Impact Wrestling 9/29/2020

Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary def. Havok and Nevaeh

Havok’s spike-filled mask would easily win a COVID-19 facemask contest for originality.

Havok might be the only woman on the IMPACT roster who can make Taya Valkyrie look convincing as an underdog.

Rosemary’s gear looked like she found it in a paper shredder and I pray she wears it to her wedding.

There was nothing but harmony between Taya and Rosemary despite weeks of breakup teases. Almost too much harmony if you ask me.

** Thumbs Up

Jordynne Grace def. Tenille Dashwood

I was so happy to see the lower third read “Kaleb with a K,” as opposed to just “Kaleb.”

Tenille Dashwood could increase her following by having Kaleb with a K go live across all platforms from ringside during her matches.

In something you’ll never see from any other national wrestling promotion, women wrestled the first two matches and it was close to an hour before the first men’s match.

I’d be shocked if this feud didn’t somehow lead to a match between Jordynne Grace and Kaleb with a K.

Thumbs Up **

The Good Brothers def. The Rascalz

The pro wrestling alcohol industry continues to expand as The Good Brothers brandished their new “Good Brothers Beer,” with a wine on the way. It’s only a matter of time before pro wrestlers start selling THC products too, which is exactly what The Rascalz should be doing.

As Dez hung in the air for a suplex, Josh Mathews admitted “I don’t think he’s ever been this high.”

Entertaining as they are, it was impossible not to view The Good Brothers (namely Big LG) as the heels in this match against much smaller opponents.

***1/4 Thumbs Up

Fallah Bah def. Johnny Swinger

We’re getting closer to a time where there will be a Best Man Championship in pro wrestling.

I was hoping Johnny Swinger would win, if nothing else, to see how much carny talk he could cram into his Best Man speech.

Falla Bah played himself by winning this match—which was restarted by John E. Bravo—because now he’ll have to pay up to order a custom tux that can fit him.

** Thumbs Up

Ken Shamrock Returns; Attacks Eddie Edwards

Ken Shamrock looked gigantic in his return to the IMPACT Zone.

Just one week after apparently ending his feud with a heel RVD and Katie Forbes, Sami Callihan has defaulted back to his role as a heel out to ruin Eddie Edwards’ life.

Thumbs Up

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs. The North

*** Thumbs Up

Madman Fulton was booked like such a monster in this match, at times it felt like it was three on two.

Blood was trickling out of the mouth of Josh Alexander following this match, which made him seem even more legit given he was already wearing a mouthpiece and headgear.

Tonight’s broadcast really leaned into the tag team division which was front and center less than a month away from IMPACT Wrestling’s biggest pay-per-view.