Impact Wrestling 3/23/2021

Tasha Steelz defeated Alisha on BTI


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Show opened with Kenny Omega and Don Callis arriving at the Impact Zone.

Opening video featured the Good Brothers challenging FinJuice for the tag titles, only to be told that they’ll have to wait for April for FinJuice’s return. Also, last week’s main event where Sami Callihan defeated Trey Miguel. And finally, Don Callis’ promo on Rich Swann last week.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo (with Susan) defeated Jazz (with Jordynne Grace) in a non-title match.


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Jazz and Purrazzo have been on opposite sides for months now, whether going against Lee and Susan, or Purrazzo herself, these two have faced off over and over again. Jazz submitted Kimber Lee in last week’s 12-woman match, and so she earned this match.

This was somewhat different from most of Purrazzo's big matches, instead of focusing on an arm and going for it, she worked over Jazz’s head. Match itself saw Jazz have some offense early on until Purrazzo caught her with a toe-drop hold and into Susan’s hands, and from there on, Purrazzo got some heat. Jazz made a comeback with a jawbreaker.

At the end, Jazz got a near fall after hitting the X-factor, but Purrazzo was too close to the ropes. Outside the ring, Susan took out Grace and distracted Jazz, allowing Purrazzo to get a roll up after Susan got a shoe strike on Jazz. Not a good match, it felt like both women were holding off.

- The Good Brothers are hanging out with some staff, making excuses why they lost the titles, saying that they were really hungover. Eddie Edwards confronted them and told them they were not part of the boys and didn’t belong in this dressing room.

Decay were in the hallway and made fun of Anderson and Gallows because they had lost the titles, and now they were being kicked out of the locker rooms.

- We got a weird commercial for Swinger’s Palace. Bad as usual, the only redeeming thing is Swinger’s gimmick.

- Backstage, Rohit Raju stumbled upon a Fallah Bahh that apparently has been sleeping in the arena because he lost all his money. Raju told him he was embarrassed until Bahh challenged him to a match.

- D’lo Brown and Matt Striker ran down tonight’s card.

TJP defeated X Division Champion Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) by DQ, Austin retains the title.


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This is TJP’s rematch clause after losing the X Division title to Austin at Sacrifice.

Really good match for the time given, this also felt like a shorter version of their sacrifice match, with the constant mixing and transitioning between aerial moves and chain wrestling, depending on who was under control. TJP was way more vicious that he had been since winning the title.

The match was back and forward for the first third of the match, but when TJP went for a superplex, Austin reversed it into a super front suplex and with this, cut off TJP. Austin was in control for some minutes, but TJP kept having a couple of small comebacks until they eventually piled up when TJP locked in an octopus stretch for a near fall.

Last couple of minutes were a play on the Sacrifice match, with Austin landing the same combo that he used to win, but TJP managed to counter the fold into a detonation kick and mamba splash, only for Fulton to break up the win and give TJP the win by DQ. Good match, I wasn't even annoyed by the finish.

After the match, Fulton attacked TJP, but Josh Alexander made the save and ran off Austin and Fulton.

- Gia Miller interviewed Matt Cardon about being in Impact Wrestling. Cardona said that this was the best opportunity to be an actual wrestler, with so much talent to face off. Miller asked how he was working on staying on top of the social media environment, to which Cardona said that it’s a lot of work and it’s important to realize that we’re not always on top, but you have to keep on going.

Miller asked him about Brian Myers. Cardona said that it was a coincidence that they’re both here, he wasn’t following him, but rather trying to make something by himself. He told Myers to either put up, or shut up.

- Backstage, Trey Miguel threw a fit when he was confronted by XXXL. Tommy Dreamer told them to screw off. Miguel wanted Romero tonight, but Dreamer was trying to calm him down and get him a match for Hardcore Justice. Dreamer cut his overdone promo about “I’ve been there” on Miguel.

Rohit Raju defeated Fallah Bahh


Thumbs Up

Ok match, quite short. Speed vs power and almost a squash match if not for a short offense run that Bahh had towards the end before Rohit took him out with a jumping knee, dodged the banzai drop, and rolled him up for the win.

No sight of Mahabali Shera, so that may had been it for him.

- Miller tried to interview Omega and Callis, but they told her they were on their way to the ring and she can find out like the rest of us.

- This week’s AEW commercial was awkward, as Omega and Callis were there with Tony Khan and Tony Schiavnoe. They promoted Omega vs Sydal, to which Omega said there was no chance for Sydal to win tomorrow. Omega and Callis walked out, leaving Khan and Schiavone to run down the rest of the Dynamite card.

- Over at Omega’s locker room, Anderson and Gallows knocked, but since there was no answer, Gallows thought that maybe they were in there and not wanting to answer. This shouldn’t be a problem a minute later if they happen to pay attention to the speakers.

- Kenny Omega and Don Callis came out to the ring. Omega initially threw a tirade about the Impact staff. Callis told him he could fire anyone he wanted.

Callis cut a promo, bringing back the idea that Swann is great, but he won’t be able to get the one winged angel out of his head, because, per them, no one has ever kicked out of the move. Omega straight up said he was bigger than Ibushi after Callis had listed a couple of names of people who Omega was better against. Callis said that he is willing to dry out every wrestler in the promotion to benefit Omega.

Callis showed a teaser of a one winged angel video compilation that he made for Omega.

They ended their promo telling Swann that he’ll only be a footnote in the history of Omega, and told Impact that what was their biggest night in years, was only Tuesday to him. Once he wins the Impact title, everyone in the promotion will know that they had no one good enough to challenge Omega.

Not their best work until Omega’s final words.

- We got a promo from Violent By Design. EY talked about how Rhino is not a monster he had to create, but only helped him wake up to become the monster he was always meant to be. Rhino got baptized to officially enter the stable.

Trey Miguel defeated Acey Romero (with Larry D)


Thumbs Up

This was made after the confrontation between XXXL and Miguel backstage, and so Miguel was still hot about the situation and used it against Romero. The match was a power vs speed match, Miguel had the upper hand as long as he could hit and run, but as soon as Romero got a hold of Miguel, dropped him and didn’t let him go for a while.

After a couple of power moves from Romero, Miguel escaped him, dropped him with a neckbreaker. We got a great near fall after Miguel went for a springboard cutter, only to get pounced by Romero to the other side of the ring. Miguel won with meteora after recovering from the pounce. Good match, better than I expected.

After the match, D attacked Miguel, followed by Romero who joined in, but suddenly, Sami Callihan of all people saved Miguel and helped him take out XXXL.

- Miller asked Rich Swann about the Omega and Callis promo. He said that all their talk wasn’t going to get in his head that easy, nor would a video of the OWA. He said that both Omega and Callis were underestimating Swann’s fighting spirit. He accepted the OWA put him down at Hard To Kill, but without the Good Brothers and Sabin and Moose, he always had the upper hand on Omega and that he won’t be able to even hit it at Rebellion. Awesome promo.

Karl Anderson (with Doc Gallows) defeated Eddie Edwards


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Wrong guy won

This match didn’t really have a build up, other than the confrontation we saw earlier today, when Edwards told the Good Brothers that they couldn’t come and try to big time the Impact roster, and so they were not welcomed in the locker room.

Match started with some chain wrestling, with Edwards having the upper hand, even hitting a dive early on, taking out both Anderson and Gallows. A couple of minutes later, Edwards went for a top rope dropkick, only to get cut off by Anderson when Gallows distracted him, and thus Anderson gained control of the match.

Anderson worked over Edwards’ head, with constant headlocks. With five minutes left in the match, Edwards made a comeback and got a near fall with the backpack stunner. Blue thunder bomb for another. Finish saw Edward block a gunstun and go for the O’Connor roll, only to get kicked into the ropes, where Gallows met Edwards with a chair, setting him up for a spinebuster by Anderson for the win. Good match, but I’m sure they could have a better one with more time and different pacing.

Afterwards, FinJuice cut a promo via video screen, telling the Good Brothers that they have been winning this last week, and that they know the Good Brothers like having their bags carried around for them, which should be easier now with 20 lbs less......which is even more of a reason why Karl with a fucking K should have lost......unless this is leading to a rematch, but they made no allusions about it.

Good promo, but not a lot of content.


Im going to regret this. (Gulp)......

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