Impact Wrestling 5/27/2021

Eddie Edwards defeated Sam Beale on BTI


Thumbs Up

Opening video was a recap of Rhino’s story for the last couple of months, going all the way to winning the Call Your Shot Gauntlet with Heath, getting in a feud with Violent By Design, eventually joining the stable, and as of last week, winning the Impact tag team championships along with Joe Doering.

This was followed by a promo by Violent By Design, with Young saying that the championship win had been done by design.

Opening video was a recap of Rhino’s story for the last couple of months, going all the way to winning the Call Your Shot Gauntlet with Heath, getting in a feud with Violent By Design, eventually joining the stable, and as of last week, winning the Impact tag team championships along with Joe Doering. This was followed by a promo by Violent By Design, with Young saying that the championship win had been done by design. - Josh Matthews is back on commentary for tonight, replacing Matt Striker. - Sami Callihan opened the show, coming down to the ring. He said that ever since Omega

showed up on Impact, it’s all been a bunch of bullcrap from them, and they cost him the Under Siege main event because Omega and Callis know that they can’t beat him. Omega can plan for anyone, but not for him. Callihan called out Omega to come out to the ring, instead, he got Moose, who warned Callihan to not be calling out Omega because he is not the #1 contender, and told him to not get involved in his business. The Good Brothers came out, cutting a promo about always getting blamed for everything, and sided with Moose, arguing that Callihan should stay out of Omega and Moose’s business. Moose responded by saying that they may be on his side, but he’s not on theirs, and between the two, attacked Anderson and Gallows and ran them out of the ring. Backstage, Don Callis said he was an EVP and booked the Good Brothers vs Moose and Callihan. This was a Callis power move after being told by D’Amore that he needed to decide whether he was an EVP with Impact, or Kenny Omega’s manager. Gia Miller asked Callis about the match he had booked, whether it was official or not, since he doesn’t usually book matches. Callis started berating her when D’Amore approached him about it, but before he could say anything, Callis talked his way away. - D’lo Brown & Josh Matthews ran down tonight’s card and talked a bit about what is going on between Don Callis and Scott D’Amore. They also talked about VBD winning the tag titles last week. I kinda missed Josh Matthews.

TJP & Fallah Bahh defeated Josh Alexander & Petey Williams


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Last week, after some comments by TJP about his and William’s match at Under Siege, they challenged each other to a tag team match with their former partners instead.

Match started with Bahh using his size advantage to get some offense on Alexander and Williams, managing to cut off Williams, but the advantage wasn’t long lived.

Alexander tagged in and between him and Williams cut off Bahh from his corner, worked on him for a couple of minutes, trying to keep him off his feet. TJP got a hot tag against Williams, but it wasn’t long for Alexander to come in and pair up with TJP.

After a couple more tags between Williams and Alexander, Bahh finally recovered, came to the aid of TJP, took down Alexander with a Samoan drop, setting up TJP for the mamba splash and win.

With this pin, TJP is likely to challenge Josh Alexander for the X Division championship

- Gia Miller had a sitdown interview with W. Morrissey. He was immediately antagonizing, saying that people in the industry are phoney and only nice when the cameras are rolling, but once the camera is off, everyone backstabs you.

Miller brought up that maybe Morrissey was bitter, but Morrissey said that it was more like being defensive. He brought up that when he had a seizure in the ring, no one cared for him, and instead, all the fans recorded him and uploaded the video to the internet to laugh at him.

Morrissey said that now that he’s doing great, now everyone wants to be his friend again. Miller said that in her experience with Impact, the locker room does have many friends, bringing up Mack and Swann, who Morrissey blamed of helping Mack for the spotlight, not for friendship. This was a weird interview, but I think it was effective.

Afterwards, Rich Swann jumped Morrissey, getting payback for what Morrissey did last week.

- We got a vignette for the Knockouts roster, with some of the roster members talking about the division. This seemed to be a commercial for Impact, so it may start airing on AXS.

- Miller interviewed the babyface team of tonight’s 10-women Knockouts match. Taylor Wilde was nowhere to be found, so Dashwood figured they should get a fifth member. Ellering wanted to bring in Grace, who took it as being a substitute and not a first hand choice. Grace reluctantly accepted. Dashwood flirted with the idea of a Dashwood and Ellering tag team.

Rachel Ellering, Jordynne Grace, Havok, Rosemary, & Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) defeated Deonna Purrazzo, Fire ‘n Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz), Kimber Lee, & Susan


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Match started with some pair ups, with the babyface maintaining the upper hand as the match went on. Adding fuel to the fire between Grace and Ellering, Dashwood tagged herself in and did a double team move with Ellering, but when Grace was tagged in, the referee decided that Ellering had been in the ring for too long, kicked her out, and as Grace waited for the Ellering assist, Steelz reversed Grace and cut her off.

The heel team worked over Grace for a while, keeping her off her feet. Most of the work was done by Steelz and Hogan, who have been feuding with Grace and Ellering for some weeks now.

Grace finally managed to escape the opposite corner and fall into a Rosemary tag, who came in and ran over Hogan with a hot tag. Steelz aided Hogan to cut off Rosemary too, and once again, the heel corner gained control of the ring.

Susan and Lee were the ones focused on Rosemary, with a series of double teams, until Havok came in for the tower of doom spot, setting up a second hot tag at the hands of Ellering, going up against Purrazzo.

Ellering and Grace did some double team moves on Purrazzo before Hogan and Steelz broke it off. All hell broke loose when Fire ‘n Flava were done teaming with Lee and Susan and started brawling outside the ring, leaving Purrazzo open in the ring for Rosemary to pin.

Yet another pin over the champion, Rosemary is likely heading to Against All Odds to face Purrazzo.

Grace and Ellering seemed to be doing better, but we could also see Susan and Lee being added into the Knockouts tag team feud.

- Impact+ Flashback Moment of the Week was Eric Young vs Bobby Roode for the King of the Mountain title.

- Josh Alexander talked backstage about being pinned by TJP. He accepted that TJP deserved a shot at the title and he was a defending champion. TJP and D’Amore walked up, with the latter announcing a 60 minute Ironman match next week on BTI.

- We got a video package about the relationship between Jake Something and Rohit Raju, starting together in the indies, their real life friendship, and how things had changed as soon as they made it to Impact. Raju argues that Something gets everything, while D’Amore only bullies Raju. Something argued that the gold had gotten up to Raju’s head. They challenged each other to a tables match. This was a great video package for a nothing feud between two midcard guys. More of these!

- Violent By Design came down to the ring to address their title win last week. EY said that when he started this war, he needed people like him, that thought like him, and so he brought in Joe Doering, who cut a path of violence in Japan. Deaner he found when he was his weakest and he opened his eyes and became his purest self. Finally, EY said that Rhino had become a shadow of his former self, and the Warmachine had returned.

They waited with the Call Your Shot trophy until they knew FinJuice would be their weakest, and when they knew that FinJuice wouldn’t be able to use their rematch clause, since they were back in Japan.

EY ended saying that Impact belongs to them, that Mexico was next, and so was Japan, and that’s when the lights went out, and Satoshi Kojima came out. He got in Doering’s face and only said “Against All Odds”. Awesome!

- We got a replay of Brian Myers promo and attack from last year, where he took out Matt Cardona. Afterwards, Miller interviewed Dr. Ross about Cardona’s status. The doctor said that Cardona was out for a couple of weeks with a broken orbital bone.

Myers interrupted asking what he needed to break in order for Cardona to never come back. Myers himself was interrupted by Sam Beale, but instead of retaliating, he told Beale that he would teach him how to be professional.

- Backstage, Joe Doering accepted Kojima’s challenge. Decay happened to walk by, only to get antagonized by Deaner, but Crazzy Steve was quick enough to tell him off, bringing up that he went from shadow to shadow, first Jake Something’s, and now EY’s.

Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) Johnny Swinger & Hernandez (with Alisha Edwards)

A Generous *3/4

Thumbs Up

This match was set up last week, when Johnny Swinger kicked out Decay from his Swinger’s Palace. Hernandez is Swinger’s bouncer, and Alisha works for Swinger in order to pay her financial debt. Don’t ask for sense when it comes to Swinger storylines.

Start of the match was all Decay working over Swinger until Hernandez blind tagged himself to turn the match around, cut off Steve, and set him up for Swinger.

Swinger and Hernandez had control for some minutes, even trying some double team moves, but once it was Swinger in the ring alone, Steve recovered and tagged in Taurus.

Taurus took out Hernandez with a dive, giving Steve the opening to hit a deep impact on Swinger for the pin. Nothing match, arguably a squash, but it’s a win for Decay, who are likely to chase the titles, now that Decay and VBD seem to be antagonizing each other.

- Brown and Mattews announced some matches for next week, starting with Alexander vs TJP in an Ironman match on BTI. Something vs Raju in a tables match, Kojima vs Deaner, Fire ‘n Flava vs Ellering and Grace in a tag title rematch.

- A hidden camera-person caught Don Callis telling Anderson and Gallows that their job tonight was to create dissension between Moose and Callihan.

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated Moose & Sami Callihan


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Didn't go long enough to be 3 or higher

Match started, and Callihan and Moose were immediately on each other’s throats, stealing tags from each other, as they both wanted to get their hands on Anderson, or tagging each other the hard way. Even with these problems, Callihan and Moose did manage to maintain the upper hand over for some good time, but as they escalated, Anderson sneaked away and tagged in Gallows.

Anderson and Gallows cut off Callihan and beat him down for some time. It was mostly Gallows in there with Callihan, until the latter caught Gallows with a desperation stunner and finally tagged out.

Moose got the hot tag and actually took down both Anderson and Gallows, but once again, Callihan tagged himself in. Moose had enough and kicked Callihan, who was left in the ring open for the Brothers to hit a magic killer for the win. Moose didn’t even try to break the pin.

After the match, Moose hit Callihan with a lights out and left him laying as the show went off the show.

Thumbs Up

There was something imperceptibly different about this episode that made it a thumbs up show.