Friday Night Smackdown 12/18/2020

SmackDown started with a recap of the Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens feud. It included Reigns beating down Owens backstage. Reigns also warned Owens' wife and kids and told them to talk sense into Owens.

Kevin Owens's music hit, and he made his way to the ring, which was surrounded by tables, ladders, and chairs. Owens called out Reigns, but he didn't come out. Owens turned his attention to Reigns' comments about his family.

Owens told his family not to watch his match with Reigns at TLC. He doesn't want them to see what he's going to do to Reigns Sunday night. He called out Reigns again, but he still didn't come out.

Owens brought up Jey Uso attacking him. He pointed out that Reigns uses his family to do his bidding. Owens called Reigns a coward, and Paul Heyman appeared on the screen.

Heyman's surprised that Owens is back after last week and wants more. He called Owens a martyr and said he's dangerous because Owens will do anything to win the Universal championship. Heyman noted that Owens has to be eliminated.

Owens heard enough and cut off Heyman. Owens decided to go to the back and find Reigns since he won't come to the ring. Owens jumped out of the ring and walked to the back. Heyman looked to the side disapprovingly as they went to break.

Back from the break, Adam Pearce tried to stop Owens from going into Reigns' locker room. Owens pushed him aside but Reigns locker room door was closed. Suddenly, Reigns music started playing.

There was a monitor conveniently next to Reigns locker room door on an awkward angle.

Reigns made his way down to the ring as Owens watched on the monitor. Reigns wanted to show that he's a good guy. He gave Owens the same chance as his family. He told Owens to acknowledge him as the tribal chief and head of the table. Reigns demanded Owens come to the ring and apologize, or he won't even make it to TLC.

Owens marched to the ring, but Jey Uso jumped him from behind. Reigns and Uso then viciously beat down Owens in the aisle.

Referees and officials ran out and tried to stop them. Owens attempted to get up, but he fell. Reigns had a worried look on his face as he walked off.

This was a good opening segment.

Thumbs Up

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits defeated Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode to retain the titles

This was a good match. Both teams worked hard

Thumbs Up


The Riott Squad defeated Billie Kay & Tamina

Your sexist if you didn't like this match.


Thumbs Up

Riott looked good

Carmella's Champagne Toast

This was a fine segment, although it went a bit long and dragged at points.

Thumbs Up

Otis (w/Chad Gable) defeated Shinsuke Nakamura (w/Cesaro)


I don't know how to rate this tbh

The Sami Awards

This was a fun segment. Zayn was good in his role here.

Thumbs Up

Bayley defeated Bianca Belair

Thumbs Down

Vince & Bruce need to go


Atleast it was a good match


Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and Jey Uso Promo

Thumbs Up

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing down

This show was a miss-able