Friday Night Smackdown 1/15/2021

SOOOO much wrestling left to watch before Monday. Smackdown, NJPW, ROH, Main Event, The Impact PPV ....oh and 205 Live

Well it's 8pm est on a Friday night, You know what that means..... yeah yeah yeah

SmackDown started with a recap of the Roman Reigns and Adam Pearce angle.

In the back, Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman spoke in Reigns' locker room. Reigns sat in a big chair as Heyman stood behind him. Reigns looked over the contract for his Royal Rumble match.

Heyman pointed out that they just got the contract two minutes ago. He tried to claim it was a basic contract, but he could tell Reigns wasn't happy. Heyman agreed the deal needs improvements and stipulations. He promised to get specific stipulations added.

Jey Uso made his way down to the ring. He welcomed everyone to the bloodline's show. He noted that they're running SmackDown and making all the decisions. They're not just running SmackDown. Uso pointed out they have hot towels and good food in catering. The roster should be thanking Reigns for everything.

Uso announced that he's entering the Royal Rumble this year. He promised to win the Rumble, go to Raw and beat WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

Uso turned his attention to Shinsuke Nakamura. He noted everyone was talking about Nakamura's performance last week. Uso pointed out that they put a stop to his winning. Uso mocked Nakamura until his music hit.

Shinsuke Nakamura made his way to the ring. He said that his Uso is his cousins' puppet and nailed him with a knee. Nakamura posed as they cut to commercial.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Jey Uso


This was awesome

Thumbs Up

Nakamura slowed the pace down with a chin lock. Suddenly, Cesaro's music hit, and he walked to ringside. Nakamura was firmly in control and sent Uso into the ring post.

Back from the break, Cesaro joined Cole and Corey Graves on commentary. Cesaro claimed he's at ringside to support Nakamura. Cole pointed out that he wasn't here last week to help Nakamura. He said that it took him a long time to get to the ring because Tropicana Stadium is huge. He then announced that he's entering the Royal Rumble this year.

Uso hit the splash off the top rope, but Nakamura got his knee up. Uso fought back and scored a near fall with his feet on the ropes. The referee caught Uso, trying to use the ropes. Uso argued with the referee.

Nakamura then rolled up Uso and hit the Kinshasa for the win. After the match, Nakamura posed with Cesaro.

Bayley hosts her new talk show Ding Dong Hello with guest Bianca Belair later tonight.

In the back, Paul Heyman approached Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. He handed Pearce the Royal Rumble contract and noted it's a no disqualification match. Pearce heard enough and cut Heyman off. He signed the contract.

Kayla Braxton interviewed The Street Profits. Braxton wondered if defending the titles a week after getting the heels beat them down was a mistake. They noted they could never turn down a challenge. They promised to win the titles back.

Roman Reigns spoke with Apollo Crews in his locker room. Reigns was giving Crews advice when Paul Heyman walked back in. Crews went to leave but Reigns told him to stay. Heyman informed Reigns that the match is no dq.

Reigns doesn't like the match stipulation and demanded a last man standing match. Heyman noted Adam Pearce wouldn't agree to that. Reigns doesn't care and considers the matter handled. He said if it's a problem Pearce can sign the contract in the ring.

Reigns and Crews went back to talking.

Natalya defeated Liv Morgan


This was very good.

However, did Nattie really need to win this.

Dear bookers, Invest in you future!

Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Baron Corbin defeated Rey Mysterio


Thumbs Down

This wasn't good.

Dominik can't even hang with the commentators

This year's Wrestlemania should have Dominik (btw that k at the end is God awful) vs Corbin. Loser goes to developmental until I say he's ready. Book that shit and cut my check. Also make me the ref and the finish will be a double dq or count out. That way they can go to developmental and get the help they desperately need. And I don't mean NXT, I mean OVW training class.

Ding Dong Hello

Thumbs Up, just because it accomplished its purpose, to kill clock.

Cesaro defeated Daniel Bryan

They wrestled each other like it wasn't fake and then Cesaro hit his finish to win at an arbitrary juncture


Thumbs Up

I've determined that Carmella's wine getter needs to go away and never comeback

Apollo Crews defeated Sami Zayn


Thumbs Up

Crews and Zayn had a fine match.

Michael Cole mentioned that Crews was hanging out with Roman Reigns earlier tonight. He noted that he found it odd to see them as friends. They recapped Paul Heyman giving Crews a pep talk on Talking Smack.

Zayn came to the ring with his documentary crew to uncover all the conspiracy theories.

Big E joined Cole and Graves on commentary. He was lying on a couch at ringside.

Crews jumped Zayn at the ring of the bell. Zayn fought back and sent Crews to the floor. Crews slammed Zayn's head on the announce table and hit a standing moonsault to regain control.

Zayn took back over after knocking Crews off the top rope. Crews caught Zayn with a German suplex. He followed up with an enziguri and a standing moonsault. Zayn got his knees up and rolled up Crews.

Zayn attempted to win using the tights, but the referee caught him. Crews recovered and rolled up Zayn holding the tights for the win.

After the match, Zayn was furious that he didn't win.

Crews approached Big E and picked up the belt. Big E got in his face, and Crews tossed the belt back. They continued to argue back and fort

Royal Rumble Contract Signing

Thumbs Up

This was a good segment. Reigns was great in his role all night. They told a show long story that ended with the return of Kevin Owens.

Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and Jey Uso came to the ring first. Pearce walked to the ring with the contract. Pearce took a seat at the table in the ring. Reigns demanded to sit in Pearce's chair and sat at the head of the table. Uso pulled Pearce out of the chair.

Pearce signed the contract as Heyman yelled at him. Reigns then signed the contract with a smirk on his face.

Pearce took the mic. He smiled and said he waited all night for Reigns to sign the contract. Reigns was confused as Pearce grabbed the contract and started walking to the back.

Suddenly, Pearce started to sell his knee when he made it to the ramp. Pearce noted he has an old knee injury flaring up, and he reserves the right to find a suitable replacement. The mic started cutting out, which made it tough to understand him.

Pearce noted he already found a replacement and introduced the returning Kevin Owens. Owens signed the contract. Reigns was furious as he sat in the ring.

Next Week: Intercontinental Champion Big E defends against Apollo Crews. Plus, Bianca Belair takes on Bayley in an obstacle course challenge.

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