Impact Wrestling 1/12/2021

This is the go home show for Hard To Kill this Saturday

Kimber Lee defeated Taya Valkyrie


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Too long and too much going on.

Why is Susan heel? Why did she help the the heels who took her out?

This was bad and made no sense. Still better than Raw though

The Tonys plugged Dynamite and buried Impact.

Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne sound like commentators for a golf tournament.

But atleast Madison has a clue. Like JR, she'll bury stupid stuff from their own show. Rightfully so. Only a fool dislikes correction.

For example: Why wasn't the ref counting out Suicide and Manik when they were teleporting.

Chris Bey & Rohit Raju defeated Manik & Suicide


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

There were spots that were dumb

Also why don't they just call it just team wrestling like they did in the days of yore when every match was tornado rules? This apllies to all promotions? Because tagging in a match is like one the rules that you could break and the authority figure would give a fuck less.

Tommy Dreamer defeated Cody Deaner via DQ when Eric Young ran in. Yes, they had to protect TOMMY DREAMER. They couldn't just have Cody pin him like everyone else does. Get a no name geek who recently turned heel over.

Then a brawl ensued. The heels got the better of it and left the babyfaces laying.


Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Well Paced

Its Already 9pm est

This shitty show that is far better than Raw is half way over

Rosemary defeated Tenille Dashwood

I miss Tenille Dashwood when she was entertaining and had charm. Back when she was Santino Marella's girlfriend.

I can't believe they killed the hairspray finish. Rosmary just kicked out and was back on offense seconds later.

Crazzy Steve chased Kaleb away to render him a non factor. Unfortunately they can't help themselves but to disrespect the wrestling business. Almost in an obligatory way they made sure to hit the ring right in front the ref for the non dq.

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up


Ethan Page is gonna face himself at the ppv


Still better than Raw

Moose defeated Matthew Palmer via ref stoppage

Moose has cool theme music

The announcer referred to this as a return match. They just can't help themselves but to be marks. Might as well said "btw this all fake and we as performers use this terminology backstage"

Thumbs Up Match


Rich Swann defeated Carl Anderson


Thumbs Up

The dancing guy from 205 live defeated AJ Styles's henchman who was lost when they were split up.

WWE cast offs are Impacts maineventers having competitive matches

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Down

Nothing matters on this shows. Atleast its not lazy and stupid like Raw