Friday Night SmackDown 9/2/2022

Viking Rules match: The Viking Raiders defeated The New Day (22:16)


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Michael Cole noted that a Viking rules match means there are no rules. There were a bunch of flags and shields around ringside. There was also the front of a Viking ship. 

The New Day had the early advantage as they stomped the Raiders in the corner. They followed up with double flip dives at the same time. Kingston held a shield over Erik's face, and Woods hit a running dropkick against the barricade. Kingston then hit a frog splash off the barricade onto Ivar for a near fall. 

Back from the break, Woods hit a flying crossbody onto the Viking Raiders in the crowd. They fought back towards the ring. Ivar hit a running crossbody on Woods against the barricade in the crowd for a two-count. 

Back in the ring, Erik held Kingson so Ivar could hit him with a kendo stick. The fans broke into a brief "We want tables" chant. Kingston recovered and ran wild. He then hit Erik with a unicorn horn sledgehammer off the top rope for a very close near fall.

The New Day pulled out two tables to a massive pop. Erik then slammed Ivar onto Kingston on the dragon boat. Woods then caught Erik with a DDT. Woods briefly fought back, but the Raiders took over. Ivar hit a slam off the middle rope, but Kingston broke up the pin attempt with a double stomp. 

Back from the break, Ivar stacked the tables in front of the dragon boat. Woods fired up and hit a senton on Erik. Woods brought in a chair and set it up in the ring. New Day then gave Erik a double stroke onto a chair, but Ivar broke up the pin attempt. 

Ivar missed a huge moonsault and crashed onto the mat. Kingston hit a splash, and Woods followed up with the flying elbow for a close near fall. Woods and Kingston then dove onto the Raiders off the boat. 

The Raiders regained control and tossed Kingston into the ship. Woods attempted to powerbomb Erik off the ship through the stacked tables. Ivar made the save and rocked Woods with the shield. Kingston recovered, but Ivar took him out with a shield shot. The Viking Raiders then gave Woods the Ragnarok double powerbomb through the stacked tables for the win. 

Paul Heyman narrated part I of a video package on Roman Reigns' two-year reign as champion. These were excellent video packages that aired throughout the show. 

Back from the break, they showed a video package recapping the Bloodline beating down Drew McIntyre last week.

In the back, The Usos approached Sami Zayn in the locker room. Zayn wore a suit and got his hair did for Reign's two-year anniversary celebration. Jey wasn't happy that Paul Heyman wasn't there for the party. He mentioned Zayn not helping him against Kevin Owens. 

Zayn tried to explain. Jimmy felt Zayn had the party under control. Zayn was great in the segment. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Shayna Baszler. Baszler promised to win the SmackDown Women's title and make Liv Morgan tap. Morgan interrupted and promised to rip out Baszler's arm at Clash at the Castle. 

Karrion Kross and Scarlett promo

In the back, Kross talked about Drew McIntrye and Roman Reigns. He promised to defeat Drew Gulak because the timelines are going to change. Tick tock.

Paul Heyman narrated part II of the video package. It discussed everyone Reigns defeated in the last two years, including Edge, John Cena, Goldberg, Big E, and Brock Lesnar. 

Karrion Kross (w/Scarlett) defeated Drew Gulak (1:16)


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This was a squash match. Kross dominated and won easily. 

Kross let Gulak chop and hit him, but it didn't hurt. Kross rocked Gulak with a boot to the face. He followed up with the Saito suplex and locked on the Kross jacket for the win. 

After the match, Kross and Scarlett hung Gulak in the ropes and walked away. 

They recapped Ronda Rousey getting arrested. 

Paul Heyman narrated part III of the Roman Reigns video package. He recapped Reigns ruling over SmackDown with wins over Kevin Owens, Rey Mysterio, and Riddle. 

Ronda Rousey Final Judgment 

This was a good segment. Rousey and Pearce were good in their roles. Pearce cut a good frustrated heel promo. 

Ronda Rousey got a good reaction. The fans broke into a "Ronda" chant. Rousey had a letter in her hand from WWE corporate. She called out Adam Pearce to read the letter. Pearce claimed it wasn't personal, but Rousey feels differently. She mentioned it felt personal when he had her arrested. 

Rousey demand Pearce read the letter. The letter claimed Rousey's behavior was inappropriate but not criminal. It added that she's on probation, but her suspension is over now.

Pearce was unhappy as he read the letter. Rousey rubbed it in his face, which was funny. Pearce added he would fire her. Rousey mocked him, which set Pearce off. He ranted about running two shows and babysitting people like Rousey. He noted nobody from the office could take his place. 

He doesn't have a problem with the board of directors. No, he has a problem with Rousey. Pearce went too far and insulted her. Rousey was furious and caught him in the armbar. The fans broke into a "Ronda" chant. Cole noted Rousey just assaulted a WWE official, and she could get fined or suspended again. 

Hit Row (w/B-Fab) defeated Maximum Male Models (w/Max and Maxine Dupri) (3:03)

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This wasn't good.

Maximum Male Models had a runway entrance with Max and Maxine Dupri introducing them. 

Ashante thee Adonis sent Mån.sôör to the floor with a drop kick. Ma.çé jumped in the ring, but Top Dolla sent him to ringside as well.

Los Lotharios made their way to ringside and tried to hit on B-Fab. The Models took advantage of the distraction and jumped Adonis from behind. The heels took over and isolated Adonis on their side of the ring. 

Adonis broke free, and Top Dolla got the tag. He caught Mån.sôör with a running knee and a splash. Hit Row hit heavy hitter for the win. 

After the match, Los Lotharios and the Models attacked Hit Row until the Street Profits ran out for the save. 

They recapped Ricochet defeating Happy Corbin. In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Corbin. He doesn't want to talk about Ricochet beating him twice. Instead, he's going to issue an open challenge. 

Paul Heyman narrated part IV of the Roman Reigns video packages. It highlighted the matches he competed in, including Hell in a Cell and the Last man standing match. 

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Happy Corbin (2:21)

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This wasn't good. It was a short match. 

Nakamura accepted Corbin's open challenge. 

Nakamura backed Corbin in the corner. Corbin fought back with an elbow to the head. Nakamura recovered and set up for the Kinshasa, but Corbin countered with the deep six for a near fall. 

The fans broke into a "Corbin sucks" chant. Nakamura escaped the end of days and hit Kinshasa for the win. 

Cole recapped Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah defeating IYO SKY & Dakota Kai to win the WWE Women's Tag Team titles on last Monday's Raw.

The Brawling Brutes made their way to the ring. 

Back from the break, Corbin was walking around sad backstage. Suddenly, a limo with horns on the front pulled up and invited Corbin into the vehicle. Cole speculated that it was JBL in the limo. 

Butch (w/Sheamus & Ridge Holland) defeated Ludwig Kaiser (w/Gunther) (9:03)


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Butch and Kaiser had a good match. 

Butch was back to his old look with a singlet and his hair down, as opposed to the street clothes, suspenders, and hair tied back. 

Kaiser had the early advantage, but Butch rocked him with a clothesline. Butch pulled on Kaiser's fingers and stomped on his elbow. Butch jumped off the apron, but Kaiser caught him with an uppercut. 

Back from the break, Butch caught Kaiser with a German suplex and stomped on his fingers. He followed up with a kick to the head for a near fall. Butch climbed to the second turnbuckle, but Kaiser cut him off. He hung up Butch in the ropes and hit a running dropkick. 

Kaiser gave Butch a back suplex, but Butch landed on his feet. He rocked Kaiser with a kick to the head for a two-count. Kaiser regained control and went for the DDT. Butch attacked Kaiser's injured fingers and hit the bitter end for the win. 

After the match, Sheamus and Walter had a stare down. Kaiser convinced Gunther to leave. 

Paul Heyman narrated part V of the Roman Reigns video package. Heyman noted Reigns joins Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, and Hulk Hogan with long title reigns. 

In the back, Sami Zayn and The Usos prepared for the Reigns celebration. Zayn wanted to go to the ring with Reigns. Jey was upset that Zayn think's he part of the Bloodline. Jimmy convinced them to go out and introduce Reigns together. 

On Instagram, WBC Boxing champion Tyson Fury promised to be at Clash at the Castle at ringside tomorrow. 

Roman Reigns Two-Years Celebration as WWE Champion 

This was a good closing segment heading into Clash at the Castle tomorrow. Zayn was awesome and hilarious in the segment. 

The Usos and Sami Zayn made their entrance to the Usos music. Zayn was hilarious dancing to The Usos music. 

They had posters of Reigns set up in the ring. Zayn wanted to make sure it was okay that he hosted tonight. Jimmy called him an honorary Uso and told him to host. 

Jey hosted instead and praised Reigns. Zayn acted as a hype man, but he annoyed Jey. Zayn was so awesome. Jimmy told Zayn to stop. 

The Usos and Zayn introduced Roman Reigns. They showed Reigns arriving at the arena in the back. Reigns got out of his car and started walking. 

Suddenly, Drew McIntyre hit the claymore kick on Reigns. McIntyre went to the ring and beat down Zayn and the Usos. He followed up with a huge dive over the top rope onto the heels. 

McIntyre threw a chair in the ring, but Zayn used it first. McIntyre recovered and hit the claymore into the chair on Zayn. McIntyre then put Jimmy through the commentator's desk. 

McIntyre imitated Reigns and speared Jey through the barricade. He grabbed the mic and promised to kick Reigns's head off his body. Reigns is going to look up and see McIntyre as the new champion tomorrow.

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