Impact Wrestling 6/3/2021

X Division Champion Josh Alexander (w/Petey Williams) defeated TJP (w/Fallah Bahh) 2-1 in a 60 minute Ironman match to retain the championship.


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

TJP and Josh Alexander have feuded around the X Division championship for months, they’ve traded wins and loses since last year, both in singles and tag team matches, but as of late, Alexander has moved forward winning the X Division championship at Rebellion, defeating Austin and TJP, the latter earning a shot at the title on last week’s Impact episode, where he pinned Alexander in a tag team match.

Match started with a slow pace, as both men trading holds on the mat, at this point, TJP kept changing his focus between the legs to the arms, while Alexander stayed with the left arm. After about 15 minutes, both men had kept trading momentum, between Alexander distracting himself with Bahh, and then coming back into the match as he managed to lock in the first ankle lock of the match. After some minutes, both men started trading and reversing pinfalls until Alexander managed to keep a rollback down for the 3 count, giving Alexander the 1-0 advantage.

With TJP hurt, Alexander dominated for a long while, he set a slow pace, working over TJP’s head, but not slow enough that he took the easy way out and got countout wins, even when it was clear that TJP wasn’t making it back in the ring on time. Alexander would maintain this control past the 30 minute mark. TJP started to make a comeback and traded some submissions with Alexander, but he couldn’t fully cut him off. He did pull Alexander into another exchange for pinfalls, but instead of going for a pinfall, TJP locked in a sharpshooter that he finished with a last chancery, but while Alexander made the ropes, he was hurt.

40 minutes in, TJP is still down 1-0, but he has managed to hurt Alexander’s mid-section. At the 45 minutes, TJP had completely turned the match around, he caught Alexander with an octopus stretch, transitioned to a near fall, he followed with a DDT and a dive, but as he we went for more offense outside the ring, Alexander hit a brainbuster, dropping TJP on the apron.

The match got heated and spilled outside. Alexander went to piledrive TJP on the ramp, but was distracted by Sabin, Miguel, and even Petey Williams telling him to not cross that line, but it was all counterproductive as TJP used that time to recover and reverse Alexander, hitting one of himself and indeed, taking the countout win, but alas, Alexander made it in at 9.

At this point, the roster slowly started to spill outside to watch the match.

TJP followed with a helluva kick and the mamba splash, but he was done for and Alexander moved out of the way. Alexander is bleeding from the forehead.

TJP locked Alexander in a tree of woe, took off his headgear, and as the match transitioned into Impact TV, TJP still couldn't get a pin on Alexander.

5 minutes to go, TJP hit a Falcon Arrow for a near fall, followed with a couple of running boots, but Alexander reacted after two and countered with an ankle lock. TJP hit a desperation detonation kick for a two count! He finally connected the mamba, and Alexander still kicked out.

TJP finally went for another detonation kick, but Alexander countered into the ankle lock. With 2 minutes to go, TJP reversed into an ankle lock of himself and into a kneebar, yet somehow, managed to reverse it into an ankle lock. Final minute, Alexander has TJP in a deep ankle lock, legs wrapped around. With 2 seconds to go, TJP manages to roll back the ankle lock and pin Alexander to tie the match! The match is going into sudden death!

The bell re-rung and they went straight into the striking exchange. TJP is wobbly, Alexander is all bruised and bloody. Alexander caught TJP with a Green Bay plunge, moonsault, powerbomb on the knee, only to get a near fall. Finally, he hit divine intervention and won the match 2-1. Just amazing, one of the best Impact matches I’ve seen in years. Alexander is gonna elevante the X Division to a new level.

- D'lo Brown and Josh Matthews ran down the rest of tonight's card. It's going to be hard to follow the opener.

- Backstage, Don Callis talked to the Good Brothers about their plans to have Moose and Callihan fight, but before they continued, they discovered the hidden cameraperson and cut the feed out.

- Josh Alexander talked about how hard ironman matches are. Edwards walked up and congratulated him. TJP walked up and thanked Alexander for the match, whether they had another match again or not. D’Amore also approached them, to which Alexander told him that he is the only Impact wrestler holding Impact gold, and until they regain the Impact World Championship, he considers himself the king of the mountain.

All of the X Division guys walked up and asked D’Amore for a shot, but D’Amore instead walked away.

Jake Something defeated Rohit Raju in a tables match


Thumbs Up

About a month ago, Rohit Raju cost Something the opportunity to be in the Under Siege #1 contendership match, even since, Something has chased both Raju and Shera, who he has already taken out. The match quickly went into some table teases as both men brawled outside the ring. Raju tried to introduce some chairs into the match, but was blocked by Something, and easily taken down by a couple of power moves from Something.

It wouldn’t be until Raju hit a desperate foot stomp that he got the opening to attack Something with the chair, over and over, focusing the arm. Raju kept Something down for some time, between knee attacks, chair spots, and low blows. At one point, he hit a top rope foot stomp onto Something, who lay on top ro a chair bed.

Finish saw Raju try to kick Something into a vertical table, but Something countered with a couple of blackhole slams, no sold a chair shot, and destroyed Raju through a table with a spear.

Something looked amazing in those last couple of minutes.

- W. Morrissey asked D’Amore for a match with Rich Swann tonight. Swann had asked for one too, so the match was next.

- Rosemary cut a promo on Deonna Purrazzo. She said that last week, she pinned her, and at Against All Odds, she’s bringing the title back to the darkness. Havok walked up to Rosemary and told her that just because they’ve been on the same side lately, she’s still coming for the title regardless who wins at AAO.

Rosemary told her that if she wanted a shot, she'd need to take it from her.

Rich Swann vs W. Morrissey never officially started.

Swann and Morrissey started feuding after Morrissey destroyed Mack at Under Siege. Ever since, they’ve taken shots at each other, but this is the first time they make it to the ring.

Morrissey jumped Swann during his entrance. Swann tried to make a comeback, but Morrissey kept him down with a big boot. Security came down and stopped Morrissey from further harm to Swann.

The distraction from security allowed Mack to come out with a chair and kept Morrissey at bay, saving Swann from a beat down. Morrissey walked away with a smile.

- Backstage, Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K walked up to Rachael Ellering while she warmed up. Dashwood brought up all the chemistry between them in last week’s match, and since they both wanted the tag titles, then maybe they could team up. Jordynne Grace walked up and saved Ellering from the awkwardness. Dashwood wished them luck in their tag title match tonight.

- We got a video package from Bryan Myers explaining Sam Beale on how to be a professional wrestler. He critiqued Beale’s look and presentation. He gave him one of his t-shirts to hide his tattoos and told him to change his entrance. This has potential if it ends with Beale getting a new look.

- Gia Miller interviewed Purrazzo and told her that Havok and Rosemary are wrestling next week, and if Havok wins, she is inserted to the AAO match. Purrazzo said that the office keeps stacking the odds against her, but she has already defeated them before and she’ll do it again.

Knockout Tag Team Champions Fire ‘n Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) defeated Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering to retain the titles.


Thumbs Up

Just a week after winning the titles, Grace and Ellering lost them again to the former champions Hogan and Steelz. They have successfully made Grace question her abilities, after she kept being the one to take the pins in her teams for a couple of months now.

The match was a shorter version of their Under Siege match, with Ellering actually being the babyface in peril and Grace having the hot tag. Ellering would actually return to the match and once again get cut off by the champs. The match would eventually come down to Grace and Steelz, with Grace taken out outside. Fire ‘n Flava would double team Grace with a frog splash and sleeper combo to retain the titles.

This was yet another loss for Grace, who should be close to breaking point. Surprisingly, Dashwood never interfered or anything.

- Sami Callihan cut a promo saying he wasn’t afraid of Moose. Don Callis walked up to him and tried to play games with him, telling him that he’s on his side because everyone likes Moose, but he recognizes Callihan’s potential.

- We got a vignette for Steve Maclin, the former Steve Cutler, who likes to drink Jameson and listen to old music.

- Backstage, Hogan and Steelz bugged D’Amore with their title defense celebration. They told him they wanted new competition, so D’Amore told them that Susan and Kimber Lee had issues with them, and so they’d be defending the titles against them at Against All Odds

Satoshi Kojima defeated Deaner (w/Violent By Design)


Thumbs In THe Middle Pointing UP

Kojima debuted last week, challenging Joe Doering to a match at Against All Odds. Before that, he takes on Doering’s stablemate, Deaner.

Match was mostly Kojima on top, getting all his greatest hits. Deaner did get some offense in as VBD kept distracting Kojima, but nothing big.

At one point, Joe Doering was going to get involved, but Eddie Edwards came out and made the save, allowing Kojima to hit the Cozy cutter and lariat combo for the win.

- Moose was cutting a promo when he also got interrupted by Callis. He now pretended to be in Moose’s corner. Callis is trying to get Moose and Callihan to take each other out, but neither are buying what Callis is selling.

- Eric Young was cutting a promo on Eddie Edwards, but they got interrupted by Decay. They talked down Deaner, but EY stepped up and told him that he also trained Steve as he did Deaner. Steve told him that if EY was so sure about Deaner, why not invoke Freebird Rules and have Violent By Design to defend the tag titles against Black Taurus and him. The match is on, but I didn’t get which VBD combo will defend the titles.

- Brown and Matthews ran down next week’s card, with Havok vs Rosemary, and Morrissey vs Mack. Also, Swann vs Morrissey has been announced for Against All Odds.

Sami Callihan defeated Moose by DQ.


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Both men have chased Kenny Omega, ever since he won the Impact World title. Moose won the Under Siege #1 contendership match to earn his match against Omega, but in that same match, Callis and the Good Brothers personally targeted Callihan, costing him the match. Last week, through problems, Moose and Callihan got a win over the Brothers, but the dissension led to this match between the two, which was Callis’ plan all along.

Callihan hit Moose with a big boot at the start, catching him off his guard and allowing Callihan to have some early offense, but Moose eventually had enough, blocked Calliha’s kick attempt, powerbombed him, and took control of the match.

The match spilled to the floor with back and forward action, with Callihan heavily focusing on taking out Moose’s arm.

Back in the ring, the back and forward action continued, with both men trying to chase the finishing move. Moose was working with only one arm at this point, so he was having trouble with most of his powermoves, but nonetheless, he fought through the pain and still managed to hit a superplex for a near fall.

At the end, Moose hit the Okada corner dropkick, followed by a go to hell for a near fall. Callihan hit a piledriver for a near fall, but as he went for the finish, the Good Brothers came out and attacked both men, giving Callihan the win by DQ.

Callis and Omega walked out afterwards, with the latter joining in on the attack.

Backstage, the group celebrated until D'Amore confronted them and told Callis that since Callihan had defeated the #1 contender, then he officially needed to be entered into the Against All Odds. Callis tried to argue that Tony Khan wouldn’t accept Omega wrestling Callihan, so D’Amore invited Khan to be there next week to talk it over.

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down