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Batesville Elementary School In Mississippi

A mother in Mississippi is reportedly upset after her son came home with an award from school that offended her.

Shemekia Ellis says her son Braylen attends pre-kindergarten school at Batesville Elementary in the South Panola school district.

Braylen is Black and was given a "Monkey Award" for "entertaining others" in class, according to his mother.

Ellis says her son was not aware of the racist connotations attached to referring to Black people as "monkeys," and was excited to receive the award, yet Ellis she feels giving her son that award and referring to him as a monkey is "unacceptable."


reportedly reached out to the school through emails asking about the award and was able to meet with both South Panola School District superintendent and the Batesville Elementary principal.

Those officials told Ellis her son's class was having an animal-themed award ceremony, she says, adding officials promised they had warned teachers to be cautious with the awards given.

Those award ceremonies won't be happening anymore, the officials reportedly told Ellis. The officials also said that Braylen's teacher wasn't aware of the racist history of referring to Black people as monkeys, Ellis says.

Ellis says she wants an apology.

By: #GeraldRoberts