Elon Watches Smackdown 11/27/2020


Came in at the start of Uso and Roman Reigns’ argument. RR Said that people don’t listen to Uso because they don’t fear or respect him. And if they don’t respect Uso, then they also don’t respect RR either. RR got angry and left the ring and the crowd booed him.

As Otis was coming out, Jay Uso hit him with a steel chair completely blindsiding him!

3/5 stars, thumbs up

DC and Roode talking shit about Street Profits and then the Street Profits came out to the ring. I can never keep up with tag teams. Too much going on! But Montez was looking sexy as always and was very funny; no surprise there. He went on the top rope and jumped down trying to body slam Roode but missed! He had a “rib injury” from the fall and tried really selling how much pain he was in. But he always just looks like a goofball even when he’s being serious. Montez tries crawling to his partner to tag him in and finally does after some crawling. Dawkins defended himself against both DC and Roode. Montez attempts to jump on top of Roode and connected. But their opponents were able to take out the tag team champions in the end.

Sammy Zayn and Daniel Bryan

3/5 star, thumb in the middle

Zayn stepped all over DB’s body and then Zayn went to the top rope but DB kicked him off and out of the ring. DB and SZ were on the top rope and DB used his body to flip SZ and tried to pin him but SZ kicked out. SZ eventually won the match.

Jay Uso was seen back stage attacking Daniel Bryan. Kevin Owens says that hes tired of the family issues between Uso and Roman because its getting to Jay Uso’s head and making him go crazy. when Kevin Owens left the room, Roman says “He doesn’t look at me with fear...fix that!” and it made Uso want to fight for his respect.

Bianca Bel Air vs Natalya

5/5 star thumbs up ! One of the best fights of the night

Bayley joined the commentary table. Natalya is brutal! She got Bianca in a submission hold with her legs and arms behind her back. BB accidentally punched Bayley outside of the ring when Natalya ducked the punch. Bianca won the match

King Corbin vs Murphy

3/5 stars, thumbs in the middle

Murphy is defending the mysterio family honour, but is especially trying to protect his girlfriend. KC ran into Murphy’s kick, Murphy went to the top rope and jumped but Murphy moved out of the way. Murphy won the match. KC felt The whole Mysterio family ganged up on him and thats why he losr.

Carmella was talking shit about Sasha banks and Sasha came out and attacked her!

Uso vs Kevin Owens

3/5 stars, thumbs in the middle.

KO stood on the judges table and looked at Roman Reigns on the tv screen and challenged him to come out . Told Roman Reigns that hes waiting for him. kept punching and kicking Uso while looking right at RR to taunt him.