Impact Wrestling 12/8/2020


To quote Chingy, Everytime I try to leave something keeps pulling me back me back telling me I need you in my life.

I said I wouldn't come back to this white elephant promotion but God damn it I just didn't have anything better to do on a Tuesday night.

From the beginning Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne kept recapping the AEW Championship change and that Kenny Omega was in a bus at the Impact Zone tonight. Josh Matthews or maybe it was Madison said this is the biggest moment in Impact History......bigger than Hogan coming or James Storm winning the title or Kurt Angle debuting and the subsequent brawl with Samoa Joe.

They said alot of stupid shit before even the opening bell of the 1st match and throughout the rest of the show. So the moral of the story is try not to listen to Josh & Madison, they suck.

Chris Sabin defeated Josh Alexander


Thumbs Up

They are teasing dissention between Josh & his tag team partner who's name escapes me (The North)

TJP vs Brian Myers

I swear to God if they give Brian Myers a competitive match or have him win.........

Josh said that Brian Myers finisher is a clothesline......alright lol.

I know JBL's and Adam Page's finish is also a clothesline and that HBK's finish is a kick and Big Show's and Lacey Evan's finisher is a punch, but that to me is like the time I read Eric Bischoff's Wiki and under signature moves it read various taekwondo punches & kicks.

Son of a bitch!!!

Winner: Brian Myers

Won with a clothesline believe or not

Negative ***

2 Thumbs Down

This was insulting

PS: Lacey & Show have the best finishers because they are punches.

Eric Young flanked by some big redneck lookin guy vs Cody Deaner (WTF?)

Two over the hill Impact originals having a match. The previous match pissed me off, this one made me sad. At one point Cody exclaimed "I'm not a nobody!" ........Yes you are.


Thumbs In The Middle pointing down

at least the correct guy won

I miss talented & entertaining EY from 2005. Cody has and always been an insult to wrestling, fuck him.

Eric & (I guess) his heater attacked Cody & his cousin after the match and were about to kill them with stereo piledrivers. Then! Rhino makes the save! wielding a lead pipe said Josh on commentary, but actually it was pipe that you would see under a sink.....I guess it could be lead based.

Alright lol........This gets a thumbs up

Impact at it's worst always had this weird inexplicable charm to it.

Tommy Dreamer was ruining his credibility by saying stupid shit about being able to vacate an attempted murder charge. Apparently we've found the guys who tried to kill Johnny Swinger. I don't know their names because THEY WERE NEVER IDENTIFIED!!!! nor was what the fuck they were talking about recapped. From it's inception in June 2002 this has always been an Impact Wrestling problem. They lack exposition and expect you to just know because they awesome that everyone watching is a hardcore fan always on the pulse. That's an unreasonable expectation.

Then Tommy Dreamer was backstage with Scott D'Amore who I like and should know better. He also talked a bunch of self indulgent shit. Among other things he said Kenny is one of the best of all time. What a bullshitter

Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie defeated Deonna Purazzo and a female of some description


Thumbs Up

as a result of her win Saturday at Final Resolution Rosemary will challenge Deonna Purazzo for the Knockouts Championship

I like Rosemary & Taya

Rosemary has the best theme music every

: Left Behind By Kenneth Nixon

Taya is Thick AF

PS: I searched her partner. Kimber Lee.....still not sure if this is partner because she was never identified.

Eddie Edwards who has a very cute wife is gonna feud with Sami Calihan...again

Thumbs Down

Chris Bey who should be a babyface & Moose who sucks in everyway vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack.

Rich Swann is the champion of Impact. 1st of all...what an honor (sarcasm) and 2nd, what a champion (more sarcasm)

Kenny Olivier affectionately known to his fans as Kenny Omega won the AEW World Title last week and is the top trending item in the wrestling bubble. Roman Reigns is the WWE Universal Champion and Drew McIntyre is the WWE World Champion. These are the 3 biggest deals in all of wrestling right now by a large margin to who ever is number 4. Meanwhile Rich Swann is not even on the list.


Thumbs Up

Chris Bey & Moose Won

I like Chris Bey. Make him! the Champion. Then again this show is beneath him and he is being wasted. A wasted commodity. He should be the champion of every promotion in the world all at the same time, but he's not and the champion of his promotion is this dancing foolish WWE castoff.

Some Geek didn't know who Impact Wrestling World Champion Rich Swann was and didn't let him in Kenny's Trailer.

What a burial of poor Rich, their own champion, their championship, their promotion. Impact still and has always been this weird counterproductive suicidal promotion (demotion is more like it)

The show closed with 15 mins of Kenny Olivier & Don Calis talking but saying nothing of value.

Thumbs Down

Wait that's the end?!

Earlier Tony Khan had a whole commercial plugging Kenny, Impact, AEW and himself in a very heelish manner. He claimed to be displeased with Kenny & Don. Yea it was so obvious with you cheesing your ass of during one of you mandatory 500 name drops and cameos this past Dynamite episode. This was so bad it's not even heel heat or change the channel heat. It's get the fuck off my TV heat. Tony Khan is such a geek and mark for himself.

So easy 2 Thumbs Down

I probably won't be covering Impact ever again.

I see no one has so far tonight.

speaking of which....good night