Impact Wrestling 10/20/2020

Hernandez defeated Alisha Edwards, Rhino, Heath, & Cousin Jake to win the final spot of the Call Your Shot Gauntlet

Last week, these five wrestlers won their chance to face each other in a one fall, five way match for the coveted #20 spot in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Glory. Whoever is pinned or submitted in this match must enter at #1.

Story of the match was that none of the men wanted to wrestle Edwards, yet she kept putting herself in between spots, interrupting, and pushing the men to fight her. Eventually, Hernandez didn’t mind taking out Edwards and was about to hit the border toss on her, but was saved by Cousin Jake. Hernandez took out Jake, was confronted by Edwards, but out of nowhere Rhino went for the gore on Hernandez, who dodged and instead gored Edwards. Hernandez used the distraction to roll up Rhino and win the #20 spot, while Rhino must enter at #1.

Negative * Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Jimmy Jacobs held a sitdown interview with Moose. Jacobs asked if Moose was happy for reclaiming the TNA title. Moose wasn’t happy, he was worried because he knew that ECIII wouldn’t just stop there and would have to deal with him once more. 

Moose stormed off, but soon after, ECIII’s minions kidnapped Jimmy Jacobs, took him to a truck and drove off. Thumbs Up

- Bravo was preparing the wedding rehearsal, but instead ended up berating everyone because nothing was ready, even lashing out at Taya. Mostly bad comedy, but this is approaching its end next week. Thumbs Up because the end is nigh

- Deonna Purrazzo cut a great promo about what the Impact Knockout’s division and championship meant and that at Bound For Glory, she showed that she was the greatest champion of them all. She compared herself with Kylie Rae, saying that Rae doesn’t react well to stress as she does.

Thumbs Up

Rosemary defeated Havok

The stipulation here was that if Rosemary can defeat Havok, then the latter will help Rosemary bring Father James Mitchell back from the dead so he can officiate Rosemary and Bravo’s wedding.

*3/4 Thumbs Up

Kylie Rae cut a promo saying that Purrazzo calls herself the best technical wrestler in the world, but that she had never faced Rae and until she did, we wouldn’t know who was the best. Rae said that breaking Susie’s arm had made this personal, but winning the title was her motivation, not revenge, and so even after she wins the title, it won’t be enough to avenge Susie.

Thumbs Up

- We saw Jimmy Jacobs get taken to ECIII’s lair where he demanded an interview. Jacobs asked what was ECIII’s narrative that he so much talked about. ECIII that he had finally found someone he wanted to fight in Moose, but that he would teach him who was the Moose that he needed to become. 

ECIII said that he wanted to burn his past and along with it, the TNA World title legacy, and for that, he needed to defeat Moose. ECIII was good, but the whole atmosphere is kinda corny.

Thumbs Up

Sami Callihan defeated Eddie Edwards

*1/2 Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Sami wears way too much clothing.

It seems like this feud may never end.

Callihan stopped Edwards to click on his phone. He turned the lights off and on so Shamrock could magically appear. With this distraction, Callihan rolled up Edwards for the win. Dumb finish.

Trey Miguel, TJP, and Willie Mack defeated X-Division Champion Rohit Raju, Chris Bey, & Jordynne Grace

** Thumbs Up

The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) ended in a no contest

** Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Thumbs Up Show

Not a great show inside the ring, but a good go-home show, touching on all matches booked for Bound For Glory this Sunday.