Impact Wrestling 12/15/2020


Another chance

Impact is lucky I'm in a good mood, relaxed and nothing is to do.

Tenille Dashwood defeated Alisha Edwards


Thumbs Up

Alisha needs work.

You should be able to run across the ring in 3 steps. She takes like 30. That's just one of her problem. far nothing particularly bad.

And as soon as I say that here comes fuckin Sami Callahan.

What ever charm he has with nerds & geeks or Impact is just beyond me. He wears too much clothing and needs to stop with that corny af thumbs up/down Batista/HHH deal.

The Motor City Machine Guns cut a good promo challenging for the tag belts. Kenny Omega & Don Calis antagonized Carl Anderson to take offense to this even though the Guns said nothing inflammatory. So Carl who is a fucking fool turned heel and took offense.

Thumbs Up in a way because we essentially have the Guns vs the Bullet Club storyline and a potential Rich Swann vs Kenny Omega belt vs belt match.

Moose was talking shit about injuring Willie. The highlight......for me was Willie referring to Moose as UCE as in Uso......probably said Moose

Thumbs Up

I think there are two seperate writing teams for Impact. A shitty one and a better one. They take turns apparently, because this wasn't bad so far.

Chris Bey & Rohit backstage being goofy and subsequently likeable heels, but whatever. They plugged the upcoming non title match next between Chris Bey & X Division Champion Manik. The story is if they can prove that Manik is TJP in disguise Rohit might get his belt back. So he'll be at ringside up to something

Simple but good

Thumbs Up

Tony Khan & Tony Schiavone cut a heelish paid promo.

Thumbs down

Chris Bey vs Manik

This was better than AJ vs Sheamus from last night. Also I might have ove rated that match.

***1/4 Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Rohit was in fact dicking around outside the ring. Stwwwww. Manik knows magic and can disappear and reappear.

Impact, I try with yall, but you don't make it easy. Then Rohit hit the ring which wasn't a DQ. The ref just stood by and let the heels bicker. I returned a text and missed the DQ.

The ref said someone was DQed. Chris Bey's music played, he looked pleased, Rohit looked displeased.

Chris Bey Won by DQ

Chris Bey's music suits him but most of the people in Impact seem unworthy of their theme song/music. I wonder what their budget is for music and rights

2nd hour

Kierra Hogan & Tasha Steele VS Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie (Knockout Tag Title Tournament match)

Why did Taya change her song. This one is good and suits her but so did her other one if not better.

Thumbs Up

My God! Taya & Rosemary look like Big Show & Khali compared Kierra & Tasha

Deoanna Parazzo and Kimber Ler attacked Rosemary off the apron and it wasn't a DQ. Right when it was getting good.

I was fittin to give this ***.

Not just Impact, but these ref's are fucking clueless. Have them study the rulebook and act like it's real please.

Negative *

Thumbs Up because Kierra Hogan & Tasha Steele Won. Good for them. Also didn't Deonna beat Rosemary at the ppv Sunday? Why did she attack Rosmary?

Eric Young was backstage was Cousin Deaner and had another nonsensical vignette. He had one earlier by himself.

Thumbs Down

Johnny Swinger Stole Money From Kierra & Tasha. Despite the fact that this was on national TV, no one watches Impact so he'll probably get away with it. You can be in the Federal Witness Protection Program and be prominently featured on Impact and still be safe and sleep well.

Brian Myers VS Josh Alexander

Brian is From Queens NY?! Sure doesn't act like it. This could of been not bad. Then Ethan Page came in as "The Karate Man" and attacked Brian for the DQ. Even Madison on commentary was like WTF?! was this? She just didn't say WTF.

Brian Myers Won by DQ

Thumbs Down

Negative **

Soooooo I think they rotated back to the stupid, shitty, worthless writing team at the 2nd hour mark. Thats when the show fell of a cliff.

Also they must know people are only gonna watch for Kenny. That's why they put him on last otherwise viewers are just gonna tune out prematurely.

Backstage nonsense with Tommy Dreamer & Rhino and geeks of some description.

Thumbs down

Chris Sabin vs Carl Anderson

This should be good

1st time ever meeting of these two in the ring one on one.


Thumbs Up

Carl won with a tights pull. Ref swore he aint see it

Kenny Omega and his handler didn't really do anything until the very ending when they, Carl, and Luke Gallows layed out the Guns and Rich Swann.

At the next Impact PPV it will be Kenny Luke & Carl vs the Guns and Swann.

Don Calis can book matches.

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up