Main Event 11/25/2020

Miz TV with Retribution

They are not hiding their identities anymore. So why are they still wearing masks? Also why? just why? They don't have a reason. Then R-Truth & the Gooker came out.

This was a waste of time. And it's not even like this a 3 hour Raw.

Thumbs Down

Ricochet defeated Jeff Hardy (7:21)

They had the best match you could possibly have in the time they got.

On the rare occasion where storylines that play out on the Raw spill over to Main Event, it instantly makes this show feel relevant and a lot more meaningful. Although this was one of those rarities, it was marred by the omnipresence of Elias.

***1/4 Thumbs Up

It looked like Hardy had it won after he hit Whisper in the Wind, but Ricochet kicked out for a near fall. He went for the Twist of Fate, but Ricochet had it scouted and pinned Hardy with a backslide. After the match, Hardy walked past Elias fuming and returned with a guitar which he smashed over Elias’ back. He gave a thumbs up to Ricochet for the match and walked to the back, leaving Elias laying.

Final Thoughts: If Main Event played out with one angle per week alongside being a training ground for new talent -- or for vets trying out new gimmicks -- it would actually provide a function for the show.

Thumbs Up

I renewed my Hulu Subscription for this