Garza into position on the mat, then climbed to the top rope. He flipped into a moonsault but Garza had rolled out of the way. Reacting to this, Metalik landed on his feet and somersaulted backward. Garza launched from the corner and turned Metalik inside out with a well-timed running clothesline. Garza smashed Metalik’s jaw with a right hook then planted him into the canvas with the Wing Clipper.

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